Oct 19 2011

Addicted To Angry Birds

Angry Birds: 30 Million Daily Active Users and 300 Million Minutes of Gameplay Per Day. Mashable.com

Addicted to Angry Birds? Here’s Help [INFOGRAPHIC] Mashable.com

Most people are well aware of the placebo effect as it pertains to medicine. The idea is that simply thinking that a treatment will cure your symptoms is sometimes enough to make that treatment take effect. 5 things You Think Work, But Actually Don't Finance YAHOO!

Some things should never be said -- like these phrases. Here, what to say instead. 18 common phrases to avoid conversation CNN.com

People with lots of Facebook friends tend to have areas of the brain that are larger than those of online social network users with fewer friends, British researchers say. Study: More Facebook friends linked to larger brain areas USA Today

Bad news for holiday fliers: it looks like the fares up there are set to take off. Holiday Airfare Increase Takes Off abc NEWS

Over the years, we've all had favorite eats hit the healthy-food blacklist, but thankfully, some of them are making a return. 5 bad foods you should be eating TODAY

There's never a shortage of ridiculous luxury items (see: $430 diamond dust hair treatment, $39K backpack etc...), but there is a limit. And we think our TODAY style editor Bobbie Thomas found it: $19K for shoelaces made of 24-carat gold. Behold, $19K for shoelaces…made of real gold TODAY

KFC's new Cheesy Bacon Bowl comes with fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, cheese -- and of course bacon. The nutritional info for the $3.99 concoction is currently absent from the KFC.com nutrition guide, but its older cohort, the KFC Famous Bowl, packs 680 calories and 31 grams of fat. Outrageous Food: KFC's Cheesy Bacon Bowl abc NEWS

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10/19/2011 1:40:09 PM
Missy United States
Oh my gosh!!  I am i my 40's too and I am hooked on Angry Birds!!  I have all 3 games on my phone, that I got for my little girl and I am the one playing it all the time...LOL!!  It's great to know I'm not by myself!!  

