Dec 05 2011

It's A New Day

We started the new schedule at KLOVE today! We are now on from 2-6pm CT.

It's Make a Difference Monday-Christmas Edition! There are so many opportunities to make a difference at this time of the year! What have you done lately? Has someone made a difference for you? Tell us about it!

A tiny, all-white Appalachian church in rural Kentucky that voted to bar interracial couples from its congregation will be asked to overturn its decision, its pastor said Friday. "We're going to get it resolved," Stepp told the Kentucky newspaper.

Pastor to ask church to overturn ban on interracial couples.

The perfect white elephant gift?!

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12/5/2011 1:35:53 PM
arc United States
Heard you talking bout white elephant gifts.
And had to tell ya about the worst one ever! All of 2009's belly button lint from my dad!
12/5/2011 1:43:23 PM
tracie United States
The women at my church are doing a white elephant gift exchange this week. . . I'm taking in an empty mailbox! It's a big white one I bought about 8 years ago to mount outside the house.  It's never been used. . . . any body got any ideas of what I ought to put in it?  I thought about one of those animal toys that move around. . they're like a ball w/a tail attached.  
12/5/2011 1:44:23 PM
arc United States
He actually used dryer lint and mixed it with hair from a hair cut, put it in a jar and labeled it "2009 belly button"
12/5/2011 1:47:02 PM
Kathleen United States
Our family use to get together at christmas and we would have a white elephant.  One year my mother started a tradition.  She had a 9x12 picture taken of her and my dad, put it in a picture frame. Needless to say nobody wanted it and at the end they told the person that      ended up with it to take the picture out. Behind the picture was a 20 dollar bill.  that started a great tridtion.  One year a cousin wrapped a thing a aluminum foil up and everyone wanted it.  They had unrolled the whole thing and had one dollar bills taped to the foil, rolled it back up  and wrapped it.
12/5/2011 2:01:45 PM
Jeanine McNeer United States
Jeanine McNeer
We live in the Memphis area so naturally one of my friends decided to bring an 8 track of Elvis! Best one I have ever gotten!!
12/5/2011 2:03:08 PM
Nancy Flesher United States
Nancy Flesher
You were talking about dog snugglie and we had a dog that was cold so we put a jacket on him and he would freeze with all four paws spread out and not even blink his eyes.  As soon as we took it off, he would run around barking and jump up and down.  It was so hilarious. You could tell that he was so humiliated.
12/5/2011 2:04:21 PM
Kelly United States
I have been listening to your discussion on white elephant gift exchanges.  We also had an exclusive "As Seen on TV" exchange.  We had so much fun with these gifts we decided to change it a bit each year.  Last year we all brought and wrapped funny Christmas hats.  You don't realize how many are out there until you start looking.  In our group of 12 we had no duplicates!  It makes for a great picture too!  This year we decided on funny Christmas ornaments.
12/5/2011 2:05:35 PM
Rachel Stidham United States
Rachel Stidham
Okay so I'm always listening to your station and I hear you all talking about white elephant gifts so I thought I'd share my one and only experience with buying a white elephant gift. It was with a women's group my mom and I used to go to and all the ladies were supposed to bring a white elephant gift. I knew what you are suppose to do but I couldn't pass what I found in the store up! My white elephant gift was..... A little trinket white elephant!!! It was small so I wrapped it in a few different size boxes. We played games and whoever won got to choose a gift from the table. The pastors wife of my church chose my gift! Turns out she collects elephants and loves them!!! She was so thrilled!!!
12/5/2011 2:06:10 PM
Kellie Brown United States
Kellie Brown
I got a stryofoam cooler full of old used phones (not cell phones)as a white elephant gift.  My husband got a shoe box with pink slippers and full of saw dust!
12/5/2011 2:07:08 PM
Christina United States
I was invited to a friends Sunday school white elephant party. As people began to unwrap their gifts, I became very uncomfortable because they had brought really nice gifts. The pastor's number came up and he picked the gift I had brought. As he picked it up, he commented that it was as heavy as a bowling ball. Guess what.  It was! I had cleaned out my garage recently. I was so embarrassed.  It was the only actual "white elephant" gift given.
12/5/2011 3:16:06 PM
Cathy United States
I had to have a White Elephant gift for a party on Saturday. I searched on the web and found a few "cute" ones: A city slickers s'more kit.(a package of chocolate graham crackers, marshmallows, tea light candles, and forks). A package of batteries with a tag that says: "Toy not included."  Flu relief kit.(a rubber chicken and a bottle of hand sanitizer.) Hillbilly briefcase. (a large pair of men's underwear with the legs sewn shut and a pair of cardboard handles glued to the waist band).  I tried the s'more kit and the batteries. Unfortunately they were chosen by people that didn't get the humor. Others laughed, though.
12/5/2011 3:42:26 PM
Rachel United States
My Husband and I live in a small community of about 150 or so, and out of that number about 50% of them are widow, widower, or elderly that cant get out and do alot for themselves. So we started talking to a few people from our community that are in our age group, and we have a way for everyone to get to town at least once a week if they need to go. The way we did this was got everyone that would be willing to drive somone on a list, and then on another list the people that could use a ride every now and again. We then took the two lists and gave every driver the name and phone number of someone off the home bound list. We have ten driving house holds willing to help, and the home bound people are so happy that they can get out at least once a week, and even if the weather will not let them get out that they still can let the driver know wht they need, and they will bring it to them.  Yes this is the season to help those around us, but we also must remember that we will be home bound at some point ourselves more than likely so lets help the home bound now so Lord willing we will be help when we are in their shoes.

