Oct 20 2011

Worth Fighting For

Cancer has effected approximately 1.5 million plus lives in America.  Recently Guiliana Rancic was diagnosed with breast cancer.

We want to honor those who have battled cancer, still battling, survived or lost the fight.  If that is you or someone you know, please post the name here or on Facebook.  Also, please join us in prayer for these people and families.

First name I want to add is my mom, Carol Smith.

Thank you for your comments and prayers.

Here are some resources.

Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure

American Cancer Society

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10/20/2011 3:14:45 AM
Lisa Graham Uzbekistan
Lisa Graham
love that you are doing this...I would like to add the name of one of my best friends, Connie Bitter, who lost her fight to cancer last year--she fought for 12 long years and showed us the true meaning of perserverance and hope.  God bless all those who are fighting this horrible disease and those who are along side them loving them through.
10/20/2011 3:17:34 AM
Kimberly Click United States
Kimberly Click
I'm was diagnosed on august 2, 34 year old, healthy and active. Wife and mother, no history of breast cancer in my family. Total surprise, but God is working through prayers. I have a great family, Church family, support group.
Thank you,
Kimberly Click
10/20/2011 3:18:38 AM
LInda Bobbs United States
LInda Bobbs
My cousin in-law and good friend Cathy McGrath, is a 20 year breast cancer survivor. She is committed to doing everything she can do raise funds to help "wipe out" breast cancer. She is simply amazing! Cathy created a cook book, does every cancer walk she can, and just had a Pink Brunch for the Cure with all proceeds going to the Komen Foundation. She is such an advocate and my prayer is that the Lord blesses her with many more years of being cancer free!
10/20/2011 3:19:01 AM
Shelley Wilkinson United States
Shelley Wilkinson
I am adding the name of my mom, Lois Hoover Champe. She is a 40+ year survivor of breast cancer, and is now 84! I love you, mom!
10/20/2011 3:21:43 AM
Annette Brown United States
Annette Brown
I would like to add my name actually.  I fought Hodgkin's cancer which was found when I was 19 weeks pregnant with my first baby.  I got full radiation to my chest and neck at MD Anderson, while pregnant.  She is now 23 and it was discovered that the radiation destroyed my heart valves over the years, so I have now gone through open-heart surgery at Cleveland Clinic & have a mechanical valve, but having other underlying issues now such as severe anemia.  But, I am a survivor and the baby girl they wanted to take at 19 weeks gestation back in 1988 (and see if she would survive, which they said more than likely not) is now an awesome young lady. I fought them inducing and "seeing if she would survive" so they treated me while pregnant. I went on to have two more precious blessings.  I agree with Lisa G. above. God Bless all of those fighting this horrid disease.  Much love to all.  
10/20/2011 3:22:19 AM
Tacee Walker United States
Tacee Walker
Please add my son, Joseph. He continues the hard and long battle against High Risk Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. He was diagnosed 3.5 weeks before his 3rd birthday and is 4 years old now. Chemo (IV and Spinal) will continue until April of 2013. God Bless ALL who fight cancer, from our tiniest little brave warriors to the oldest, wisest and most courageous.
10/20/2011 3:31:09 AM
Kristen Shadden United States
Kristen Shadden
My dad died on June 10th of this year.  It was only 5 weeks after he was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer.  He lived a very healthy lifestyle with no problems until the end of April.  It shocked us all how fast his health deteriorated, and he died.  Please especially pray for my sister who is having a very difficult time coping with his death.    
10/20/2011 3:32:49 AM
Stephanie Carter United States
Stephanie Carter
First I want to remember my mom Linda Covil who lost her brave fight with breast cancer 11 years ago.  I want to send praise for my moms best friend Opal who is a Breast cancer Survivor and like a second mom to me.
10/20/2011 3:40:35 AM
Jill Fountain United States
Jill Fountain
I have survived breast cancer twice in my 41 years.  Unfortunately, I have been recently diagnosed again (Monday of this week), with a lump that has appeared in my lymph nodes.  Not sure of the journey that God is leading me down but my hope is always and forever in HIM.  Thank you, everyone at KLOVE, for the encouragement and hope you provide.  I started listening to KLOVE when I was traveling from Wilmington, NC to Charleston, SC due to my father's health with a heart transplant at MUSC ten years ago.  He recently passed this April, I was listening to KLOVE in his hospital room on his last day.  Words cannot describe the support this radio station provides through music to me in life's toughest momemts.
10/20/2011 3:42:51 AM
Lee Prevost United States
Lee Prevost
I am and will continue to pray for all battling breast cancer; I am a survivor! I was diagnosed just before my 25th wedding anniversary in 2006 at the age of 45. I was active, ate healthy, and was devastated with the diagnosis! I underwent a right mastectomy in Sept. 2006 and that was followed with chemo that started in October 2006 & ended in March 2007. (I had no idea prior to this challenge in my life that October was Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but it was staring me in the face every where I looked that year!) It was a difficult battle for me, my loving husband (who is a pastor) and two daughters, as well as extended family members who cheered me on during the fight! I just passed my 4 1/2 year mark of completing treatment...Thank You Lord!  Looking back, it is amazing to see how the Lord used these circumstances to draw us all closer to Him and grow us stronger in our faith! My mom lost her sister to breast cancer years ago and now one of my sisters has stage 4 ovarian cancer and is fighting for her life!  Please keep up the prayers and the awareness because the big "C" is a fierce opponent! Nevertheless, I belong to an even bigger "C"...Christ!