Have a blessed day!!
10/19/2011 1:42:55 PM
tammy yelen United States
tammy yelen
Hey Kelli!  OHHH dont feel bad...I LOVE the Smurfs i have since i have been little..im in my...shhhh  40's too..low end 40..but those cute little blue things are the best! Thank goodness for the boomerang channel..i can get my 'fix' each and everyday!!  I'm gonna look into those angry birds, I honestly dont have ANY idea what they are!!  LOL!!  god bless ya really good!
Tammy   from Bardstown KY
10/19/2011 1:52:45 PM
Sister JJ! United States
Sister JJ!
Kelli! I am 7-ish yrs older & I love Angry Birds, but I do have to admit I will stay up late to play "Supercow"!!I mean what could be more cool than a Superhero Cow who saves her farm animal friends ??!!  I think I have won the game at least????times!! Long Live Angry Birds & Supercow!! Almost sounds like and animal coupe!
10/19/2011 2:00:43 PM
Judy Burciaga United States
Judy Burciaga
I just found a game on my phone that is similar to angry birds but it uses funny and happy fruity birds instead.  It's called Fruity Birds.  You create fruit shakes and the birds fly to knock the fruit into the barrel to make the shake.  You should try it!  God bless all of you on KLove!
10/19/2011 2:01:30 PM
Rachel United States
I am married and have kids and still like to dress up for halloween. I'm not talking about the adult costumes and going to adult halloween parties...I like to dress up with my kids to go trick-or-treating with them. This year my daughter (who is 4) is going to be a princess and my husband (her dad) is going to be a knight to go along with her. And my son (who is 2) is going to be Blue (from blue's clues) and I'm gonna dress up as Steve to go with him! I can't wait Smile
10/19/2011 2:02:29 PM
Andrew Barber United States
Andrew Barber
I am 30ish and have a huge medieval lego collection set. Complete with castles, ships, knights, princess, village, animals, and dragons.
10/19/2011 2:06:52 PM
Sheri Dickinson United States
Sheri Dickinson
There is absolutely nothing wrong with your love of Angry Birds! And it doesn't matter how old you are. We all have something! Me personally, I love the beloved Peanuts! And I am not ashamed to admit that I sleep with stuffed Snoopy & Woodstock Smile And I am a well adjusted adult *cough* Smile
10/19/2011 2:09:53 PM
Courtney United States
Chocolate milk. All of my friends make fun of me because if/when we eat breakfast together, I get chocolate milk. I am 28 and a mom of 3 boys, who all allow me the luxury of having chocolate milk with my breakfast (and other times of the day too)without and funny side comments. Smile
10/19/2011 2:10:47 PM
MJ United States
Hey I am 43 and my husband is 46, we don't have anything kid like stuff that we collect but we love playing with our 5 year old at the playground.  While the other Mom's are sitting on the benchs talking or texting, we are on the swings, monkeybars and slides right along side our daughter.  We play like kids no matter what. Smile
10/19/2011 2:12:50 PM
Marsha United States
I am addicted to collecting pink flamingos...the tackier the better. I have been collecting them since I was in my late 30's... I will be 61 in just a few weeks. You may have to get older but you can always stay light-hearted!. "A CHEERFUL HEART IS GOOD MEDICINE" PROVERBS 17:22. We have a group of 4-8 "girls" who get together and we call ourselves the Foxy Flamingos. We have lunch at a place that serves the best pie ever. We are very supportive of each other. Also, having a tiara helps! I am a firm believer that every female needs one!!!
10/19/2011 2:14:55 PM
Kathy Leach United States
Kathy Leach
Hey!  I have to admit that I'm in my late 40's and I still bring out my Mrs. Beasley doll (from Family Affair) and play with her!  I have had this doll since I was 5 years old and love her to death!
10/19/2011 2:17:50 PM
Sheri United States
I'm just short of 50 years old and I can confess that I'm a big fan of Disney's Goofy. I painted murals of Goofy on my family room walls. I also have some Goofy memorabilia. A friend visited my home recently and saw the 'Goofy-Room'. A few days later she gave me the two Disney 'Goofy Movies' to me. Yes, I watched them! I'm such a 'goof'.
10/19/2011 2:19:03 PM
janet United States
I just turned 50 and am soooo in love with angry birds. Just disappointed that I have completed all of them and now have 3 stars in all levels. Awaiting a new angry birds! I have an awesome angry birds t-shirt also.  There is stilll a kid in all of us. Smile
10/19/2011 2:24:29 PM
Lauren United States
I am 30 yrs old and LOVE taking my nieces and nephews to local playgrounds. It is mostly for them but... I really enjoy climbing on the play structures with them, and racing them on the slides, and of course riding on the swings, feeling the wind in my hair and swinging higher and higher until it feels like my feet are about to touch the clouds... I can't help but enjoy myself. I guess I'm really grateful that my siblings had so many kids because it would look pretty strange if I went to the playground by myself. I mean, it is awesome to be an auntie and I absolutely love it. The playgrounds are just a bonus, a really good bonus. So go get your kids or nieces or nephews or grandchildren, head to the nearest playground, and have yourself a little fun. Smile
10/19/2011 2:46:31 PM
Tanya United States
I am 32 and have to admit that I love playing Neopets.  I spend way too much time on that website but I love it!!
10/19/2011 3:43:10 PM
Sara Gonzalez United States
Sara Gonzalez
Dnt feel bad I just turned 27 yesterday and Im not afraid to say that I love Sponge Bob. Well maybe a little haha j/k. If only everyone would not forget how to be a kid this world would be different.
10/19/2011 3:45:33 PM
Melony Gaudlip United States
Melony Gaudlip
Hey, Kelli, I'm a 47 year old female school teacher who is currently nursing injuries that started from a dodge ball game a couple of weeks ago. They were made worse by my moshing injuries a week ago. My co-workers can't wait to hear every Monday morning what I hurt over the weekend but more importantly how I got hurt. My stories usually begin something like, well when I was in the mosh pit on Saturday.....
10/19/2011 3:47:24 PM
Jackie United States
I love that game too, but I wouldn't say addicted. I love the look on that adorable kid's face and his amazing reaction to the game <3
10/19/2011 3:58:38 PM
deb schaller United States
deb schaller
I am 60 years young and I collect and love smiley faces. I teach fifth grade and have smiley faces everywhere!! You'll be ok.
10/19/2011 5:32:27 PM
Karen United States
I love to eat Lucky Charms cereal..they are so good.  I'm thirty seven and I don't think I will ever stop liking them. Those little marshmellows make me happy. Smile
10/19/2011 5:45:28 PM
Tami United States
Hey kelli I am in my 40's and ever since I was 15 or 16 I have loved Garfield and have all kinds of stuff or collectibles of him. I would recommend him to anyone .  I still collect any kind of Garfield things when I can. If I could I'd paint my whole house Garfield.  Garfield makes me laugh and smile everyday...=)
10/19/2011 5:55:36 PM
Bonnie United States
I am in my early 40's and I love Eeyore. My friends and family are always getting me anything they can find me that is Eeyore. I mean who else can always lose there tail and just keep going? I also have every season of the Flintstones cartoons.
10/19/2011 7:34:22 PM
Neysa United States
I will be 59 in December and still love stuffed animals. I even have a rather large duck that I call Mr. Quackers, that stays on my bed. He is just the right size to hug when I am feeling down.
10/19/2011 8:34:27 PM
Mary United States
I am 53 years and proud to say I still enjoy doing the Hockey Pokey with Elmo.  Now I get to enjoy dancing with Elmo and my grandkids. We all laugh and have a good time togetherSmile
10/20/2011 7:22:25 AM
Angie United States
I am 37 and I love the M & M characters.  They are so adorable.  I am addicted to the commercials. It's so bad, my family will pause a commercial for me to watch if I am not in the room.  They are so funny.  Their colors brighten the mood and their attitudes bring laughter.  I have a candy dispenser I keep full.  My nieces and nephews expect it.  I'm known as the M&M aunt!!!  Smile
10/21/2011 9:00:46 AM
Dana United States
YES! I am. I take my friend, Tara's, ipod and play it all the timeSmile
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