Sep 05 2013

Mandisa Shines the Spotlight on "Overcomers"

I am so proud of our friend Mandisa, the former American Idol contestant, and three time Grammy nominee debuted her brand new video for her latest K-LOVE hit 'Overcomer' on ABC's Good Morning America this morning.  In the video Mandisa features overcomes like Good Morning America host Robin Roberts, former Olympic skater Scott Hamilton and former Congresswoman Gabby Giffords and her husband former astronaut Mark Kelly.

Mandisa says, "When I thought of who has been an example of an overcomer in a very public battle, it is hard to imagine anyone more appropriate than the amazing people in my video."

Gabby Giffords said, "I was really inspired by Mandisa's song 'Overcomer' because it's message is one of hope, perseverance and faith.  We can't always control what happens to us in life, but we can control how we respond.  Like the song says if we keep positive and stay in the fight till the final round; We can overcome more than we ever dreamed possible."

Sep 05 2013

Inspiration for Running a Marathon

I talked with Jenna yesterday about how she is getting ready to run the Chicago Marathon for World vision. Listen as she shares about her sponsorship and how the little girl she is sponsoring keeps her going on these long runs...

I was encouraged yesterday from a friend, who texted me to let me know that we are 13 sponsors away from our goal of having 1000 children sponsored during Love Around The World. I can't tell you how excited I am about that! If you are sponsoring a child, you are making such a difference in the weeks and years ahead for these kids. You are changing their life!

You can't change the world but you can change the world for that one child. If you would like to take Love Around The World visit

Sep 03 2013

My Pets Live Better Than Billions of Human Beings

I looked at my Boston Terrier, Boggs, through tears this morning, realizing that he lives better than everyone that I had just met on this journey to take Love Around The World with World Vision. That humbled me to no end.  I love my pets, they don’t eat anything extravagant, go to doggie daycare, or require a whole lot of grooming, but I spend more to feed my pets every day than it costs to sponsor a child through World Vision.

I was sharing this with a friend, who said, “well, my dog is little, I don’t spend more than $40/month to feed her”, and than it hit her, that is more than $35/month that it takes to sponsor a child.  I love our pets, they are wonderful, but I guess what hit me was how I don’t think twice about caring for them, and yet how often do we wrestle with helping a fellow human being in need. 

Last year, $52 billion was spent on our pets… $52 BILLION.

I was in tears because I realized that my dogs live better than the billions we met in every corner of the World.  My pets never want for food, they always are warm, safe and dry, they have clean water, they get medical attention when they need it… Yet billions of kids do not.

I am not asking you to give up your pets, or not care for them… I am just wondering if you wouldn’t help a child whose family lives on less than a $1/day, less than it costs me to feed my pets.  Helping a child through World Vision costs only $35/month, the amount of love, care and hope that World Vision provides to a child for such a small amount of money is AMAZING!  Seeing how child sponsorship transforms these children, their families and the communities that they live in is no less than miraculous.

In James, 1:27 it says,
“Anyone who sets himself up as “religious” by talking a good game is self-deceived. This kind of religion is hot air and only hot air. Real religion, the kind that passes muster before God the Father, is this: Reach out to the homeless and loveless in their plight, and guard against corruption from the godless world.”

I love that James doesn’t mince words, describing “religion” that is all talk as “Hot Air”, and in describing “Real Religion.” James describes exactly what I have witnessed World Vision doing around the world...  “Reaching out to the homeless and loveless in their plight”.  I hope that you’ll join us in demonstrating “Real Religion”, religion that passes the “muster of God the Father”.

Help World Vision care for the “least of these”!  Sponsor a child today! 

Technology and Kids
Oct 18 2011

Technology and Kids

Are we introducing technology to our children too early? Share your thoughts here or on Facebook.

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10/18/2011 3:59:22 AM
Miriam United States
Studies now show a link in electronics and ADHD/ADD. What kids really need in face time with mom and dad. They are much more likely to get mom to do what they want than some electronic device.
10/18/2011 4:48:32 AM
Shanna Falgoust United States
Shanna Falgoust
Allowing our children access to technology at an early age in their development has it's pros and cons. A child showing frustration over something not going right it a typical reaction to any stimuli. While the toddler works on their eye to hand coordination, even building blocks can get frustrating to them. I watched my friend's 6 year old get upset trying to toss a tennis ball up and hit it like his big brother was doing, but he just couldn't get the timing on the toss and swing down. Although technology opens new doors to of interactivity and problem-solving...and is a good practice for our children in this technology-rich world, parents can't let technology be a baby sitter. Human interaction; how we emotionally and intellectually handle these social situations is just as crucial in child development and how they will handle things as adults. One thing I noticed with my nieces was their lack of imagination as kids. The whole family was over for lunch and I decided to get the girls outside for a picnic on our deck. I took chairs and blankets, lined the chairs up 90 degrees away from the railing, then covered the railing and chairs to form a canopy over our picnic. We sat on a blanket and ate our food. It shocked me when my oldest niece, amazed, asked, "how did I think of that?" it made me wonder where we are putting our priorities. Are we hurting our childrens imagination and their ability to have a dream? I think with proper parent involvement, technology can be a good thing; but like anything else, too much may just be...too much!
10/18/2011 6:29:53 AM
Karen United States
I think we need to limit what we expose our children too.  Quality time reading a REAL book with mom and dad, playing in the floor, or just having a conversation are simple tasks that so many children today can't do.  There is a time and place for technology, but to rely on it to "babysit" our children is not the answer.
10/18/2011 7:45:25 AM
Ellen United States
We need to be careful with our assumptions. This one year old is figuring out that ipads react to touch and magazines don't. That's not a bad thing. We have no way of knowing that we will never like books or anything that's not related to technology.
Of course, family time and teaching patience with any new learning experience are essential. I think some supervised introduction of technology at an early age is ok and may even be beneficial in this new generation. Balance is needed and parents who keep their kid's development in mind.
10/18/2011 7:55:20 AM
Kathy United States
Good Morning

Technology is training our kids to expect results now.  Our society is becoming a "now" society like top ramen, easy mac or t.v. dinners. They don't have the patience or respect for figuring things out from 'scratch" like Legos, Lincoln Logs etc. The satisfaction isn't instamatic enough. We can get a hold of someone immediately with our cell phones or email and not have to wait to talk to them and really enjoy the gift of time to be with someone. How often do people immediately call someone for support in a panic, or huff but if it wasn't so easy to get in touch maybe they would reach out to God, feel HIS presence, love and support.
10/18/2011 8:58:18 AM
Chris United States
Ok Lets not over react  Smile  If anyone has children they know they can buy them the "Perfect Learning Toy"  and they will enjoy the box it came in more.  They always continue to learn more by watching thier parents and mimic thier actions.  
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