Thanks to all of you at KLove for the hope and encouragement you bring to the lives of so many! Smile


10/20/2011 3:49:44 AM
Carol Mixx United States
Carol Mixx
I wanted to add my dad, Kenneth Dees, lost his life from lung cancer in 1981   My friend Tim, in remission at this time and prayers to all those suffering and the families who stand beside them! God Bless
10/20/2011 3:51:37 AM
Joyce Hubb United States
Joyce Hubb
My mother Estelle Roushey passed away at age 36 3/21/87 from colon cancer Frown I was 14 n remember it like yesterday it sux...
10/20/2011 4:01:34 AM
Robin United States
I would like to add my brother Aaron to the list. My brother(27)fought brain cancer for 18 months and is now healed in the arms of the Lord! He passsed away May 5th,2011.....not a day goes by that we dont miss him.
10/20/2011 4:29:20 AM
David Reynolds United States
David Reynolds
I lost my wife ( Kim Reynolds ) Aug 29 2011 to a cancer that was very rare. One in a million they called it. Uterine Sarcoa. We found out on April 2 2011 . Treatments did not work . I know that she is in heaven and that what keeps me and my daughter Hannah going. Kim was only 51 years old. We were married for 25 years and i miss her very much.    
10/20/2011 4:30:41 AM
Angie United States
In honor of  my sister, Pam, who lost her battle with esophogeal cancer on 1/26/2008. Miss her so much! She was so very brave all the way until she went to meet our loving Savior! My prayers go out to all those who are fighting any type of cancer.
10/20/2011 4:32:04 AM
Deb Stehle United States
Deb Stehle
My daddy (Chuck Lofton) in 2000 renal cell. For Kori Quinn, a 16 year old battling Ewings Sarcoma (www.caringbridge.com/visit/koriquinn), for Bridget Lietzke battling breast cancer, Allyssa Jackson doing the maintenance round after a two year battle with cancer,  for Troy Wussow battling a rare form of sinus cancer.  Gods grace has been with them through it all. We pray daily for grace, mercy and healing  
10/20/2011 4:33:15 AM
Margaret Jefferies United States
Margaret Jefferies
I have recently been diagnosed with Breast.Cancer and am a Christian.  This is my 30tth year to teach high school at Genoa Central High School in Texarkana, Arkansas and I refuse to let this disease discourage me from teaching and being a Christian wittness for the Lord. I know God is in control and he has a plan for my life. I have been married to a wonderful Christian man,Joe for 32 years and have a 17 year old Christian son, Levi who is a senior and will graduate this year. God is already using me having cancer in my life to witness and bring glory to him. I have been blessed  with a loving supportive family,friends, coworkers and students along with my church family to encourage and help me fight this battle.  Trinity Baptist Church iin Texarkana,Arkansas is where my family  and I attend and worship. They have prayed with my family and me and we are believing God to perform  a
miracle in my life. I realize God has given me this oppurnity to encourage and help others to turn to him. I am learning to trust Jesus on a daily basis and like Phillipians 4:13 says I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.  I listen to KLove every night when I go to bed and on my way to work every morning. The songs and encouraging words  I hear lifts my spirits and help me to stay positive. I am praying for others and would appreciate my named being lifted  up in prayer. God Bless and keep on serving God. Margaret Jefferies
10/20/2011 4:34:14 AM
Tabatha Clary United States
Tabatha Clary
My son's grandmother (not my mother) Sue has been battling breast cancer for a long time. Right now she is in remission and we are praying it doesn't return. Please pray for her. Also my grandfather died of lung cancer back in 1996. Just remembering the times I had with him (I was 12 when he passed) brings a smile to my face. He was a Godly man who spoke about God to everyone and I am sure I will see him in heaven.
10/20/2011 4:36:49 AM
Jane United States
HI: I pray God will hold you all in His arms and comfort you. He is with you and He loves us all more than we can imagine. I was diagnosed with 3rd stage non Hodgkins lymphoma Oct 2006 & by Jan. 2007 I received my complete healing. I did go through 8 treatments,however it was gone before most of the treatments were done. I thank God for my onocologist,however God will get the Glory for my healing.   My heart goes out to all who has this disease.
10/20/2011 4:40:53 AM
Teresa Cheatham United States
Teresa Cheatham
Battling cancer:  Karl Baumann and my former military buddy, Ursula Griese.
10/20/2011 4:44:32 AM
Donna Barden United States
Donna Barden
Adding the name of Betsy Woolfolk.  She died of breast cancer but was a fighter to the end.  She was a co-founder of the company I work for, Virginia Asset Management.  We are honoring her this month by having a "Jeans For Betsy" day at the office.  For a $10 donation (Susan G. Komen Foundation) you can wear jeans to work.  If you also wear a pink shirt, your donation can be $5.  She was a very unique person to know & is missed by many friends in Richmond, VA.
10/20/2011 4:52:01 AM
Amanda Mason United States
Amanda Mason
I would like to add my mom, Connie Mason. Through chemotherapy,radiation, and surgery she held all of us up and never had a doubt she wouldn't make it. She is an incredible woman who is my hero. August 2011 she celebrated her 5th year being cancer free Smile.
10/20/2011 4:57:54 AM
cheryl blackburn United States
cheryl blackburn
Getting ready to undergo bilateral mastectomy.  Then chemo.. the 23 Psalms. "Though I walk through valley of the shadow of death..I will fear no evil, for thou art with me. Thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.  GODs word is my strength. I grab hold of it and He sustains me.  My prayers are with  all who are in this same valley. Oct 2011

10/20/2011 5:07:02 AM
Rosie Keller United States
Rosie Keller
On Halloween, I celebrate 10 yrs breast cancer free!!  My Mom, sister and cousin are also survivors! We have much to be thankful for. What really does matter, I have learned on this road God has asked me walk, is summed up in a verse I read over and over during treatment--"We have this hope as an achor for our soul, hope both sure and steadfast and one which allows us to go right to the presence of God..." Hebrews 6:19

I wear an anchor pendant around my neck to remind me of God's presence and care in all my circumstances, and that He holds on to me, even when I am too weak to hold on to Him!
10/20/2011 5:07:28 AM
Lisa United States
Four-year-old Jaxon is currently fighting brain cancer in Houston/San Antonio.  Good recent reports but a long, hard road and definitely not finished fighting.

Monica died of Leukemia last July. She was a 39-y--o mother of 2 teens.  

