Nov 18 2011

Shoeboxes Around The World

Special guest interview today with Franklin Graham from Samaritan's Purse and Operation Christmas Child and Matthew West.

Franklin Graham on the children's reactions after receiving boxes from Operation Christmas Child:

The story of a Bosnian refugee who once received shoeboxes, and is now giving them:

Hear the whole interview

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Comments (8) -

11/18/2011 4:22:41 PM
Juliana United States
that is awesome!!!
11/18/2011 5:04:52 PM
Betty Douglas United States
Betty Douglas
I understand the Shoebox program and how important it is to children receiving it.  BUT would you PLEASE STOP playing Christmas music.  This is a week before Thanksgiving and way too early to have Christmas music on the air.  I feel just like I do with stores who have Christmas stuff out even before Halloween.

11/18/2011 8:31:57 PM
Paula United States
This IS awesome...but where's the Thanksgiving song from today?
11/19/2011 9:34:19 PM
Janaye United States
Hello everyone,
Scott and Kelli can you somehow upload Matthew West's Thanksgiving song? I really enjoyed it, "gobble gobble one, gobble gobble two, gobble gobble me, gobble gobble you."

Janaye from NJ
11/20/2011 11:40:29 AM
Lauren United States
@Betty They're not gonna stop playing it lol Tong They put it on there, and they're not gonna take it off til' AFTER Christmas.  

GET IN THE CHRISTMAS SPIRIT PEOPLE!!!! And be THANKFUL for Christmas too. There. Put it in a box, wrap it, put a bow on it, and give it to a kid on Christmas
11/20/2011 11:42:58 AM
Lauren United States
My family did Opperation Christmas Child one year and it was a true blessing. Very blessed to have been able to.
11/21/2011 4:31:10 PM
Mincy United States
Could you please upload the gobble gobble song? I am a big fan. Smile
11/25/2011 6:49:50 AM
Jacki United States
Where is the Thanksgiving song??
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