May 06 2011

Healthy Breakfast in Bed for Mother's Day!

Healthy Mother's Day!


Check out Christine Avanti's 

Low Cal Low Fat Blueberry Muffins & Mini Fritattas


For a Mother's Day brunch that's less than 400 calories!!!




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5/6/2011 5:45:01 PM
Sterling Lucero United States
Sterling Lucero
Scott & Kelly,

Hi, I wasnted to say that motheres day is hard for me sometimes because i was separated from her and her parental rights were termanated and I cant see her this mothers day and havent seen her for 5 mothers days. its really hard to know your birth mom is out there and wants you but cant have you and you cant have her. But the lord blessed me with an amazing foster home where i feel wanted and loved so mothers day isn't so bad any more. I'm 16 and will be 17 in a few months and my case worker(the person who talks on behafe of the child and their needs) is going to try to get me and my birth mom to see each other again before i tern 18. i know that day will be hard but i cant wait tell i see her again. I thank you K-Love that you guys help keep me going sometimes you have been the only thing that has keep't me brething. You will never know the impact you have on alot of people. I thank God that i can go to bed and wake up to the only radeo sation i ever lison to 91.1 K-Love.
5/6/2011 5:46:13 PM
Sterling Lucero United States
Sterling Lucero
I also think Scott cant be that old just think if we made a cake for God and how many candels would be on that.
5/6/2011 8:14:59 PM
Joy Odom United States
Joy Odom
I have to say Mothers Day is a hard one due to my mom has alzheimers now so we can't share much. But in my growing up years her encouraging words were always a help to me. In the good times and bad she would always tell me just remember the Lord will always help us thru.
Here is a funny thing that would happen. She would go out to the car on sundays and warm it up. Every once in awhile she would have to come in and tell me and my little sister to step on it. We would always ask well what are we suppose to step on
5/7/2011 1:57:33 PM
unspoken United States
happy b-day scott
5/10/2011 5:15:17 PM
Ally United States
Happy mothers day kelly!!!!!
My name is Ally (short for Alliana) I am 11 years old. I live in San Jose C.A. I listen to K- love all the time and love all the music. My favorites are, Hold me (by Jamie grace), Get back up ,(by Toby Mac),This is the stuff, (by Francesca Battistelli ) stronger, (by Mandisa) children of God, (by third day )and Waiting here for you(by Chisty Nockels) My friends also love K-love , we talk about you all the time. My family were going to go to the K-love the building, but it was closed. Shucks!!! but I hope I can come inside the building some time soon .
             I love u so much Smile (tell that to Scott and the other DJ's to)
                             Ally Smile
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