So many others could be listed, but these 2 are tops on my prayer list (for Jaxon's healing and his family's strength/finances/etc.; for Monica's kids, husband, sister, etc. as they face days without her).
10/20/2011 5:09:23 AM
Tammy Maldonado United States
Tammy Maldonado
I'd like to add the name Bertie Middleton (BeBe)to the list. She was my mother. After fighting breast cancer twice, she lost the battle on April 29th of 2002.  
10/20/2011 5:12:43 AM
Nancy United States
I would like to add my mom, Patsy, who beat breast cancer.  I also would like to add my sister, Shelda, who we lost four weeks ago to brain cancer.  With that, also her 10 yr. old son, Dylan, who I will continue to raise.  
Thank you for doing this, and God Bless you all.
10/20/2011 5:13:05 AM
Julie Chelette United States
Julie Chelette
Our family lost my husband mother, Carol Etue, a year ago. She was Diagnoised with lung/brain cancer a year earlier. My husband, Shane, got to helo his find the Lord within that year. Praise God, we'll see her again at our Father's house!
Earlier this year, the most Godly woman that I have ever met, lost the battle with cancer. She had put up a great fight for about 4 years. My Deedah, Marion Mayberry, is greatly missed.
10/20/2011 5:15:03 AM
Nikki Bergstrom United States
Nikki Bergstrom
I am adding some friends currently battling:

Kelly Anderson, Sarver PA
Ellyn Dickson, Salisbury MD
JoAnn Ernst, Natrona Heights PA

And for all the families who have lost someone or is battling with them now......
10/20/2011 5:16:57 AM
Karen Taylor United States
Karen Taylor
I am an almost 4 year survivor of breast cancer and know many people who are fighting or have lost their fight with cancer.  Here are a few of them:
Beverly Gibbons fighting leukemia and side effects from bone marrow transplants and chemo
Debbie Mathis lost her fight with breast cancer
Carl Moose, my father, lost his fight with esophageal cancer
Pastor David Cowger survivor of thyroid cancer
Pastor Tom Tiechroew survivor of cancer
Belinda Harrison fighting colon cancer
and many other who every day face the fight and the many who survive!
Thank God that I have been declared in remission after only 3 years!!
10/20/2011 5:19:59 AM
Gena Hardy United States
Gena Hardy
I would like to ad my mother Sadie Goad who was diagnosed with breast cancer Aug. 2011..The Lord is already working...please continue to pray for her and our family..Thanks to all
10/20/2011 5:21:11 AM
Patty Wessling United States
Patty Wessling
My daddy lost his battle on May 10 2011, Jesse C Edwards lived his 83 years with a smile on his face and made friends with everyone he met.  I picture him in heaven meeting up with people he knew in this lifetime and your prayers ease how much I miss him and that incredible smile and warmth.
10/20/2011 5:22:49 AM
carol United States
My husband Bill has just finished treatment for brain cancer. God has blessed us. He has been unemployed since January and I was laid off due to state cuts in June. We have lost insurance and yet he was able to do treatment.  He can walk and talk which they said he would probably lose. We had a Christian surgeon who prayed over him before he went into surgery. God is continuing to bless us. We are now praying for both of us to find employment. My husband still has a long way to go in recovery please pray for continued healing.
10/20/2011 5:23:09 AM
Tiffney United States
I am Honoring MY Courageous Daughter Endsley who was diagnosed at AGE 2! She received 48 wks of chemo, & 6 wks of radiation(that took us 1400 miles from our family).  She is a TRUE WARRIOR!  I am so thankful that God was in complete control from before we even found the cancer! She is 5 years old now & a vivacious, loveable little girl.  Our family is now involved in a local charity that strives to help other families during their fight, by ministering to them, and helping with food, gas, and lodging.  GOD IS SOOO GOOD! Jeremiah 29:11
10/20/2011 5:24:28 AM
joan slama_mcgivern United States
joan slama_mcgivern
My mother and bestfriend age 56 , lost her battle with cancer after a 20 year fight.  She was a fighter and hope if I ever had to face cancer I would be as strong as her.  We lost my mother July 20, 2006 and I still miss miss her so much,  I still want to go and pick up the phone to call her if something exciting has happened, then realize she won't answer.   All the families who have lose someone to cancer   you are in my heart and prayers. God bless...   I love you mom.....
10/20/2011 5:32:49 AM
Karen Taylor United States
Karen Taylor
My husband gave me a plaque after I finished all my chemo & radiation treatments called "What Cancer CANNOT Do".  It has a verse of the main saying followed by part of a verse of scripture.  At the bottom is a picture of a lion.  I'll try to recreate it here.
Cancer is so limited
  Yet in all these things
It cannot cripple love, it cannot alter hope.
  we are more than conquerors through Him who     loved us.
It cannot corrode faith, it cannot destroy peace.
  For I am persuaded that neither death or life...
It cannot kill friendship, it cannot suppress memories,
  No principalities nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come, nor height, nor depth,
It cannot silence courage, it cannot invade the soul.
  nor any created things shall be able to separate us from the love of God,
It cannot steal eternal life, it cannot conquer the spirit.
  which is in Christ Jesus our Lord. Romans 8:37-39

