Sep 09 2011

Day Four in New York and Serving Relief

Serving in The Relief Bus

A great opportunity to serve others and offer some relief.


Interview with Big Daddy Weave

The Relief Bus

"What Life Would Be Like" Live

"Love Come To Life" Live

Remembering 9/11

Our Military

"I'll Be Brave This Christmas" Military Tribute Live

"Let It Rise" Live

Full interview here.

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9/9/2011 1:35:15 PM
Robin Walters United States
Robin Walters
Was listening this afternoon and heard you were with NY City Relief. Love this ministry. Our ministry Care-A-Van Ministries in Batavia, NY has teamed up with them twice.. love being in the city! Pics are awesome of you guys! Have a blessed week-end
9/9/2011 2:55:42 PM
Carolann V. Jerkovic United States
Carolann V. Jerkovic
Keep the memory of the fallen on Sept. 11th strong
in our hearts...this is something I wrote when I was reflecting on 0/11 2 yrs. after the towers fell...and still reflect on today.

“ Do You Hear? “

Do you hear my silent voice, quieted by the
terror inflicted on me one September day?
Can you hear me cry out to you?  
Do you pay attention to what I say?
My life was ripped away from me, I
had no choice like you who remain,
Did thousands like me who perished…
have our lives taken in vain?
Demons from hell struck at my tower, I fell
to the ground under the crumbling stone,
So many fellow Americans died
there with  me….I was not alone.
Have you forgotten the horror that swept our nation, the
men, women, children and families who screamed and cried?
Have you forgotten how we were slaughtered by cowardly
dogs…who are committed to Unholy suicide?
Do you think they are satisfied with one action?
Can you not see they plot against you still,
Do you really think the war is over, that
terrorists no longer plot to destroy and kill?
Wake up my fellow Americans!  Review
the news of 9/11/01 once more,
The terrorists have brought the battle to this country,
it’s no longer just fought on foreign shores.
They despise our way of life, our freedom
of choice and what we want to be,
They despise our trust in a caring God,
and want to bring us to our knees.
Rise up against these evil men, who say
they serve God, yet they have no soul,
Fight them wherever and whenever
you can! Never let them take control!
Why do you turn against the leaders who hunt these
murderers down, even when they hide in foreign lands?
Do you not see their intent is to completely destroy you?
What is it you still don’t understand?
Americans are no longer sheltered, we must
fight evil till it no longer exists,
If and when you begin to doubt again….
review the names on the 9/11 death lists.
Give a voice to we who were silenced forever, help
us scream out the voice of freedom for all generations,
Make the ideals for which we and so many Americans
died for…be an inspiration to our country and other nations.

Written by:  Carolann V. Jerkovic  9/24/03  5:55PM
9/9/2011 4:40:49 PM
Deb Hackman United States
Deb Hackman
I just heard you mention something about a woman having the opportunity to read a poem this Sunday, which then will be sent to the wife of the pilot of United 93.  She will be so blessed.  I know her personally.  She lives in my hometown and even though she has remarried, Leroy was her hero.  She exhibits such grace.  Melody even started a foundation to support future young pilots, believing in what her husband accomplished as a pilot.  He certainly lived his dream.

I hope she knows what an inspiration she is to so many people around her.

I will be spending the day with her and her family this Sunday when my township does a special service to honor all the fallen of 9/11.

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