Aug 03 2010

Will Favre retire... Yes or No???

It was announced today that Vikings QB Brett Favre is considering retirement again... Scott is hoping that he is listening to the Hattiesburg, MS KLOVE station so that he can woo Brett back to the Vikings. Do you think that Brett will really retire this time???
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Aug 03 2010

Dr. Paul Meier on preparing kids to go back to school

It's that time again! The summer is ending and it's time to go back to school. Dr. Meier has some great tips for getting the kids ready to go back to school.

Here are his suggestions:



1.         SHARE AND PRAY: Share how you feel about going back to school with God, a couple friends and your parents—both positive and negative feelings and hopes and concerns. A SHARED BURDEN IS HALF A BURDEN. Talking about your concerns decreases your anxiety about them by about half.

2.         FINANCES are tough for most families in this current economy, so just do the best you can with the resources available to you to have clothing and supplies as close to the norm of your particular school as possible, without being seductive or provocative.

3.         ENMESHMENT: Some parents are nice and mean well, but cripple their children by being overly enmeshed with them and their decisions. As much as is reasonably possible, encourage your children to make their own decisions, be independent, choose their own clothing (within boundaries of course), and develop their own close friends. Do NOT be your child’s best friend. Children who are overly dependent on a controlling parent have the most fear of going to school. Being a parent is the only job whose success is measured by your children no longer needing you to survive and make their own decisions.

4.         SOCIAL PHOBIA: You may have six children, five who are outgoing and one who is shy from birth on. Social phobia is often a genetic, inherited phenomenon, correctable within a week or within a few weeks by prescription medications from a child psychiatrist, such as Neurontin, for example, which is not addicting. Some types of social anxiety are curable with professional counseling alone, but other types require medication for an inherited chemical imbalance. 

5.         DEPRESSION, ANXIETY, OBSESSIVE-COMPULSIVE DISORDER, AND OTHER DEBILITATING PROBLEMS: Be sure your children get treated for these, or they will not be able to perform in school, socialize in school, and may even become suicidal. The teen suicide rate today is 300% higher than it was fifty years ago because of the breakdown of family and morals in our society, as well as other factors, including genetic factors. Your children (and yourselves) will recover from these with the right kind of help.

6.         BUILD A SUPPORT GROUP: We all need one or two friends who know all our secrets and accept us just the way we are.

7.         DEDICATE YOUR LIFE TO GOD: If you do, then you can be thankful for things that go right and grow from things that go “wrong.”


Paul Meier MD, MEIER CLINICS, or 1-888-7-CLINIC.


You can listen to Dr. Meier here: Segment 1 and Segment 2



Aug 02 2010

High Heels... Yes or No???

Kelli is wearing screaming high heels today. Brought up the poll question: high heels...yes or no?!
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Fruit Cake for a Fruit Cake
Dec 09 2011

Comments (54) -

12/9/2011 12:20:50 PM
Irma United States
Try eating your frozen wedding cake 2 years later. The thing melted as soon as we took it out of the freezer!!  LOL!!
12/9/2011 12:42:38 PM
Shelly United States
Obviously, Michigan. It looks like the mitten
12/9/2011 12:46:37 PM
JR Carey United States
JR Carey
Hmmmm.... Michigan!!! Hands down- Haha!
12/9/2011 12:47:13 PM
Cheryl United States
I'm sorry Wisconsin, but it's Michigan hands down! ‚úč
12/9/2011 12:47:17 PM
Barbara United States
Definitely Michigan!
12/9/2011 12:47:19 PM
Annie United States

For sure... Michigan!!! .. Love ya guys Smile
12/9/2011 12:47:30 PM
Michaela United States
My mom and I both say Michigan, hands down.
12/9/2011 12:47:55 PM
Renee Fitzpatrick United States
Renee Fitzpatrick
I am a Packer Fan --- but in this case Michigan wins!!
12/9/2011 12:48:03 PM
candie magill United States
candie magill
I must be missing something.  I don't see where Wisconsin looks like a mitten, even remotely.  

