Sep 19 2011

Music I Love

Check out two things that have really been impacting me lately; Tenth Avenue North's new song "Strong Enough To Save" as well as the book The Prodigal God by Timothy Keller!

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9/19/2011 12:47:06 PM
Lauren United States
OK. I wanna see some "Music I Love" and I wanna see Anthem Lights on that list. If I don't, sadness will enter the room... Just sayin' Smile
9/19/2011 3:04:40 PM
Jessika Canada
where is the link to take the quiz to find out our pirate names? I can't find it anywhere!
Have a good daySmile
9/19/2011 4:38:54 PM
Melissa Colombia
I want to see some music i love hold me by Jamie Grace(My talent show performans)
9/19/2011 5:52:04 PM
Alison United States
Thank you Scott and kelli for playing at your name by Phil whickham
9/20/2011 9:26:51 AM
Lauren United States
@Melissa, actually, Kelli already did that not too long ago haha Tong I just wish that they would do Anthem Lights.... I would be VERY happy.

BTW, there is a tour called "The Story", (go to and go to the music tour section to check the dates.) and Anthem Lights is gonna b on that tour, not to mention I was TOTALLY looking forward to it, and guess what? THEY'RE NOT COMING CLOSE TO ME!!!! Frown I am VERY sad....
9/25/2011 4:11:58 PM
Hannah United States
Scott, you know I haven't got that book yet, but I will keep looking around book stores for, " The Prodigal God.
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