Sep 14 2009

Kanye West flagged for Unsportsman like conduct!

Last night at the MTV VMA Awards Kanye West through a tantrum when Taylor Swift won for best Female Video.  He got up on stage and blasted her saying that Beyonce should have won the award.  This seems to be a patteren of behavior for Kanye, and the unfortunate thing is it's a display of poor sportmanship.  Perhaps as bad, Serena Williams had an ugly outburst at the US Open yesterday, again another poor display of sportsmanship.  As much as we would like to throw the book at Kanye, or Serena, I think we all have our moments when good sportsmanship goes out the window.

Their poor behavior was much more public than ours, but I imagine that most of us have had our "moments".  Shining our light as believers isn't always easy, if it was I suppose that there may be a lot more people who would be following Christ.  As a believer, Christ calls to a life of service and self sacrafice.  Watching someone else's failure is many times a reminder of my own failures, and I am reminded of the incredible grace that Jesus extends toward us, even at our very worst. 

That is the Good News that the world needs to know about, and we have the incredible privalage of telling them about it.  Ironically enough, today's KLOVE Encouraging Word is a reminder to all of us, Matthew 5:13 says, "You are the salt of the Earth, but what good is it, if salt loses it's flavor?"  The whole world may not see our bad behavior, but there is always someone watching that God has charged us with reaching.  My prayer is that I don't fail God, and live my life for His Glory even when I think no one is watching!!!

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Sep 14 2009

Hey We Have a NEW Scott and Kelli Blog!!!

Hey Guys!

Welcome to our new Scott and Kelli blog.  We will update the Scott and Kelli blog daily, and we'll share everything from random thoughts and breaks from the show... to fun pictures and videos that we think you might enjoy.  We would also love to know what you would like to see... So feel free to chime in with your thoughts!  We hope that you enjoy the blog and THANKS SO MUCH FOR LISTENING!!!

oops... You can tell it's day one on the blog... I didn't mean to put this picture of just me up :) LOL... Oh well!  Thank God for tomorrows!

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Day Two in New York Serving with Special Guests
Sep 07 2011

Day Two in New York Serving with Special Guests

Serving with Mandisa and Tenth Avenue North at The Bowery Mission.

Interview with James Macklin The Bowery Mission Director of Outreach

His story about The Bowery Mission

Rembering 9/11

Interview with Mandisa

Her Bowery Mission Experience

Twitter Blind Date

Story behind "Waiting For Tomorrow"

Interview with Tenth Avenue North

Remembering 9/11

"Healing Begins" Live

"Strong Enough To Save" Live

The 9/11 Choir (James Macklin, Mandisa and Tenth Avenue North) singing "Amazing Grace"

Full interviews here.

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Comments (9) -

9/7/2011 12:48:21 PM
Lauren United States
hahaha Mike and Scott look hilarious LOL! You guys are toooo funny! bahahaha thanks 4 posting guys and have a good time in NYC!
9/7/2011 1:48:15 PM
Catherine Lawrence United States
Catherine Lawrence
Hello to all in New York!  I am a listener in Colorado Springs, CO.  My husband Paul is a Firefighter/Paramedic for his "day job" and a writer in his spare time.  Anyway, he just got deployed yesterday to Texas to help fight the fires there.  Will you all pray that he and his crew will come home safely and as soon as possible?  My boys and I would appreciate it very much!  

His vert first novel, a parabolic fantasy fiction adventure is coming out this Friday .. too bad Paul will miss the launch of it.  Frown

God bless you guys!  We sure love KLOVE!!
9/7/2011 1:50:21 PM
Catherine Lawrence United States
Catherine Lawrence
sorry .. meant to say VERY first novel ....
9/7/2011 2:00:04 PM
Lynn United States
I love The Bowery Mission.  I love how God uses the people who volunteer there, but also those who are served to glorify Him!
9/7/2011 2:04:53 PM
Jason Rudkin United States
Jason Rudkin
I just want to say PRAISE THE LORD for K Love and your Show. I have a rocky past to say the very least, and knew that it wasn't my strenth for I am nothing without the Lord Jesus. I know that he loves me for all of me and I can not hide anything for he knows me sometimes more than I know myself. I just wanted to give a BIG THUMBS UP for you guys for making your program entertaining and know for a fact that your changing lifes just like Jesus has changed mine.

9/7/2011 3:17:59 PM
Mark Ramirez United States
Mark Ramirez
Hey can I request a song please I have tried several times and it has to be played can you please play Amazing Grace my chains are broken
9/7/2011 3:40:24 PM
lisa United States
i stream you live at work as we do not get your station here in buffalo ny.  LOVE LISTENING TO EVERYONE  please let TENTH AVENUE NORTH know i love their music, saw them at KINGDOM BOUND at darien lake in august and was blown away, can't wait to see them again--keep up the good work and worship !!!
9/7/2011 7:00:13 PM
Vanessa Rodriguez United States
Vanessa Rodriguez
Hi-I am new to KLove I've been listening for a little over a month.  I love the music of Tenth Avenue North, I am so that girl in the corner with tear stains on her eyes.  I'm trying to find my way and realize I am more.  I want to thank you for helping me along in my journey and always playing music I feel was meant for me to hear.  It's great what you guys are doing in NY this week.  I listen while I am at work and it is hard not to cry!  I know God is working in me and helping me but most of all loving me.  I pray for everyone in NY to realize the same and rejoice in his amazingness and comes to know there is so much more good that will come from what happened 10 years ago.  
9/8/2011 12:40:14 AM
Dennis United States
College Professor stood on his chair and said"If GOD really exists then knock me off this chair" Nothing happened the class was quiet he said "See! now I'll give it a couple more minutes" A Marine Vet stood up, punched him in the face knocking him out and off the chair, then sat back down. As the Professor came to he looked at his student and said "WHY DID YOU DO THAT" He said "GOD was busy protecting my buddies still fighting for your right to say and do stupid stuff like this so HE SENT ME"
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