Oct 14 2011

Thank You

You can still give by calling (800) 525-5683 or donate online. Share your Pledge Drive story with us.

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10/14/2011 4:27:48 PM
I have listened to K-LOVE for 2yrs. See Im in recovery and at the beggining it was hard for me to ride around town to work, school or any where else I needed to go and I found out I could not listen to the music I did and driving by old places would be a trigger and I would feel like using but I know I cant then I found K-Love this feeling of love and strength came over me as I drove around with K-LOVE letting me know I have nothing to worry about that Jesus is with me always and I never will be alone again and that I do not have to fight for my life alone. So I want others in any kind of recovery to know about our Jesus and never feel alone again so I decided to pledge on easy pay then I got excited when peaple from Tennesse had a chalenge so I pledge again I couldnt let my tn family. I pray that the K-LOVE family continues to grow in Christ as he has in me I so desire this peace for all.Much love and Blessing to all You all are totaly awesome and a blessing to us all    
10/17/2011 6:10:25 AM
D United States
Hi. My name's D, and I am 11 and 3/4th years old, I go to middle school in Kansas City, MO. I keep you on in my room at all times, I wake up to you and fall asleep to you. I have been inspired by the stories I have heard people share, and have been trying to call you guys frequently, but the only number I can get through to is the donation line. You are sooooo busy! I wanted to share a story about a girl who died at my school, and how it affected me. This girl, I didn't know, she was just an acquaintance, a face I knew, we interacted the most in Gym, it was the only class I really saw her in. The day the teachers were going to tell the students, I went up to the office to buy a lanyard, which is a mandatory piece of equipment in my school, which I always forgot. While the secretary was getting the lanyard, my eyes drifted over to the note to be sent home that night to the parents about the girl's death, pulled up on the secretary's monitor. I walked down the hallway, thoughts zooming around in my head. They had no information about anything other than that she was dead, that she had died the night before. It scared me, and I cried so much, until the point that I couldn't cry anymore. I write too, I have a book published that you can find on Amazon.com, called Awakening, and every time I think about her or try to write about her, I feel drained, and very tired. But, I just wanted to share one thing I learned from her... To live your life to the fullest, to help everyone you can, try to make a difference in one person's life before you go to sleep each night, because you might not wake up in the morning. Thank you for making a difference in my life, and just do one favor for me, if you can... PLEASE ANSWER YOUR PHONE, SCOTT!!!!! PLEEEEAAAASSSSSEEEEE!!!!! Frown

                             D* ;)
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