A picture of a lion is below this and at the bottom of the picture it says...
The Lion of the Tribe of Judah has Triumphed!
10/20/2011 5:33:14 AM
Kim Vincent United States
Kim Vincent
I am a 4 year breast cancer survivor...diagnosed at the ripe old age of 33.  My story is a total "God story"...I felt a lump in my right breast, went for a mammo that day and left thinking everything was fine.  Got a call the next day that said something was found in the left side that couldn't be felt.  That is where the cancer was!  If I hadnt' felt the lump on the right side that morning, it could have been 7 years before I had a mammo and that would have been too late.  God is soooooo good!!!
10/20/2011 5:36:13 AM
Stacey United States
First, Sorry to hear about your Mom Scott.
My mother was diagnoised with breast cancer less than a year after the untimely death of my oldest brother,(her son) Bobby, who was 32 at the time of the accident, with a 3 year old daughter and a wife who was 2 months pregnant. My mother is the strongest person I know and is now a 13 year survivor. Her strength and belief in God is what pulled me through when I, myself was diagnoised with breast cancer December 2010.  
After the passing of my brother I turned away from God because like most I blamed him for his death.
It wasn't until my stuggle with surgeries, chemo and radiation that I turned my faith back to him, as most people do in times of need.  It was then that I discovered that although I left him, He never left me.  I also discovered KLOVE and have been a faithful listener ever since.
I am a 1 year survivor! and proud to be one of God's children.
10/20/2011 5:43:16 AM
Dru Fox United States
Dru Fox
Just wanted to thank you for the beautiful story of the 72 year commitment of the couple in Iowa.  
It was especially touching to me.  Today is my 32nd wedding anniversary.  I have been married to my best friend for the last 32 years.  We started dating my senior year in high school and I am my husband's (Dave) first and only girlfriend.
He is a wonderful man of God and I can't imagine my life without him and I know he feels the same way.  If I could have one prayer answered in my life, it would be that our two daughters find a man that is as devoted, loving and as strong as their father has been.  Also, the song you played by Steven Curtis Chapms (I Will Be Here) has always been (to me) the perfect wedding song.
Thanks again and God Bless.  I will be praying for the family of this couple and Praising God for the way in which He brought them HOME!
10/20/2011 5:44:58 AM
claudia argo United States
claudia argo
my mother died of breast cancer in june 08. she was a GODLY and wonderful woman. i have many memories of her. one fav. is one time when i and my sis, brenda were little, outside jumping in mud puddles, after being told several times not to. she came out the door with a load of laundry to hang up on the line.Busted! she looked @ our faces then put down the basket, removed her shoes & socks & jumped in. we played for a while then she got out, cleaned off her feet, put her shoes & socks back on, picked up her basket & went back to her task of hanging out the laundry! i love & miss her very much but know she's in gloryland with her LORD.
10/20/2011 5:45:35 AM
Susan Vogliardo United States
Susan Vogliardo
I would like to add my best friend Susan Varner.
She is suffering from t-cell lymphoma and is on chemo but has had numerous complications.  She has been in the hospital for the last 2 weeks.
Please pray for her!!!
10/20/2011 5:46:13 AM
Cheryl United States
I want to add my dear high school friend, Ginny to this list.  She began her cancer journey almost ten years ago. Had breast cancer twice in same breast, had mastectomy, got it in her kidneys, and now it is in her blood, spine, pelvis, clavical and ribs. Please pray for a miracle for this awesome women of strenth
10/20/2011 5:47:04 AM
Andrea Dycus United States
Andrea Dycus
I just heard you tell the story of the Yeagers and I want you to know that true love does exist today. My husband and I have been married for 15 years and we don't do anything without the other. We do everything that we can together apart from working at the same place. If we could we would. We don't like being separated from each other at all. If he happens to have to work an overnight shift, then I don't sleep because he isn't in bed with me. God put us together and we feel like nothing can separate us as long as we put God first in our relationship.
10/20/2011 5:48:32 AM
Amy United States
Tomorrow marks one year since I  lost the man who raised me, my grandfather Roy O. Howell, to melenoma that had spread to his lungs and liver. I miss you Grampa!

Granny I miss you too. We lost Granny to colon cancer nearly 3 years ago.
10/20/2011 5:48:50 AM
Andrea United States
My Grandmother - Lottie  - passed away in 1986; a very good friend - Julie -who was diagnosed with Leukemia at age 17 and fought  a long hard fight with cancer for 6 years - but yet touched so many lives for Christ in that time; and finally my mom, Janice  who was diagnosed with breast cancer
in August and has undergone a lumpectomy and started radiation this week. Praying God's mercy and total and complete healing for her as she endures treatment 5 days a week for the next five weeks.  
10/20/2011 5:49:14 AM
Megan United States
My mom is a 15 year survivor of breast cancer, which puts me in the high-risk category. I had a mammogram last week and I was waiting for results in the mail. Instead, 3 days ago, I got a phone call asking me to come back in for more pics. Apparently the doc thought she saw something...Needless to say, I'm more than a little nervous. I'm leaving for the re-test in about 40 minutes. But I know beyond all else that whatever the outcome, I'm all right. Prayers for all of the fighters, survivors and the fallen. This disease must be stopped.
10/20/2011 5:53:56 AM
Kathie United States
My mom is a 18 year survivor of breast cancer. She is an amazing woman and the rock of our family. Because of her faith she was able to overcome the disease and has lived to meet her 2 grandaughters. God blessed her and heard our prayers.

I've known many others that have been touched by this disease and have fought it (or are currently fighting it) and I am inspired by their faith and grace. God bless all.
10/20/2011 5:56:24 AM
Angie Houk United States
Angie Houk
I was diagnosed with breast cancer in March of 2008.  I had a single mastectomy, four chemo treatments and a year of herseptin treatments.  Thanks to God's blessings, today I am cancer free and so grateful for a wonderful husband that stood by me every step of the way.  I am also grateful for my two sons and their families and my church family that supported me and still support me in every way they can.
10/20/2011 6:04:23 AM
Gail Bucholz United States
Gail Bucholz
My sister Jennifer Jones was diagnosed in July of having double breast cancer.  It would truly be a blessing that you all lift her up in prayer too. She goes in on Friday for her 6th chemo treatment.
Please pray for comfort, strength, peace and wisdom in that she would be receptive, to knowing Jesus as her Savior.

Thank you so much for praying!

Thank you all for your prayers
10/20/2011 6:07:17 AM
Brenda Hainley United States
Brenda Hainley
My dear sister-in-law Marla, Mother of four children, 13 and under, is dealing with breast cancer. All she wants is for her children to have their Mother. It's a very difficult struggle on a daily basis for her, my brother Steve, and the children. She is currently undergoing radiation to relieve her of pain and to erradicate new sites of the disease. Please pray for her recovery!  Much love and hugs!  
10/20/2011 6:10:40 AM
Patti Schimpf United States
Patti Schimpf
Thank you for remembering and honoring all breast cancer survivors as well as their families! I am rapidly approaching my 5th "cancerversary" and feel God's blessings for each extra day and the gifts I've been given. My breast cancer was in that 10% which is very rare - no drugs have been developed to help me fight. Recurrence is probable in over 75% of those diagnosed with my type of cancer in the first two years after chemo and radiation treatment. Diet and exercise are the defenses God has given me to fight and I struggle every day with both (I love to eat and hate to exercise)! Please pray that I continue to keep my body as the temple he wants me to so I can continue to share my story and help others who may be facing the same thing.

