Jun 13 2011

What Do You Believe???

I read this on Christine Caine's blog today... I think that it's a great reminder of how BIG our God is!!! I hope it encourages you ~ Scott

What Do You Believe?

Imagine how radically different our lives would be if we actually believed that Christ’s power is at work within us. Imagine the confidence we would walk in, the miracles we would see, and the lives that would be changed as a result of God not being limited by our past, our problems, our disappointments, our limitations, or our circumstances.

The truth is... There is no problem He cannot solve.

There is no question He cannot answer.

There is no disease He cannot heal.

There is no demon He cannot cast out.

There is no enemy He cannot defeat.

There is no difficulty He cannot overcome.

There is no bondage He cannot break.

There is no need He cannot meet.

There is no mountain He cannot move.

There is nothing my God cannot do…that’s true!

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6/13/2011 5:09:58 PM
Will Taylor United States
Will Taylor
Thank you for sharing this on the air, and then meeting my hope that you would have it posted here. What an awesome, so very necessary prayer that we as believers would know these words as truth, and in that revelation be set free to live as HE has always meant us to, for HIM.
6/14/2011 7:14:04 AM
jessica United States
god is really great, I am really crazy about k.love,God is asesome, he can heal, save lives,talk through you, by sending somebody you don't know, that knows your problems, and your past. You listen to that person.Right know i am listening to k-love.
6/14/2011 11:57:55 AM
Lisa Epperson United States
Lisa Epperson
I know this is the wrong place to put this comment but i can't seem to find the correct place. I heard on the radio show yesterday Mon the 13th that a woman lost her 2 month old baby, a friend called in asking for praye.  i wanted to offer my help because I lost my son Dj in 2006 and have since written a book called Flowers on a Child's Grave, Now What? I wrote it to help people exactly like her and me--bereaved parents and also to help those that want to minister to us.  The book discusses what 14 families did with the child's clothes, room, etc. How the death affected their marriage, church life, siblings. I would like to donate a copy of my book to her if at all possible someone has this woman's contact information.  Thanks for any help you can offer me to help her.  My website is flowersonagrave.com if you would like to further look into my ministry.  Thanks and God Bless, Lisa Epperson-forever DJ's mom
6/14/2011 4:46:57 PM
Juliana United States
i believe because anything can happen and God is always there and always will be there. God is my everything and thats coming from a 12 year old but my birthday is June 20th but i can be told no you cant worship him but then you look on the streets and im on my knees it doesnt matter if they say i can or cannot worship my God hes the only person who know EVERYTHING about you, he loves you the most i absoluley in love with God because i know he is always by my side no matter what! God is God some dude that they wont see some people KNOW in their head, but i know im his! just his!
6/15/2011 10:50:05 AM
Caroline Avila United States
Caroline Avila
I believe that God can change anybodys life and tat he can heal anyone,bad or good.He loves all of the people good and bad,especially the ones that believe in him
I believe in God mostly
6/16/2011 12:25:48 PM
Tamara United States
My son has been struggling with his worth. He desperately wants to be in God's will and ways, but feels no matter what he does, he isn't good enough.He has some real issues and is tryng to do what is right, but the way his now ex-girlfriend and others have treated him and what they have said just keep knocking him down. He feels that I am his only friend. I heard this on the way home from work and wept as it seems written just for him. Thank you, Jesus!
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