MICHIGAN its a given.  Cheese or no cheese..michigan.
12/9/2011 12:48:14 PM
darci United States
Michigan, no contest!
12/9/2011 12:48:39 PM
barb United States
michigan for sure!!
12/9/2011 12:49:06 PM
Katie Popek United States
Katie Popek
Wisconsin clearly looks life a mitten with Door Co. as the thumb.  Michigan's mainland may give WI a run for it's money but when you add the U.P. of MI there is no comparison.  Is MI a glove with parts unraveling!!  
12/9/2011 12:49:37 PM
Kelli United States
Scott..we'll give the "title" to Michigan on the mitten thing, because we will be getting another title this year of Re-peat Superbowl Champs...or maybe the title of "Undefeated"!!!
North Carolina-Packer fan!!
12/9/2011 12:49:56 PM
Peter United States
If you include the UP, it's Wisconsin.  Give up the UP and I'll concede the Mitten!
12/9/2011 12:50:28 PM
Annette Gaston United States
Annette Gaston
No Doubt - Michigan Wins!
12/9/2011 12:51:01 PM
Carol United States
Oh my! No contest! Michigan! Wisconsin's "thumb" looks like it might be the dr. Seuss grinch's thumb but no way a regular thumb! Isn't wisconsin the cheese heads anyway?
12/9/2011 12:54:26 PM
Jan United States
Michigan for sure!!
12/9/2011 12:58:28 PM
Carolyn United States
Michigan all the way!!!
12/9/2011 12:58:33 PM
Steven Horwarth United States
Steven Horwarth
I think that Michigan looks more like a mitten than Wisconsin
12/9/2011 1:01:53 PM
Nancy United States
I am from Michigan, that's how we describe where we are from. The ONLY state that looks like a mitten!
12/9/2011 1:05:06 PM
Sandra United States
If you are asking which state you would need mittens more, I guess Wisconsin would win. But it's a no-brainer. Which state looks like a mitten? C'mon, why is it even being discussed? Who would actually argue the fact that Michigan IS the "Mitten State?"
12/9/2011 1:08:24 PM
Lorena United States
I think i'ts probably colder in Wisconsin, But the Mitten title goes to Michigan all the way BABY!
12/9/2011 1:09:58 PM
Kayla United States
Are you kidding? Michigan wins-no contest. Wisconsin could be a deformed hand or a fist but not a mitten. And if you talk to michiganders they say the l.p is the hand and the up is the gun held by the lp. Bit of a stretch, bit you could see it.
12/9/2011 1:13:30 PM
Bobbie Haire United States
Bobbie Haire
Clearly Michigan!
12/9/2011 1:18:17 PM
Nick United States
Wisconsin!!!  The complete state looks more like a mitten.
12/9/2011 1:19:15 PM
Judy L Osborn United States
Judy L Osborn
I have to say Michigan! Wisconsin's thumb would be more a skeleton thumb...
About the Fruit Cake...My mom used to poor brandy on the towel she would place in the center of the bundt pan fruit cake before she stored the fruit cake away or gave them away. Her fruit cake was moist and delicious. My dad gave them as gifts to fellow workers at CF where he worked.  I wish I had her recipe but she threw it away when I was young.
12/9/2011 1:19:56 PM
Maureen United States
Michigan...No question!
12/9/2011 1:20:53 PM
BARB United States
Having been a life-long Michigander, I have to tell you that it's Michigan.  Where else do people use their hand for a map when someone asks where they live.  I've spent many days and nights camping and fishing in the "Thumb" and frequented many business establishments in the "Tip of the Mitt."  My friend, who migrated from Wisconsin to Michigan long ago, couldn't believe that anyone could seriously consider Wisconsin as a contender for being the "Mitten State."  Keep cheese as your claim to fame, Wisconsin . . . the Mitten is ours!!!!
12/9/2011 1:22:26 PM
James Vermilyea
James  Vermilyea
I think it should be michigan because it looks more like a glove or mitten. If you look at a map, that shows border lines. Its plain to see. Of course I think it looks more like a boxing glove.
12/9/2011 1:22:49 PM
Skye United States
Michigan should get the title "Mitten State" if you go by shape. But...if you go by where the Super Bowl XLV Champions, Green Bay Packers, are from, Wisconson has it hands down. Sorry Scott, but Yes. I am a Packers fan.
12/9/2011 1:27:16 PM
Karen Francis United States
Karen Francis