My new goal in life is to put my oncologist out of business! Besides being a fanatical Texas Ranger supporter who has been twice blessed for getting to go to the World Series to support them, I am an advocate for the Komen foundation and support them through the Races in both Dallas and Fort Worth each year. I know that it's through God's grace, along with a very supportive family and awesome friends and doctors that I am still alive today. I continue to give God thanks for all his blessings. Through these trials, I have become stronger in Him.
10/20/2011 6:11:50 AM
Debbie United States
I would like to add my dad Dan Garrett. He was diagnosed with cancer in March 2009. He has undergone radiation, surgery, and chemo. He is currently undergoing his second round of chemo.
10/20/2011 6:20:16 AM
Linda United States
Please add Melissa Shell in Lake Charles, LA, my sisters dear neighbor, young mother, currently battling cancer treatments.  Thank you for doing this!!!!
10/20/2011 6:20:33 AM
Vicki Rowe United States
Vicki Rowe
My mother, Carolyn Jackson Baker
Lost her battle with breast cancer Feb.7, 2004.
But the victory was actually hers because she went home to Jesus. My mother, my hero...was a woman of great faith...I never realized this until I read her journals after her passing. Filled not with self-pity, but prayers. Not prayers for her self, but for other people. Though she must have been in great pain during her 7 1/2 year battle she never complained, she always did for other people. She asked God to do what he would with her, not her will but His be done.I am striving  every day to follow her examole and trust the Lord in everything I do.
I love you Mom..."save a place for me, save some grace for me...I'll be there soon."
10/20/2011 6:21:39 AM
Cathy Zeisler United States
Cathy Zeisler
Please pray for my friend, Andrea Dimond, just diagnosed and starting her treatments.  Three kids: 7th through 2nd grades.
10/20/2011 6:26:59 AM
monica United States
I'd like to add my step-father's mom Virginoa Heath who went to heaven saturday October 15, 2011 from ovarian cancer. Also my friend Carol who met Jesus ten plus years ago from spinal cancer. Praise God I will see them in a few minutes!! My grandmother was healed from skin cancer and my current boyfriend also healed from skin cancer. Praise be to GOD!!!
10/20/2011 6:27:59 AM
Angela United States
I was diagnosed with breast cancer at 41.  I have no history of cancer in my family and am the youngest child.  As I do not have my parents, it was hard to come to grips.  Thanks God that it was a small tumor and had not reached any lymph nodes.  I struggle everyday with the fear of a reoccurence.  I just keep praying.
10/20/2011 6:30:16 AM
Jo Ellen Gaspard United States
Jo Ellen Gaspard
My mother, Marilyn, after a five year battle with melanoma passed away six years ago.  Three years ago this Saturday, my dear, sweet daughter-in-law lost her mother, Anita, to cancer.  These truly remarkable women will be forever missed.
10/20/2011 6:32:42 AM
Joelle Lawson United States
Joelle Lawson
Sadly, I know 7 women who have/are fighting breast cancer... 1 beat it, 1 died from it and 5 are still fighting it... So:

Lisa Dannenburg, Teresa Roberts (starting chemo soon), Rachel Goff, my aunts Lee and Phyllis, Alice Liu (beat cancer praise God), Josephine Monkern (lost her fight 1-24-1999).
10/20/2011 6:35:18 AM
Diane James United States
Diane James
I was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer August 1st. After more testing the diagnoses was changed to stage 4. It has spread to my bones and many lymph nodes. I am 49 and have three kids. I have always been active and exercised on a regular basis with no breast cancer in the family history. It has been quite a shock to the entire family. My family is my main worry and its great to know there are people out there who understand that not only do I need support, but so do they.

The Lord is awesome and I trust Him with all my heart so I know that no matter what happens, it will be for the best. Already, I see people praying for me that would normally shy away from anything "religious". If what I am "suffering through" can help anyone become closer to the Lord, then it is worth it. My suffering is NOTHING compared to what Jesus suffered through for me.

God bless all, may you received the healing and comfort you need.
10/20/2011 6:36:18 AM
Beth Jesmer United States
Beth Jesmer
I'd like to add my name-I was diagnosed at 35 and have been cancer free for 14 years, my mother Gina who passed away 5 years ago after a long battle with metastasized cancer.  Also my Aunt Marge who is currently fighting the spread of breast cancer in her liver and lungs.  There are so many people who are inspirations to me and help support us, I'd like to thank God for their prayers and for being there.
10/20/2011 6:38:19 AM
Micah United States
My father-in-law, Austin Holt was recently diagnosed with Lukemia and is undergoing treatment. Thank you Scott & Kelli & KLove for this opportunity to ask for prayers. And thanks to all of you for your prayers. I will pray for you, as well.
10/20/2011 6:38:44 AM
Emily Riemer United States
Emily Riemer
I just heard the story of the Yeagers on KLOVE. Then I couldn't help but come onto the Scott and Kelly page to read the story again!I sent it to some friends because I thought it was so precious.
I am getting married to my wonderful fiance, Jon, in June. He proposed to me in February on the KLOVE cruise during Matthew West's concert. Matthew called us up on stage and sang us our favorite love song. I still cant get over that Jon thought the whole idea up- he's the best! Smile

The video is posted on YouTube (look up KLove Cruise 2011 and its one of the first videos that pops up).
10/20/2011 6:46:06 AM
Leanna United States
For my beautiful aunt Olga,  I love you,  I never stop praying for you.  Fight.
10/20/2011 6:49:19 AM
Montez Schultz United States
Montez Schultz
I want to add my sweet mother Tasca Martin who passed at age 75 in 2008 when breast cancer returned to her lungs.  She had been a survivor for 20 years! My dear mother-in-law Adeline Schultz passed with pancreatic cancer.  My dear brother-in-law Chuck Galloway passed in 2009 of melanoma. My dear xbrother-in-law Kevin Bingham passed from testicular cancer at age 50 in 2009 after being a survivor since he was in his 20's.
10/20/2011 6:53:54 AM
Dan United States

Add my mom, Ruth, currently under hospice care at our house for recently-diagnosed ovarian cancer.

AND my mom-in-law, Ellen, currently fighting cancer.

