Dec 06 2011

The Great Tree Debate

Real or "Permanent" Tree? Cast your vote here:

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12/6/2011 12:45:27 PM
Sharon United States
Scott and Kelli - Both trees are real.  Something real is not imaginary or fictional.  The artificial tree is not imaginary or fictional.  The "real" tree that Kelli is referring to is actually natural, meaning it was produced by nature.  The tree to which Scott is referring is artificial because it is made by man rather than occurring in nature.  Hope that clears things for you both.
12/6/2011 12:47:30 PM
Judy United States
It's not FAKE, it's PERMANENT. :}
12/6/2011 12:48:15 PM
Brian United States
Hey Scott, how do u feel about "artificial" Jesus???
12/6/2011 12:51:07 PM
Jacqui Addison United States
Jacqui Addison
Hi Scott.  I'm with you.  I have severe allergies and cannot have a natural tree.  But we do have a real, artificial tree every year, decked with lights, ornaments and tinsel.  It's beautiful!!!

12/6/2011 12:51:36 PM
Lisa Randolph United States
Lisa Randolph
I live in Colorado and it should be against the law to have a fake tree.  We go to the forest and cut down our own tree, the kids 6 & 10 LOVE IT!!  I'm allegic to pine so I'm covered from head to toe just to touch the thing - look kinda silly decorating it with long sleeve and gloves Smile
12/6/2011 12:51:37 PM
Gene United States
It may be artificial but my Charlie Brown Christmas Tree captures the true meaning of Christmas for me. Nothing fancy or flashy. Kind of like Jesus and his birth.
12/6/2011 12:53:02 PM
Cynthia United States
I love "real" Christmas trees and the traditions with finding the perfect tree, but that all ended when I was diagnosed with asthma.  I could understand for years why I was always so ill during my most favorite time of the year. So artificial tree for our family but new traditions followed.
12/6/2011 12:56:11 PM
Eve United States
The 2nd Christmas my husband and I had together, we took a long drive to my uncle's Christmas Tree farm to pick a tree.  We thought it was great fun and enjoyed the tree through Christmas.  Until we went to take the tree down after Christmas...We found an ENORMOUS spider who had made a home in the star at the top of the tree.  This was no kind of spider we had ever seen before and it must have been living in the tree when we cut it down.  We named her "She-lob" (Lord of the Rings) - she was that big!!  We both vowed we would never have a "real" tree again.  I don't care if you call it real, fake, or artificial - I'll take the one that doesn't come with it's own spiders!  Merry Christmas! Smile
12/6/2011 12:56:52 PM
Devon United States
The opposite of "artificial" is in fact "natural." Both are real.

And if you really want the traditional experience, why not cut it down yourself, string it with cranberries and popcorn, and light up some candles? Or are your lights fake?
12/6/2011 12:58:13 PM
Denise United States
Kelli, Scott could have you on this one!! If he looks in the dictionary on (live)!
12/6/2011 1:15:11 PM
Brandy United States
I like both tres. It's easy to go with a fake tree and have it done. But a real tree just smells like christmas and warms you in a different way. By the way Scott Allstate already has the Christmas tree falling of the roof of a car commercial. MERRY CHRISTMAS no matter your tree choice!!!!!!
12/6/2011 1:15:22 PM
DeeDee United States
Hey Kelli, Can you please let Scott know that Allstate already has that commercial, and it is pretty funny. However, a REAL Christmas Tree is the only way to go, I don't care if I have to drive extra slow to be extra careful to get my tree home safe.
12/6/2011 1:15:47 PM
Teresa United States
I would vote for "permanent" because I and others in my family have allergies to evergreen/pine snot on the tree for
12/6/2011 1:16:41 PM
Carol Stewart United States
Carol Stewart
Who cares if it's real or artifical it's what it becomes that matters. Lights and ornaments and both look beautiful and have special meaning for each and everyone.
Give it a rest.
12/6/2011 1:17:46 PM
Angy United States
The tree is symbolic of God's everlasting love so I prefer an artifical tree that lasts longer, that is until your kids break every ornament, tangle the lights, and yank the tinsel to see if the tree will spin. Ah, the peace and joy of artifical tree for me!
12/6/2011 1:19:22 PM
Cheri United States
Sorry this one is more appropriate! 12 Days of Mayhem Christmas.
12/6/2011 1:23:25 PM
Luke Dyess United States
Luke Dyess
Scott and Kelli,
For as long as I can remember, our family has had a real Christmas tree. I'd say real because of the smell and you fell like you really have a Christmas tree instead of one made out of plastic.