Michigan looks more like a glove or mitten. Enough said.
12/9/2011 1:27:19 PM
Crystal United States
Michigan of course
12/9/2011 1:33:39 PM
Dave United States
Michigan ALWAYS !!!!  The lower is the mitten. The upper is like a rabbit if you start something new. Ya fur da Yuppers !
12/9/2011 1:48:34 PM
Deborah United States
Deborah contest.  How can Wisconsin even think they can compete with Michigan.  I've lived in both states and loved both states.  Michigan is the true Mitten State though
12/9/2011 2:38:10 PM
Donna United States
Scott,  i was listening when the other day when you talked about how hard it is to get in the Christmas mood when you have suffered the loss of a loved one.  I know how that feels all too well but the reason I am writing is that today Proverbs31 devotional addressed "When Christmas is Hard" and I thought you would enjoy reading it and sharing with others.  God Bless!
12/9/2011 3:41:47 PM
Amy Germany
MICHIGAN ALL THE WAY!! wisconsin just wants attention!
12/9/2011 3:43:08 PM
Heather United States
As a neutral Illinoisan, I'm going to have to go with Michigan Laughing
12/9/2011 3:44:07 PM
Jordan Brege United States
Jordan Brege
Michigan definitely looks more like a mitten. the other looks like a snow puddle.
12/9/2011 3:44:21 PM
Andrea United States
Michigan looks like the mittenSmile
12/9/2011 3:46:06 PM
Dan Cooper United States
Dan Cooper
Michigan is the mitten state wisconsin is more like the ET state!!!
12/9/2011 3:46:53 PM
Jordan Nichols United States
Jordan Nichols
Michigan! Without a doubt. I have to agree with Scott, after all, he just clarified his vision with new glasses!
12/9/2011 3:51:47 PM
Joe Maxey United States
Joe Maxey
Michigan is the only mitten state!  Wisconsin is not even close.  Would they like a little wine with their cheese?
12/9/2011 3:53:18 PM
Yvette United States
When I was in my 20's my employer would give us a turkey and fixings with a fruitcake from Collins St. Bakery.  They were good and I am not a fruitcake fan.  I put it in my mom's freezer and 20 years later when they were moving we decided to try it.  It was STILL pretty good!  I contacted the bakery just to let them know that their fruitcakes will last 20 years in the freezer and they sent me a new one!!  That one we ate!!!
12/9/2011 3:55:57 PM
Tammy Hughes United States
Tammy Hughes
I just heard the news that Michigan won.  Umm I agree it does look like more of a mitten than Wisconsin.  Kelli you seem to do a great job of trying to keep Scott in line.  Scott try to be good sounds like that is hard for you.  I enjoy listening to you guys whenever I can.  Take care and have a wonderful Merry Christmas.
12/9/2011 3:58:23 PM
Linda Hutchins United States
Linda Hutchins
Michigan - no contest
12/9/2011 6:00:51 PM
Christina United States
Fruit Cake is good for 6-12 months unopened!  MMMM...I love candied fruit cake.  My husband gets me one every year...i like it much more than homemade!
Merry Christms...enjoy the cake!
12/10/2011 5:34:42 AM
Nancy United States
I have to agree . . . Michigan looks like a mitten more than Wisconsin does!
12/10/2011 8:58:12 AM
Karen United States
Heard the two of you discussing this a few days ago.  I agree that most fruitcakes are awful but I side with Scott in that the fruitcakes from Collins Street Bakery are delicious.  I grew up hearing the fruitcake jokes, but my husband's grandparents lived in Texas and would send a Collins Street fruitcake to family each year.  After watching my husband devour it year after year I tried it and am now a huge fan.  In fact I just placed my order online to have one delivered to us for Christmas.  Collins Street Bakery - Try It, You'll Like It!!!!
12/10/2011 12:33:05 PM
John Cook United States
John Cook
as to the part of michigan separate from the mitten-I think it looks like a cat all stretched out and the mitten is reaching out to scratch it.
12/10/2011 6:24:36 PM
Angie United States
I'm from Michigan and it's the one and only mitten state!
12/11/2011 1:02:10 PM
Michelle United States
I am also from Michigan. It's definitely the mitten state, no doubt about it!
12/12/2011 10:16:07 AM
Donna United States
Michigan looks like a mitten. Sorry, Wisconsin.
12/12/2011 10:45:58 AM
Dawn United States
You guys are funny, but EWW I cannot believe you guys ate the fruit cake! Fruit cake is disqusting, and very unhealthy. I don't know how anyone can eat something that has LARD in it, and so many other bad things in it. YUCK!
12/12/2011 10:45:29 PM
Michael Kelly United States
Michael Kelly
Uh.....duh!  Michigan definately looks like a mitten!  No comparison there.
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