Apr 25 2011

Go MAD today!

It's Monday...Make a Difference Monday! What has someone done to make a difference lately for you? Have you reached out to someone else? Tell us about it!

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4/25/2011 1:37:35 PM
emily United States
I am trying to make a difference by being a year-round volunteer with Operation Christmas Child--multiplying my efforts to reach children, their families, and their communities with the Gospel of Christ by sharing the love of God and the Good News of Jesus Christ with gift--filled shoe boxes.
4/25/2011 2:02:22 PM
Ben Elnar United States
Ben Elnar
I'm with you guys. Get over with that royal wedding. But I don't think it will end after the wedding though. I am not not that type of person that reallly into something whta most people are interested with. I think for people who do not belong to the commoners are exceptional people.It is just another wedding no big deal.
4/25/2011 2:24:57 PM
susan hungershafer United States
susan hungershafer
if people would give Our Lord a 1/4 of what the royals get, wow this world would be on its way to incredible graces and healing. sick of wedding plans too! ugh
4/25/2011 2:34:20 PM
Elise Basiletti United States
Elise Basiletti
You were asking what made us stronger in life. I was stillborn 19 years ago, and the complications that occured when I was born left me severely hard of hearing. I also struggle with some memory issues and learning disabilities.  However, these struggles are what the Lord has used to make me stronger and to grow more dependent on Him. With my hearing loss, I have learned to let the Lord be my ears, and to be patient with myself and the people I interact with when I cannot hear very well.  I am also able to listen more carefully to the Lord since some of the sounds of this world are blocked from my ears. For example, unless I see it in writing, I do not pick up on "bad" words and "cuss" words, therefore do not say them. I often praise the Lord for my hearing loss and my learning disabilities, and I would not trade them for anything in the world. Besides, I'll hear perfectly one day in heaven and won't struggle with my learning disability.
4/25/2011 2:50:50 PM
Charity Deane United States
Charity Deane
I'm from Chicago.
Today, with over 90,000 others around the globe, I am being silent, to speak out against the 25-year war raging in Uganda and Congo.
"Invisible Children" is an amazing organization that is making a difference in the lives of thousands of child soldiers in East Africa, and is trying to end a war started by a rebel army called the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA). We are using our voices by NOT using our voices - recognizing that the cries of the child soldiers have been silent to the rest of the world. But we can change that. We ARE changing that.
Over $1.5 million has been raised already, through our participation and fundraising.
It has truly been a challenge staying quiet for 25 hours - but it is also eye-opening! Its amazing to realize just how much we depend on our voices, and how challenging it is to not be able to communicate how you want to.
But thats whats happening with the kids and citizens in Africa being terrorized by this army.
I'm so blessed to know that I can be making a difference through this. God has given me a burning passion for Africa, specifically the kids. -- so much so that I am now even going on a missions trip to Uganda in the summer! That dream and prayer has been answered.
God has given ME life. Now I want to give it to others and share the love and hope of Christ with them.

