Nov 04 2011

Living an Uncommon Life

We get to talk with Tony Dungy today about his new book The One Year Uncommon Life Daily Challenge.


The End of the Credit Card?

Paying for stuff with your phone sounds awesome until you stop to think about it. It seems like every major tech company, including Google, is touting the fact that we’ll soon be able to buy anything and everything by waving our phones against a pay pad.

A new app called Card Case foretells a world without cash and plastic.


A 3-year-old ate leftover lasagna and lived with her mother’s body for two days until police came to the home, according to published reports in New Zealand.

Toddler Survives on Leftovers After Mom’s Death. ABC News

Around the world — with family in tow.

Why the heck do we hate Tim Tebow? FOX SPORTS

Can't sleep? Loneliness may be to blame. Shine from YAHOO!


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