Jul 25 2011

Special Guest today!

In case you missed my interview with Francesca Battistelli ("Free To Be Me," "Beautiful, Beautiful," This Is The Stuff"), listen to it below!

On parenting and Steven Curtis Chapman at the Dove Awards:

The story behind "This Is The Stuff":

The story behind "Motion of Mercy":

On tour with Jeremy Camp:

On her husband's "scooter" accident:

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7/25/2011 1:31:30 PM
Jessika Canada
My favorite song from her first CD is Behind the Scenes, and my favorite song from her seconde CD is Angel By Your Side! I also play both of those songs on the piano because i have both of Francesca's piano books!! I just got the My Paper Heart piano book yesterday!!
7/25/2011 1:52:31 PM
Kristy Maldeney United States
Kristy Maldeney
I love "Hundred More Years."  It's just refreshing amidst some of the tough stuff we go through everyday.
I am also a huge "Beautiful, Beautiful" fan.
7/25/2011 1:57:14 PM
Pam Evans United States
Pam Evans
Francesca is awesome! I have loved her music since hearing "Free To Be Me" on KLOVE. It has become my motto, so to speak. Her music is about everyday people and everyday things. I have already purchased tickets to her concert with Jeremy Camp in the Tri-Cities Washington this November. So excited to see her live!!
7/25/2011 2:25:57 PM
Emily United States
her song Emily (its love) is my favorite because it kind of helped me through a rough patch in my life recently
7/25/2011 2:30:01 PM
CJ United States
When I first heard your song "cant find my keys, call my phone......"  I just knew you were looking in on MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That song just ministers to me every time I hear it!

Thank you for allowing the Lord to use you in the lives of many!

Well done good and faithful Servant!

7/25/2011 2:33:42 PM
Jill Richardson United States
Jill Richardson
All of her songs have been such a blessing to me.  I love her new song, Mercy in Motion.  I would love to hear her sing that one.  Thank you Francesca for your dedication to our mighty God.  Thank you K-Love for playing all these wonderful songs.  I have gone through a divorce this year after 36 years of marriage.  Without the songs K-love plays, I am not sure I would have made it.  The songs have kept me lifted up and praising our amazing God.
7/25/2011 2:44:29 PM
Samantha Campbell United States
Samantha Campbell
I really enjoy your music! I was so excited to hear that you were going to be on klove today my kids just look at me like, mom calm down!I always turn on klove when I am cooking dinner and your song This is the stuff came on and myself and my children were singing it, I think the neighbors heard us, we just had so much fun.Thanks for taking the time you have to sing these songs and always keepin are house rockin for the Lord........Have fun with your baby and hubby. Thanks to you too KLOVE!!!!!!!
7/25/2011 2:45:31 PM
Betsy United States
Francesca Battistelli's song, My Paper Heart is like a teenager's life. I want to make a difference in teenager girl's lives and this brough to light so much of what's going on all around me and in a funny way told me how to help.

