May 18 2011

God is faithful!

This week, we are asking for stories of God's faithfulness and we are blown away by Him! Check out the story we just heard from Kelli in Wadesville, IN:

"My husband was being deployed to Iraq. He was leaving a wife, 2 year old daughter and a brand new baby boy. I was sending off a husband that I knew if something were to happen to him in Iraq, he would not spend eternity with our Saviour. One weekend we attended a meeting for the deploying soldiers. They took the wives in a room and told us that with the type of missions our husbands would be going on, not all of them would make it back. My faith became real when we were arguing one afternoon. Things were very stressful before he left. He was leaving in 2 days and still had not asked God to be his Savior. We were fightinig and things blew up so I went to the front porch and prayed. I told God my husband is not ready to go until he accepts him as his Savior and instead of worrying, I am turning it over to him. I said amen, walked back into the house and my husband was on the phone. It was his commander calling to tell him his deployment had been delayed for six months. God had moved a huge mountain and moved it fast. During that six months my husband came to the Lord."


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5/18/2011 2:49:53 PM
Kimberly Bittick United States
Kimberly Bittick
I have lived in my community for 16 yrs, have gone to the same church for 10 year.  I don't consider myself a figure in our community but a couple of days ago I walked into a local bank to drop something off.  One of the tellers who I know stopped everything and proceeded to introduce me to all the other tellers. I thought it was weird.  She ended with saying I was a big wig in the community.
Yesterday a local pastor called me, left a message asking me to speak at Baccalaureate.  First response while listening to the message, NO WAY !!! As I was dialing the phone to tell him thanks but no thanks, an entire speech came to me.  I use "came to me" lightly for I know it was sent.  The basic message was "Follow your heart, but let GOD lay your path."
I told the pastor the entire story and he laughed.  Said when my name was brought up, his response was NO, she is not a strong christian.  Which I am not. But then he said God slapped him and told Him I had something to say.
So, I who hate large crowds, will be giving a speech.
Thank you GOD - ( a little sarcasm is thrown in, but just a little)
5/18/2011 6:42:33 PM
Ally United States
I don't have a story but i am so grateful that God can work so strongly. ............. i love him!!!!!!!!!!  :-|)
5/18/2011 10:15:48 PM
Susan Butler United States
Susan Butler
I was so sad after listening Tuesday. (not really) I was so aftraid that the fashion police would come after me.  I am 55 years old and my hair is past my waist.  I am a biker chick, yes I ride my own bike and that works well for me, plus I clown at the hospital and wear my hair in high dog ears, again, it is good for me.  Besides, I just like my long hair.  Every time I see my mom, she needs to tell me that "it is time".  We are off for a bike rally tomorrow.  

I love your show.  It makes me laugh, and praise God.  Miles of smiles, susan
5/19/2011 11:56:19 AM
Nathan Tripp United States
Nathan Tripp
This is a nice story but we shouldn't be forcing Jesus on people. Arguing and making a situation stressful does not solve anything!
5/19/2011 1:45:23 PM
Dorothy Folkman United States
Dorothy Folkman
Such a powerful story.
5/19/2011 2:15:08 PM
Jeff Freeman United States
Jeff Freeman
I am Kelli's husband.  Not once was God pushed on me. When she said we were arguing, it was not about church or God.  The stress of my pending deployment was taking its toll on us. She continued to take the children to church and never pushed me to go.  She only prayed and had others praying without my knowledge.  God took care of things in his time, not hers.
5/20/2011 8:38:09 AM
Nathan Tripp United States
Nathan Tripp
I take back what I said, but this is a great story about what God does through the power of prayer. Smile
5/20/2011 5:39:07 PM
John United States
Hi, Scott and Kelli, My name is John and I have been listening this week as you have shared with your listeners how God has been faithful to them.  I have recently been released from prison after a 16 month incarceration for failures that I experienced when I turned my back on God and ignored the way of the cross.  Prior to this turning away I was a worship leader and choir director in a large church in my hometown, I was a well respected leader in the community and God used me to minister to an untold number of hurting people, but I allowed the enemy to tell me that God didn't/couldn't/wouldn't love me after leaving my wife of 13 years and embarked on a journey to "find myself" so walked away from God, the church and even my family in pursuit of the ever illusive dream.  Along this path I made several bad decisions that has left me as a 3 time felon and now an ex-convict after my time in prison.  Ask anyone that knew me 9 years ago if I would be at this place in my life today and they would have adimantly told you that there was no possible way that I would ever travel "that" path.
But here I sit as a testament of how the enemy will come against an individual that is doing God's work and lie to them and offer gradeur and all that this world offers.