Thank you and God bless all the others posting here.
10/20/2011 6:56:16 AM
Teena United States
I would like to add my younger sister, Marla, to this list.  We lost her two years ago to breast cancer, and as it was said at her memorial service, she lived more in her 47 years than some at 90 years have.  I learned so much from her and she was the bravest person I have ever known.   Prayers to all who are affected by this disease, in any way.
10/20/2011 6:56:39 AM
Stephen Zimmerman United States
Stephen Zimmerman
This is definitely God at work... Right now I'm waiting for the test results on what specific kind of cancer I have and how we're going to treat it... I woke up this morning hurting more than I have since everything started, opened my email to find the encouraging word reminding me to remember the good that has been done for me... Coming on here to say thank you for it, I was drawn to this page... Thank you...
10/20/2011 6:59:40 AM
Pamela United States
I want to remember my mom JoAnne who fought breast cancer for 4 years and left us on 9/11/08.  I miss my mom everyday.  I am so thankful that I had the privilege to have a mom like her!!!! My mammogram two weeks ago showed something that the doctor is watching for the next 6 months so I am doing a lot of praying that it is nothing, but whatever happens I have the Lord on my side!
10/20/2011 7:15:52 AM
Maxine United Kingdom
Please pray for my friend Salima who is currently fighting breast cancer.  She is a great friend to many, a wonderful wife, daughter, and mum to 3 beautiful sons. She also so young and must be finding this all so tough.  Please pray for complete peace and healing. Thank you!
And thanks for all you do at Klove! Love you guys Smile
10/20/2011 7:20:27 AM
monica United States
My close friend Quannah has had one breast removed. He was initially embaressed being a man with breast cancer. He is on his last chemo treatment next week. Cancer definately does NOT discriminate. But GOD heals!! *Amen*
10/20/2011 7:22:06 AM
Sharlene Lee United States
Sharlene Lee
I want to add my Aunts Judy, Shirley, and my husbands Aunt Lila all survivors. I was added to the survivors list in 2008 when I was dxed with
Breast cancer. God has blessed our family and taken care of us at all times. He does great things for us who have Faith.
10/20/2011 7:23:35 AM
Pat Smith United States
Pat Smith
I was diagnosed with Stage 2 Breast cancer on July 2, 2011..I had 2 surgeries, 8 rounds of chemo and am living proof that early detection is important..I had great support from my family and friends. Our church family was awesome and brought in food when I didn't feel like cooking. I praise the Lord daily that it was caught early. Ladies...get those mammograms. It's a lifesaver. Thank you so much for this radio station. I listen from the time I get up to the time I go to bed, at home, at work, in the car..You are a blessing to all of us. God Bless You!
10/20/2011 7:25:39 AM
Kellie McCauley United States
Kellie McCauley
My aunt Lorrie she's has had cance three times breast cancer lymphoid cancer and uterus cancer she beat it e every time!!! She so inspiring she always gives God the glory and never complains or asks why, even now after effects from the medicine and radiation are causeing more health issues, she still helps with cancer charity event and goes on missions around the world spreading Gods love, she an amazing women and love her very much!
10/20/2011 7:36:34 AM
Dale United States
I wanted to add my late wife Lois to your list. 9/2/59-9/8/09 She fought breast cancer for 10 years it had spread to her bones, liver and lungs.
I will be praying for those still battling cancer
10/20/2011 7:46:27 AM
Michelle United States
All of these names, thankfully, are those of people still with us.  JoAnn, my grandmother, Dennis, my father (diagnosed @ age 39, 42 & now 63 - currently going through chemo), Marcia @ age 35 & then again @ 52, my aunt (dad's sister), Leighann @ age 30 w/ stage 4, my cousin & one of the strongest followers of Christ I know, Dave & Mark, my uncle & husband, both with skin cancer treated w/ surgery, Connie, my mother-in-law, Carolyn, her sister, & Duke, her brother.  One person, my Aunt Flo, died 14 years ago.  
10/20/2011 7:48:41 AM
Randy Abbott United States
Randy Abbott
So many friends and family have lost the fight in the prime of their life.. This is in honor of all who have fought and won or who have died trying.  

Grandfather – JW (age 71) Father - JW (age 66) Brother - Bill (59) Friend - Bucky (55) Friend – Joan (56)
10/20/2011 7:56:20 AM
Tiffany United States
I just had to make a comment about the story of the married couple...I was on my way to work when I heard this and I actually stopped in the parking lot at work to hear the end of the story and had to fight back tears.  I've been going through some stuff recently, and God spoke to me one day about the idea of "unconditional love."  I never really understood the meaning of "unconditional" until that day...something we all want, and should have.  That is what this couple definitely had, and that is what God shows his people daily.  This story gives me hope that there is such a thing as true love and that it's not just a fairy tale.  That God has planned the same for me.  Thank you for this amazing love story...truly a blessing!
10/20/2011 8:07:32 AM
Sandi Caires United States
Sandi Caires
Last April I asked for prayer for both of my brothers in their 70's that were diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer.  One with esophageal cancer and the other one with a cancerous tumor on his larynx.  BOTH ARE IN TOTAL REMISSION!!!

Thank you for you prayers and PRAISE GOD for their total recovery and His awesome healing.