God Bless Everyone & Merry Christmas

12/5/2011 3:55:39 PM
Dardi Hammonds United States
Dardi Hammonds
Hey Everyone,
I can not believe what I just heard on KLOVE with Scott/Kelli about a pastor said they couldn't go to church or do something there because they were not memebers. I agree that isn't the way to show CHRIST. My Church, First Baptist Church of Sparks not only welcomes people, but I'm proud to say they did a funeral for my neighbors husband. Even though they are not members, our church did that, and even under sad circumstances, they DID THAT!!! Now praise God, and my Church, that is CHRISTLIKE in CHRISTmas.  I live in Nevada, anyone is welcome at my church!!! My personal make a difference Monday inspiration today was sharing the topic of "sharing ourselves/giving to others" at my Alcoholics Anoyonmus meeting.  God is so AWESOME!! Thanks Scott/Kelli for being with KLOVE. God Bless....Dardi
12/5/2011 4:03:39 PM
Dardi Hammonds United States
Dardi Hammonds
I suppose a white elephant gift could still be the use of your time to give during the holidays, we all could use that and it's something more than just something someone gives or something. As in this life, we can really never please anyone. Other than pleasing GOD, which is all that matters enternally.  MERRY CHIRSTMAS TO ALL
12/6/2011 7:08:09 AM
Tracy United States
Last year I thought I'd get the humorous gift that no one would want, so I bought a Leg Lamp nightlight from the move A Christmas Story.  Turns out it was a big hit, everyone was fighting over it!!!
12/6/2011 12:17:28 PM
Sharon Ellis United States
Sharon Ellis
Real Christmas trees are fantastic unless you have children and grandchildren who are allergic to them.  My Daughter always suffer from allergies and trees were the worst, so we went to fake.  Now she is married with 5 children and she still suffer from the allergy.  So does her son.  But every year she struggles through the sneezing, blowing her nose, and rashes just so her kids can have the "real"tree.  Sometimes you just have to suffer!
12/6/2011 12:30:34 PM
mary United States
real trees great unless you are alergic to the, my eyes swell shut in about a half hour, if i get poked by a needle i get a hudge red blotch where it is. it really puts a damper on going to Christmas parties, and sometimes even if i am in the same room with someone that leaves their coat by it my alergies act up. so artifical is the only real tree i can be around!
12/6/2011 12:49:31 PM
Dee Peterson United States
Dee Peterson
Two years ago my real tree died and turned brown within 2 weeks, even with constant daily watering!  I had to un-decorate it and haul it outside a week before Christmas.  I went to Costco and got a beautiful pre-lit tree and have had real wiring issues with it.  You can't just replace the lights on those things! When the lights work, it's a beautiful tree, but still not the same, even with pinecicles hanging in the brances!  It's a fake smell!  While keeping Christmas real is truly a heart thing........a real tree does make a difference! Maybe next year....although, I do have a son-in-law who is allergic to pine trees.
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