I must say that at the onset of my incarceration I immediately realized that God locked me up to save my life and that if He brought me to it, He'd bring me through it.  Soon after I found a prayer in a Bible study that gave me strength to make it through each and every day of my incarceration.  It simply said, "God, thank you for that in every trial, difficulty and challenges that you are behind the scenes working things together for my good, help me to see your hand in everything."  It took a whole bunch of "all things work together's" to get me through this time, but God did indeed have his hand in it, granting me undeserved favor and a peace that I had no clue existed.  I've always been a little to "hand's on" with my faith, in that I wouldn't get out of the way and LET GOD, but as soon as I did, He did!  I firmly believe that God allowed this time as a time for me to grow completely dependant on Him and to trust that He had placed His hedge of protection around me to keep me from harm.  

Along this path God placed in my path an untold number of people guys that simply needed to know that someone loved them and that God's intention was to make the "valley" that they found themselves in the path to their "mountain-top" and that their lives, and mine alike, would never be the same.  I was released with a resolve that I would share the message of love that God laid on my heart.  I encourage/challenge your listeners to reach out to a person that they know, either directly or indirectly, that has faced such a challenge in their lives and remind them, because they know, that God loves them and that he has great things for their lives.

For the last six months of my incarceration I had the good fortune to have been transferred to a work release facility that encouraged spiritual growth and permitted the residents weekly passes to attend church services.  I found a great church where the pastor's wife has a passion for working with former offender's that has been her hearts ministry for over 10 years.  On my last Sunday in service with them I was asked to sing during the morning worship service.  I had sang Ray Boltz song "The Anchor Holds" more times than I can count but on this day I sang this song from my heart with the knowledge that I was no longer just "singing" this song, that I had actually "lived" this song and was 2 days from re-entering society with my spirit renewed and my soul restored.  I'm glad that I serve a "nevertheless" God and today I claim his victory for my life and know that the employment challenges that I am facing are but for a moment and that He has something great in store for me.  Please remember me in your prayers and also my mission to make a difference in this world, one person at a time.

In Christ, John
5/23/2011 5:38:28 PM
Corban United States
I live there in Joplin, Missouri and was actually at youth group when it happened. We took shelter in a far corner on the main sanctuary and when the lights went out, the youth and I began singing. We actually sang: Praise You in This Storm, King of Glory, How He Loves, and My Beloved. That is the soundtrack for life, right there. There is nothing better than bonding in a situation like that! I am ok and my friends in church are alright to. I have KLOVE now. I know some families in the church that lost their homes. Even the leader of JFWC's women's ministry. I have neighbors that work at the hospital and they had to go help. We need donations like blankets and canned food. If you live in Joplin, take the supplies to JFWC and they will help. Tell them Corban sent you.  
5/23/2011 7:00:35 PM
Katrina United States
My brother in law, Scott, came to know Christ as his Saviour one week prior to his passing from stage 4 colon cancer. He fought his battle for 5  years before it took his life. He rejected Christ for many years but through the prayers of many (many of whom Scott had never met!) he came to know the Lord! We praise God for hearing and answering our prayers! God is faithful! Don't give up!
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