My best, Sandi
10/20/2011 8:12:33 AM
Dee Dee Campos United States
Dee Dee Campos
My mother died of Breast Cancer at the age of 39, she fought a good hard fight, but at the end the Cancer just consumed her. I was 20 years old at the time and was already married with two baby boys, that was really hard, not having your mother, the boys grandmother there for us. But God has a plan and he did, he let us have our grandmother till she was 88 years old, that was a real blessing, but now she is rejoicing once again with her daughter in Heaven.
10/20/2011 8:24:43 AM
Jan Hernandez United States
Jan Hernandez
My 23 year old cousin Stephanie just died October 6, 2011 after battling brain cancer since the age of 8. She is finally at peace with the Lord... though the agony of loss continues for her parents.
10/20/2011 8:37:27 AM
Lynn Centinario United States
Lynn Centinario
For my sisters-in-law, Rosemary Trittin and Cyndi Stanish. Rosemary is in remission from breast cancer two years ago. Cyndi was just diagnoised with stage three breast cancer and will be starting radiation and chemo very soon. I ask for prayer for healing but also for their salvation.
10/20/2011 8:39:36 AM
Jodi Fraire United States
Jodi Fraire
I would like to add my brother Jonathan Zavala who lost his battle to cancer on October 5, 2011.  He was diagnosed a little over two years ago and didn't have insurance so hospitals were very hesitant to treat.  He finally got in at MD Anderson in September but his spindle cell sarcoma was so advanced that they couldn't do anything.  He left behind three beautiful children and he was only 31.  He is suffering no more. Prayers for all who have lost or who are fighting cancer.  God Bless!
10/20/2011 8:46:00 AM
Debbie Bullard United States
Debbie Bullard
My little sister was diagnosed with hodgkins lymphoma about a year ago roughly. I trusted God that she would be ok. Now her hair is growing back and she's cancer free. She's also carrying on with her head high. God is amazing!
10/20/2011 8:50:47 AM
Jodi G United States
Jodi G
I'd like to add the name of Rose K. Landeis, my grandmother, who passed away this year on January 18th at age 80 due to colon cancer. Her faith, love of her family and her grace, kindness and strength will be forever missed in our family. Rose was truly an amazing woman. As the wife of a farmer and mother of five, she was one of the hardest praying and hardest working ladies I've ever known. Everyone that knew her spoke of her hospitality and kindness. We were blessed, however, to have nearly all of the family with her during her last days on this earth, and saw just how strong her faith in the Lord was. She is missed tremendously. Also, her husband and my grandfather, Anton Landeis, has survived both prostate and bladder cancer. Their 63rd wedding anniversary would have been yesterday. My prayers go out to all those with this awful disease.  
10/20/2011 9:16:33 AM
Sandi United States
My best friend, Teresa G. lost her battle with breast cancer over a year ago.  She left behind family and friends who will never forget her valient struggle to survive.  RIP Teresa!!
10/20/2011 9:26:16 AM
LaVonne United States
I am currently recuperating after having my left breast removed Tuesday 10-18-11. The cancer was found on my annual mammogram, one year from the date of my last clear mammogram. Get checked, everyone!!! If it weren't for the mammogram, it would have gone undetected. I am grateful for my family and friends who have rallied around me for support. Now we're just waiting for the results of the pathology report. God is good - all the time - God is good!
10/20/2011 9:41:45 AM
Robyn United States
I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in July 2010.  After surgery and chemotherapy, I am doing well-praise God.  Keeping my faith in God helped me tremendously through this fight.  I know He holds me in the palm of his hand.
My father, Gordon Frank, was diagnosed with colon cancer in 1989.  He went to be with the Lord in June 1991.  
Also prayers for Stephanie, a high school girl, who is fighting brain cancer.  Each day is a struggle for her and her family.  
Pray for an end to this horrible disease.  In Jesus' name we pray...Amen.
10/20/2011 9:46:08 AM
Pam United States
My Mom passed away Nov. 17, 2001, eleven years after having a mastectomy.  Miss her every day, but know some day we will be together again.
10/20/2011 9:48:10 AM
Connie United States
I have a number of people to add to this list. First, is my brother Ed, who was diagnosed in 2003 with Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma. He was told that is was treatable, but not curable and that in 12-20 months, the cancer would return. Close to that time frame, the Dr. told him to get his affairs in order, that the cancer would soon return. Many relatives, church families and friends prayed for a healing. After 5 years, we all rejoiced, and believed that he was healed. Last year, it returned. He went through chemo again, using a different mix of drugs, and was deemed cancer-free. But he still wasn't feeling well and blood test were not normal. He sought out info from experts around the country and found there were some other options. He is feeling much better after taking these treatments, and we are still praying for complete healing.
   I would also like to add my uncle Skip, who was diagnose with pancreatic cancer in 2003, and has been cancer-free up to this time. Recently, he has lost 15 pounds and said that he would not be traveling from NV to the midwest again. He sees his oncologist in November.
   My former neighbor, Becky, went for her 1st OB visit with her 3rd child, they found a lump in her breast. It was biopsied and found to be cancer. She was 28 and had no family history. She had a lumpectomy and radiation, taking precautions for her unborn child. She was cancer-free for more than 20 years and it came back a couple years ago.
   My on-line friend, Judy, had major surgery last November for breast cancer. I believe she had a double mastectomy and lymph nodes removed. She is unable to drive, but live about 2 hours from me. I'd like to go and visit her.
   For all of the above-mentioned ffamily and friends, I ask for continued prayer, healing, comfort, strength, and a deepened faith in our Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you to all who join me in prayer.
10/20/2011 10:07:17 AM
Tammie United States
My friend Brenda was diagnosed when she was pregnant with her 3rd child in 2001 or 2002.  We lost Brenda early 2007.

My Mom was diagnosed in 2000. She was given the all clear later that year.  Unfortunantly they didn't get it all and she was rediagosed with cancer in March 2007.  She went to be with Jesus on Nov 27, 2007.  There is no history of breast cancer in our family, we were surprised when the dr said that this is normal.  

I know that I will se them both again in heaven, however they are missed terribly.

I know several other ladies who have fought this battle.  Some have lost and some have won... regardkless of the outcome they fought valiently, and beautifully.  I pray that there will be a cure someday soon
10/20/2011 11:43:01 AM
Erica United States
My sister, Kim, is currently battling Stage IV breast cancer.  When I think of courage and strength, I think of her.  She was diagnosed with Stage I at age 29 in 2001 and has been fighting Stage IV for the past 2 years.  Though she has been through countless procedures, chemo treatments, hospitalizations, etc., her fighting spirit remains.  She is my hero...bald and beautiful.  I will never lose faith that we will find a cure.  God Bless all the survivors out there like my sister.  And for all those who have lost their fight, you are not forgotten.    
10/20/2011 11:43:40 AM
Therese United States
Please pray for my daughter Kayla, she is a brain cancer survivor. She is 16 now, and the cancer has been in remission for four yrs.  She is continuing the healing process and is growing stronger every day by God's grace!  Praise God and thank you Jesus for answering my prayers -AMEN.  
10/20/2011 12:28:52 PM
Richie Garza United States
Richie Garza
I live in Amarillo and my boss, Amber, just had a double mastectomy a week from today.  She is 31 years old, has three children, the youngest is 18 months, and a loving husband.  There is a history of breast cancer in her family.  Her mother is a 1year survivor and she has two aunts who are also survivors.  She has had some complications, dehydration, pain, discomfort and sadness because her children have to see her in this state.  I pray for her and her family often.  The department that we work in has been very supportive.  I have been praying to God for strength for her and that her surgery would be a success.  I have only been in this job for the past 3 months, but I feel like I God is guiding me to be a part of her support group.  We reminder her that she is a fighter and that we will be in her corner through this, the toughest fight of her life.  God is good and He will bless her.  Amen
10/20/2011 1:17:26 PM
Hilda Quintanilla United States
Hilda Quintanilla
My father Guillermo Garcia was had prostate cancer and was cleared of it. A few months later was diagnosed with colon cancer and is currently finishing his chemo treatment. Please pray he is cleared once and for all. Blessings.
10/20/2011 2:40:31 PM
teresa reed United States
teresa reed
Never under estimate your self worth and never give anyone your joy.
10/20/2011 2:42:20 PM
teresa reed United States
teresa reed
Never under estimate your self worth and never give anyone your joy.
10/20/2011 3:17:46 PM
Velnor Little United States
Velnor Little
I am an eleven year breast cancer survivor. I praise the Lord for healing me. He is so good to us and each day I live, I know it is truly a gift from God. The Lord has a purpose for each of us and He will not take us home until that purpose is complete. Praise His Holy Name!!!
10/20/2011 3:21:05 PM
KARYN United States
I was diagnosed with Stage IV, level 3 uterine cancer on March 10, 2011.  The prognosis was 9 to 12 months to live without chemotherapy and possibly 2 or 3 more if I accepted chemo.  I chose to not do chemo,and God has led me to alternative cancer therapies which have proven to work! I am using what is called "THE BUDWIG PROTOCOL" which consists of flax oil and cottage cheese blended using an immersion blender.  (I add blackberries for flavor.) It is eight months later and I am doing amazingly well.  My Dr cannot believe how great I look and how well I am. I found this information on a website called:  www.cancertutor.com  Please look up all the alternative cancer sites you can find if you or someone you love has this disease.  even your doctor can't object to using FOOD to treat cancer!
10/20/2011 3:42:14 PM
Trudi United States
I would like to add 3 names, 2 of which are breast cancer survivors and 1 who lost her life to breast cancer 6-1/2 years ago. The first survivor is my Mom Karen Howard, who is a wonderful Christian woman who is someone I consider a friend as well as a mom.  She's great.  The other survivor is someone I work out with at Curves and her names is Sherry.  She is what surviving is all about.  She works out when she can and when she can't she's travelling due to her work.  Talk about your frequent flyer miles. She is awesome.  The one who lost her life is Mrs Berryman-Shafer.  She was my daughters 5th grade teacher.  If it weren't for the bandana she use to wear to cover her bald head, you would have never known she had cancer.  The first time I met her at a parent-teacher conference, she almost broke my hand shaking it.  In October of that year she won the Susan G. Komen race for survivors.  She was gone by the next May.  I'm glad I got to meet her, even if it wasn't for very long.
10/20/2011 4:47:15 PM
Barb United States
I'd like to add the names of my Mom, Anna who passed in 1997, My Mother-in-law,Doris, who passed in 2002, my dear friend, Virginia, who passed in April of this year and my dear husband and best friend, Mark who laos his battle with melanoma in Sept. 2010. God was gracious and good when He called these loved ones to be with him. They are perfectly healed and suffer no longer.
Though we miss them, I know we will see them again.  I'm also adding the name of a friend, Lauren who waa just diagnosed and had surgery for colon cancer. I pray God's healing hand on her and know that she is strong and with His help she'll beat this disease.