4/25/2011 3:19:25 PM
Jan United States
I am trying to make a difference with a co-worker. I have been praying for her for a few years now. She doesn't know Jesus and she is an unhappy person. A couple of weeks ago she received news that her nephew was in the hospital from an OD on Meth. Only 4% brain function. I went to her and said I would pray for Justen. She knew me before I was a Christian, and she has seen me change over the years. I prayed throught the day. The next day my co-worker told me Justen was a bit better. She was very surprised and I told her I would keep praying. She said please. I told our church about Justen, and I learned many others have been praying for him. This last Saturday all tubes were removed from him because he is alive, eating, breathing, talking and walking now. I learned today that when the ambulance arrived to where Justen was he was pronounced dead. And now he is quite alive. Praise God. My faith has grown also thanks to God bringing Justen back. Now I am praying for his mental healing and that he will not return to drugs. Thank you so much God. You keep amazing me! I am honored to be your daughter.
4/25/2011 3:21:36 PM
Jan United States
P.S. Justen is on Facebook: Friends of Jesten Shipmen.
4/25/2011 4:39:03 PM
KERRY HUTTON United States
I go MAD every Monday. I cook for our highschool youth group every monday night!We are in Myrtle Beach. It started with about 50 kids, now it is about 100! About 2 weeks ago 30 kids stood up and told there testimony. About half said they started coming for the food and ended up giving their lives to Christ!! These kids are so  special. I count myself privledged to serve them and Christ.
4/25/2011 5:10:21 PM
C. Smith United States
C. Smith
Make a difference Monday. Today I had a small child tell me that she itched because she couldn't take a bath, they had no soap. She said her mom couldn't go to the store because they had no money. I stopped on my way home at the dollar store and got soap, shampoo, toothpaste, and toilet paper ($17.00)to mail to them with a scripture from Matthew 6:25. I wrote that the LORD will provide a roof, clothes and food yet he hands all other needs over those of us to good works. Others need to know that even though someone may be getting food services they still need basic essentials that cost money too. I thank the LORD for allowing me the opportunity to speak with this young child today.
4/25/2011 5:47:54 PM
Linn Wills United States
Linn Wills
Make-A-Difference,  I went to the Community Health & Dental Office one day and I didn't realize I would have to pay for the x-rays.  I have had no income for 5 months now.  I manage to keep the car insurance paid, the tuition payment, the electric and phone, no gas, no TV for 2 years now.  Thank God for KLOVE, you have become a good friend this last year.  My rent is 5 months behind however, but I am very close to finding a new job in a new career.  God has been providing my every need for 5 months now and I am faithful to tithe.  God has never failed to bless me ten-fold for my tithe, but my financial need is great.  As I was waiting to be called in, 2 girls, 13 & 15?, the older one said she was there for her appointment for a pregnancy test.  I could tell she was upset to begin with and the younger sister was urger her and holding her up.  But when the receptionist said, "...that will be $11...", I watched the girls shoulders drop and she told her she didn't have $11, and finally turned around and left to get back on the elevator.  I told the sister, who was trying to figure something out, "Here's $11, she needs to get the test done."  She Thanked me and ran off to get the sister off the elevator, but she refused to come back in, totally embarrassed now.  The younger one came back to me and asked me if I would talk to her and I did.  I told her that she needed to get the test done so she can know her options, your'e here, here's the money, come on..."  She went back in and they let her keep her appointment.  I didn't think about my need or start counting to see if I could afford it, I just gave her the money.  As it turned out a very good and righteous friend gave me a check 3 days later for the amount I was short and for the extra money I needed to get some teeth fixed and it couldn't wait.  God is so good and when we operate in the freedom He gives us to respond to others motivated by the Holy Spirit and not the world, then I believe, we are truly living God's Word.  And the freedom from stress is amazing!  Listen to His voice and love each other without stopping to consider the world first and what it might cost us in the flesh.  I stand in awe of our Creator and we never know how far a simple gesture or gift or compliment can change others and hopefully they will be able to make better choices in these troubled times.  I pray for that girl and her younger sister that they will find a good support system and that they find God.
The smile on the receptionists face when I returned to the Dental office 4 days later said volumes to me.  How glad I was to not miss the opportunity, to hear His voice and know in a few minutes what He wanted me to do.  I praise God continually and forever stand in awe of His mercy.
Thank-you KLOVE for Make-A-Difference Mondays, your station makes a difference with every song.
4/25/2011 5:53:30 PM
Lisa United States
I heard the man speak of his 4 year old Cousy with cancer and wanted to let everyone know you can make a difference by going to your local american cancer society and learning of the free services provided.  Then join a relay for life team and make a difference by raising money to provide those services. In one week I will be in my 5th relay and have raised $1000 each year. A free 24 hour hotline is provided by the American cancer society to answer any questions and help you and your family deal with those horrible words "you have cancer". 1-800-227-2345. Www.cancer.org
4/25/2011 10:38:05 PM
Kelsey Hanneman United States
Kelsey Hanneman
This Saturday I had the opportunity to reach out to a homeless woman.  I was dropping my mom off at her house and drove passed a homeless woman walking down the street.  I wanted to stop but decided to keep driving.  After dropping my mom off at her house, I ended up driving past this woman again on my way home and knew that was God's way of telling me it was the perfect opportunity to reach out to her.  I decided to pull my car over and approach her.  I looked in my wallet and saw that I had $12 in there and thought something was better than nothing.  $12 could be the difference between this woman being nourished for the night or going hungry.  "Mam", I said, "Hello, my name is Kelsey.  I was wondering if there was a way that I could help you.  I don't have a lot of money, but I was hoping that even this little bit could help.  Tomorrow is Easter and I feel like God has really blessed me.  I would really like to help."  I went on to explain that there was a Walgreens and a few restaurants just up the road and perhaps she could use the money to get a warm meal.  The woman stood there a moment then shook her head no. I told her that I would keep her in my prayers and that she should always remember that God loves her. As I got back into my car I began to weep.  It made me so sad to think that I was not able to reach out to this woman and help her.  As I started to drive, I prayed for that woman.  I soon realized that even if I couldn't provide this woman with a warm meal or money, hopefully I was able to put a little bit of hope in her heart, knowing there are people out there who care about her.      
4/27/2011 2:57:42 PM
Missy, Jeff, & Noelani United States
Missy, Jeff, & Noelani
Hi Scott & Kelli! Love listening to you guys (& everyone at KLOVE). We were blessed just over 6 yrs ago with the adoption of our daughter and when Matthew West's cd came out (The Story of Your Life), we fell in love with his song One Less. We decided to make our own home video of one of our favorite activities that we enjoy doing with our daughter. Within the past couple months we have been able to share our video with 2 different families & one of them is now giving more consideration to adopting. We are so thankful that God made us wait nearly 15 yrs to have a child. She is the joy of our life and we are nuts about her Smile Adoption is not a scary thing, if you trust God to get you over the little hurdles. When all was said and done our adoption placement only took 3 months. The painful part was all the paperwork Smile We used American Adoptions, they are based in Overland Park, KS and we only want to post the fees so people don't freak out about the expense. If you guys feel it's not appropriate, we understand. Our adoption, not including travel, was $12,000. That's all our paperwork, placement, post placement follow up by the agency, and our attorney fee to finalize. We know our video is only one of many about the joy of adoption and we just pray that if people have ever considered it, to pray and follow God's leading. He can make any dream a reality. He did for us Smile Here's the link to our family video "One Less" with a HUGE thank you to Matthew West for yet another amazing song - www.youtube.com/.../_DgWon2j2p4
5/2/2011 4:34:20 PM
Sheila K United States
Sheila K
Quite frequently, when I go through the drive-thru, I pay for the order in line behind me.  It is a blessing to not only the person it is intended for, but it is truly a blessing to me, and many times I am told that the worker in the window is blessed by being in the middle. One of my friends is the manager at the McDonalds and her workers tell her when I pay for someone's order.  She comes to the window and thanks me.  Today, I saw her in town and she told me that it really works.  Last week, after she told the woman in line behind me that her order was paid for, she paid for the one behind her.  My hope is that out of my measly donation will come an infectious movement of doing kindness for a complete stranger.  Try it for yourself and see how great you feel afterward!!
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