Betsy, 13
7/25/2011 2:47:54 PM
Lillian Molina United States
Lillian Molina
I love the song Beautiful, Beautiful from Francesca.  The first time I heard it I cried.  I never felt anything but, however, I know that God loves me as I am.  It's by and through His grace that I am here today and he has given me two beautiful daughters that love me as I am.
7/25/2011 3:02:55 PM
Kristina Calderon United States
Kristina Calderon
I absolutely LOVE Francesca Battistelli...her song "Behind the Scenes" has really helped. I say that's the song about my life. I lost my best friend and boyfriend and Christian music has helped me believe in God again and know that I'm gonna be ok. But I saw Francesca at the Winter Jam and I plan on seeing her when she comes to Louisville, KY at the Stare Fair. Thank you so much for being such a great inspiration Francrsca, you're amazing!!!!![
7/25/2011 3:04:02 PM
Stephanie Sanders United States
Stephanie Sanders
My 8 yr old daughter LOVES "This is the Stuff".  Luckily she was able to just hear you sing it!  Actually she was singing it from the top of her lungs with you!
7/25/2011 3:04:14 PM
Susan Jenkinson United States
Susan Jenkinson
I have a story and a question for Francesca. At Winter Jam in Knoxville I purchased what has become one of my favorite shirts from your booth...the I love my husband shirt.  I loved wearing it and my husband loved when I wore it as well. I work at the post office and have to wear a uniform most days.  Two months ago I was working in the back and got to wear "regular" clothes. I fell on an unmarked wet floor.  Before I realized that I had broken my elbow and sprang my wrist, I went and changed shirts in an effort to save my I love my Husband shirt by soaking it the the bathroom sink. Since that time my husband was diagnosed with protate cancer.  Last Monday he had his prostate removed. Today, praise the Lord, we got the path lab results back and the cancer had not grown past the prostate itself so he is now cancer free!  Now more than ever, I would love to purchase another shirt.  How can I possible get one?  
7/25/2011 3:08:27 PM
Nancy Diego United States
Nancy Diego
My husband who is 58, loves Francesca's album - "Hundred More Years".  Every morning before he steps into the shower, he puts on her CD and he sings with her, "This Is The Stuff".  He has been doing this for a few months now!  Thank you for your music and blessing my husband.
7/25/2011 3:09:21 PM
Dottie Beckley United States
Dottie Beckley
I love this is the stuff i sing it all the time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
7/25/2011 3:09:38 PM
Mike Lethbridge United States
Mike Lethbridge
I am Believer, Singer Song Writer like yourself and worship leader in my church. We have a Team that plays the radio worship music to move the hearts of the people in the congregation.
We play my orginals and they like them. I like your voice and your songs I hear them on the way home from work. Your music and your Spirit with His inspires me to keep writing. Hey, you never know God may open a door and you will hear one of my songs he gave me.
God Bless you and your music, PS my Wife Lorrraine of 25yrs likes your music. Oh yeah, She is Italian her maiden name was Taffuri.
7/25/2011 3:11:18 PM
Dottie Beckley United States
Dottie Beckley
the song emily ( its love)  is my 2nd fav song the 1st song is this is the stuff!!!!!!!!!!
7/25/2011 3:12:02 PM
Brenda Smith United States
Brenda Smith
My 4 year old grandson was told to clean his room and as he was doing that, my daughter hears him singing at the top of his lungs, "This is the stuff that drives me crazy". Of course she had to laugh, but he still had to clean his room. He had a different take on the song obviously. LOL
7/25/2011 3:35:20 PM
Tisha United States
Francesca's songs speak to my heart and they are very touching. My daughter, 15, sings a special in church every other month and always sings one of her songs.  My daughter has told me that the songs speak to her and portray her at certain times in her life...we both love her music and how it speaks to both of us! Thank you.
7/25/2011 3:43:16 PM
Ashton United States
I love her songs they are so inspiring! I really like Beautiful, Beautiful.. It helps me feel better when I am feeling down.
7/25/2011 7:07:30 PM
Amy Saunders United States
Amy Saunders
I love her songs and my favorite son is Motion of Mercy. I also go to meet her this year. In Norfolk, VA in Winter Jam. I voluteered and I got to sell her products and they said when she is done signing that she will come to her table. Then I saw her leave I was disappointed. I hope I will get to meet her one day.
7/27/2011 4:02:12 PM
Ropate Senikuraciri United States
Ropate Senikuraciri
I just want to wish Kelli a Blessed Happy Birthday and may God continue to Bless you. I listen to K-Love station everyday and very thankful to Scott & Kelli. My son turn 7 today and am I Praise the Lord for looking over him and you Kelli for this past 43 and 7 years. Thank you again and God Bless.
8/4/2011 12:18:39 PM
Dana:) United States
I'm a big fan Of Francesca's music. Especially "Hundred more years", "Beautiful, Beautiful" and many more. She's such a great singer!
8/4/2011 3:45:27 PM
Ropate Senikuraciri United States
Ropate Senikuraciri
I Love her song when she play the Ukelele.
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