Aug 21 2012

Perfect Scrambled Eggs

How to Make Perfect Scrambled Eggs. Shine from YAHOO!

When was the last time you made eggs for dinner? I'm not talking some frou-frou frittata or delicate French omelet. I mean a big ol' plate of hearty scrambled eggs--with maybe some bacon on the side.
In my house, scrambled eggs are for dinner at least once a week. They're easy to make (I'm thinking of you bachelor(ette)s out there.), super-fast to get to the table, a perfect source of protein, and (channeling my starving college student here,) really, really cheap. And if those reasons to make scrambled eggs weren't enough, they're pretty darn tasty too.
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Aug 21 2012

Women Are 'Queens of Denial'

Rosie O'Donnell Heart Attack: Women Are 'Queens of Denial.' abc News


A heart-attack surviving cardiologist says that comedian Rosie O'Donnell is lucky to be alive today, after she delayed seeking help for an impending heart attack, ignoring flu-like symptoms before seeing a doctor.

O'Donnell reported that she had suffered what her doctors called the "widow maker," a 99 percent blockage of the left descending artery that feeds the heart.

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5 secrets you should never keep from your cardiologist. CNN


When Rosie O'Donnell wrote about her recent heart attack on her blog, she mentioned several symptoms that she ignored before going to her cardiologist.

"i had an ache in my chest, both my arms were sore... i became nauseous, my skin was clammy, i was very very hot, i threw up... i googled womens heart attack symptoms, i had many of them, but really? – i thought – naaaa."

Heart disease is the number-one killer of both men and women, but O'Donnell's response is common, experts say - especially among women.

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Aug 21 2012

Lawn Mower, Honda's First Home Robotics Product

Miimo Lawn Mower Is Honda's First Home Robotics Product. Huffington Post


Honda Motor Co. finally has its first home product packed with its prized robotics technology — a sensor-equipped lawn mower.

Miimo goes on sale next year, only in Europe, where spacious lawns are often enclosed in gates, targeting 4,000 unit sales a year.

The machine, which looks a bit like iRobot Corp.'s Roomba vacuum cleaner, continuously shaves about 3 millimeters (0.12 inches) off the grass, maneuvering itself on slopes. It won't break potted plants, goes to charge itself on its own and won't wander off.

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From Kimmel to Scott and Kelli
Sep 20 2011

From Kimmel to Scott and Kelli

Interview with Switchfoot

New Album Vice Verses (coming out 9/27/11)

Story behind "Restless"

Sharing "Vice Verses" moments on Twitter

Pigs bite and meeting Pele

You can listen to the entire interview here.

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Woman gives birth aboard flight from Philippines MSNBC

Fla. Woman with 2 uteruses delivers twins TODAY

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Comments (8) -

9/20/2011 3:34:02 PM
Moriah Canada
Heyy Guys!! Love your music! Keep up the the good work!-always a fan
9/20/2011 3:42:42 PM
emma United States
Has Switchfoot ever met the cast from Narnia?
9/20/2011 3:47:51 PM
Cindy Starr United States
Cindy Starr
Love Switchfoot's music. And my husband and I went to high school with Chad's dad.  He was in the coolest rock n roll band called the Starfires!  Then we all came  to the Lord in the late 60's and he played with one of the original Christian groups..."Love Song" and then "Parable"!
Like father, like son!  Bless all of you!
9/20/2011 3:49:11 PM
Moriah Canada
Has Switchfoot ever met Barlow Girl?
9/20/2011 3:56:10 PM
Gregg Horn United States
Gregg Horn
I just got home from work, and on the way I heard one of the most beautiful songs I've heard in a long while. It was a laid-back, bluesy tune. I'm asking are you only playing Vice Versus songs right now? If so I think I've found a new must have album,...
9/20/2011 4:28:31 PM
rachel perreault United States
rachel perreault
my names rachel perreault. i could possibly one of your biggest fans. you all are huge inspirations to my faith and my music. your song "where i belong" is literally giving me goosebumps.  I love you all so much, especially you jon(:, never stop playing your music.  One of your songs led me to Christ and i'll never forget it.
9/21/2011 12:47:08 PM
Ariel Hopkins United States
Ariel Hopkins
I love the music you play. My favorite songs are Let the Waters Rise by Mikes Chair and Cinderella by Steven Curtis Chapman.
9/24/2011 2:43:03 PM
Lauren United States
My dad and I love Switchfoot Laughing
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