Luke Dyess
12/6/2011 1:24:29 PM
Diane Lynn United States
Diane Lynn
Definitely Real.  Pls remember these trees come from growers here in the U.S. This is their livelihood grown for this purpose.  It's like flowers are grown for cutting.  Your ARTIFICIAL tree was most likely made in another country.  We need to get our labor force back - support our growers.  These trees come from tree farms - growers need to support their families. Thank you.
12/6/2011 2:34:05 PM
Michelle United States
You mentioned it takes a long time to cook lentils. As a matter of fact my husband is making lentils right now and it takes him only 20 minutes to have them ready to eat. First he inspects them & cleans. Brings them to a boil with onions. Slow boil for about 15-20 minutes. Near the end drain some water to add chicken broth. Then add garlic and salt to taste.

As for trees for Christmas. We stopped having one in the house since we cannot find it anywhere in the Bible to have one. Anyway it is Jesus's birthday and we do not put gifts around a tree on other people's birthday, so why HIS?
12/6/2011 2:45:51 PM
Rebekah United States
I can't have real tress, I have a server allergy to them, mom and dad found out at my 1st Christmas 31 years ago. So I have use fake, I cant even go in to someones house sometimes because of it.
12/6/2011 3:52:25 PM
Rachel Stidham United States
Rachel Stidham
Hello everyone! I really like the real trees because I think that the pine smell and the outdoors look to it is part of the meaning of the tree! It represents everlasting life and the ornaments represent all the gifts of the spirit! My family has had both fake and real and either one can represent the true meaning! One year my family and I decided to buy fake fruit and I labeled them with the gifts of the spirit and now every year they hang them on the tree to remind them what the tree represents! Their tree is fake! But it is a nice one! I think whatever suits your family and likes! I hope this helps!!! God Bless & Merry Christmas!!!
12/6/2011 3:57:47 PM
Joel W United States
Joel W
We had a lot of fun driving all over town to find the "perfect" tree. Comparing height, girth, and fullness of the branches, all while looking forward to decorating the tree with my two year old. After finally making our selection, getting the tree home and then into the living room, we took the tree out of the box and plugged it in! Mission accomplished!
12/6/2011 4:00:06 PM
Sabra United States
Would rather go with a Potted Christmas Tree. Smile That way, you can easily move it about,can have it around for the NEXT Christmas- and have a lovely looking tree all-year around. plus the smell goods of pine ^_^
12/6/2011 4:13:37 PM
Stephen United States
Well guys let me tell you me and my family had a not so pleasant experience with the "real Christmas Tree". We had a real tree a couple of years back and we were very excited about it all through the placement in the house and all through out the Holidays season. Once it was time to get rid of it became a nightmare. While pulling out the tree outside to dispose of our whole first floor of our house was infested of pine needles. It took us about 2 hours to clean up all those pine needles. So since that day my wife said we will always have an "Artificial Christmas Tree" from here on out. We are very happy with our "Artificial Tree" every year. God Bleas you guys! Happy holidays!
12/6/2011 4:47:13 PM
Carol United States
I was listening to your show on my long drive home.  I was very disappointed how Scott and Kelly disagree on a christian radio show.  Please find a more godly way to disagree please. Let's keep the CHRIST in Christmas please.  Thank you
12/7/2011 8:30:20 AM
Belinda Hughes United States
Belinda Hughes
Buying a real tree, supports families here in our own country. They are raise for this purpose. Planted,watered and nurtured for this special occasion. If you harvest your own you help to thin our forests. Fake trees are made most likely in China. Real trees smell so wonderful,just the way the Lord created them to. Yes,real trees can be messy, use an old sheet tucked under your tree skirt and when you go to remove your tree, wrap the sheet up and over the tree.So easy! Keep up the good work guys! You make everyday easier. Thank you  
12/7/2011 11:43:01 AM
Katherine B United States
Katherine B
I have to agree with Kelly.
Real trees are the best, we go to a farm and cut it down ourselves!
12/8/2011 1:32:26 PM
Ann United States
I was listening to you guys the other day on my way home from work. I was laughing about the great tree debate. Kelly there  is a candle you MUST try...even if you are using a "real" tree. You can order it on line at It is called Citrus and Spruce. You'll want at least the 16 oz. size because it is fabulous! Thanks to both of you for always lifting up my day.
12/8/2011 8:04:01 PM
Frank United States
I'm 50 years old and my tree is 51 years old.  It was bought when my parents became US citizens.  It has been across the Atlantic twice as I lived in Ireland for 12 years.  It's back here is the Us and has been with me all those years. I can't imagine a Christmas with out it.. So many memories.
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