Thank you for all your prayers for those lost, struggling and those who survive! To God be the glory!! Amen
10/20/2011 4:48:08 PM
Pennie United States
I was diagnosed on September 27, 2010 with invasive ductual and invasive lubular. God has been with me thru it all. I could not have made it without him.

10/20/2011 7:38:26 PM
Pat United States
Lost my husband George to lung cancer in January
Lost my mother Kate in 1994 and aunt Mary in 1997 to breast cancer
Two sisters, Jean and Linda are survivor's of breast cancer
Two sisters, Ginny and Jean are survivor's of lung cancer; both non-smokers
My friend Ruth just started chemo after colon cancer surgery
Another friend Barb just finished radiation treatments after her lumpectomy
Cancer is such a horible disease - it doesn't care who you are, man or woman, rich or poor, believer on non-believer.. it can strike any of us
Thank God for His strength and comfort during the dark times.  How else can you make it thru' without the love and prayers of dear friends and family.

10/20/2011 9:24:22 PM
Gina United States
I am a child of God. I am a wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister, a friend, and a breast cancer survivor. It has been 4 years.  I was 40 years old when I was diagnosed. My motto: good doctors, good medicine, GREAT FAITH! I found K-LOVE back then too! I pray for a cure for all cancers. God Bless You All and may The Lord be with you all on your journeys.

"O Lord my God, I cried to you for help, and you have healed me." ~ Psalm 30:2
10/21/2011 3:44:36 AM
Rhonda Smith United States
Rhonda Smith
Less than a year ago, I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  I am still thanking God, because they caught it very early.  I was 40 at the time and going in for my "baseline" mammogram when they saw something suspicious.  

Because they caught it early, the prognosis is very good.  The cancerous cells had not yet spread and that is the best time to treat them.  I had surgery and radiation and now I am doing very well.  Also, God used this trial in my life to bring about many good things, and so I am grateful for that, too.  So, I wanted to share my story, because it has a happy ending -- I know that is not the case for many with cancer.  

I also wanted to encourage women to get in for their mammograms -- they are unpleasant (and can be a bit scary), but they can help you find cancer before it becomes widespread.

Thank you for featuring this disease this week.
10/21/2011 8:59:52 AM
Dana United States
My grandma died of a cancer. She was the best Grammy ever, of course everbody else would say that about their mom, daughter, grandma, sister, etc. But I'm dead serious. She died about 4 or 5 years ago when my mom and I were about to bring the last load of things from my old house to my new one. We got a call from my grandfather, Bumpa, and he said she was going to die soon.  I remember looking into my mom's eyes and seeing tears and something else I can't explain, maybe it was fear. We sat on the floor for a while and cried. Anyway, we got home and told the news. Boy was it hard to tell. Bumpa didn't want us to see her and that made us sad and mad. Chloe, my little sister, only saw her when she was about 1. God took her for a reason and I need to accept it.
10/23/2011 5:09:14 PM
Samantha Marion United States
Samantha Marion
What do you think of detox diet in cancer cure? I am not too sure what detox diet can cure cancer...

But recently I read a book called Total Wellness Cleanse. It helps to detoxify and cleanse our body. But do consult your medical doctor before performing any detox diet.

God will bless her.
10/23/2011 7:12:05 PM
Carissa Jundt United States
Carissa Jundt
First I would like to mention my grandmother that passed away in 2001, 3 months after being diagnosed with lung cancer.  
I also want to mention my husband that is battling brain cancer now (going through chemo) for the second time.  He was first diagnosed 1 month before our wedding and we were told to cancel the wedding but we stayed strong and he was cancer free until this past April when we were told it was back.  He had his second surgery 2 wks before his sisters wedding and has endured radiation and chemo.  I have been amazed at his strength and bravery through everything.  Our faith has become even stronger knowing that God is with us.  The song "You and Me" touches my heart everytime and brings me peace having an amazing God to walk with us.  Thank you for the prayers and our prayers go out to everyone battling cancer.
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