Dec 13 2011

Scott and Kelli Touched By An Angel

Interview with Roma Downey today at 4pm Central.

Roma Downey by K-LOVE Radio

Little Angels, new DVD series.

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12/13/2011 2:02:00 PM
Evelyn United States
10 yrs ago when my Dad's address changed to Heaven.... I remember a dream just a couple of days after Dad's passing.... I was at the Mall and while shopping at a Museum jewerly store... I was looking at a display of beautiful jewerly and "Touch by an Angel" Roma Downey stop-by and said to me.... I did not take your Dad away... it was time for him to come home.... I will never forget that!  It was said so sweetly and comforting. Thanks, Evelyn
12/13/2011 2:31:04 PM
Carol United States
Roma Downey...she is an inspiration and when I first saw her on Touched By An Angel, I thought what a beautiful woman but then as I watched time after time I realized she was more beautiful inside and it glows from the inside out on her.  Many blessings on you and your family.
Merry Christmas
12/13/2011 2:35:32 PM
Gayle United States
I was a big fan of Touched by an Angel. It was one of the foundations that led me to my walk with Christ when I realized there is a bigger picture. As soon as one of the angels said God loves you, it moved me to tears at times. Thank you Roma Downey for a great inspirational show. My favorite episode was Psalm 51.
12/13/2011 2:41:55 PM
Karla United States
How exciting to hear Roma as guest on your show! I'd like to echo Carol's comments.. Roma just glows with beauty inside and out. I am a huge fan. When Touched By an Angel series was on air, I missed many of the episodes.. due to the busyness of life. But now I am purchasing & watching the season sets that are available on the internet. I have 2 seasons and have watched every episode. Have asked for another for Christmas. Smile THey have been SUCH a blessing to me, especially during a difficult season of life. I look forward to seeing your new series for children and sharing it with my niece and nephews!
Thank you - for Touching my life..  - Karla
12/13/2011 2:47:11 PM
monica gomez United States
monica gomez
Roma I just wanted you to know what an inspiration you have been to me. From watching the show Touched by an angel to being able to sell your items with Home interiors. I was able to go to the conference in Saint Louis and I was so excited you were going to be there but unfortunately I was so disappointed to find out I had not made enough sales to meet you in person.  I was given an autographed picture from a friend that knew how much I was looking forward to that. I still pray that someday I will get to meet you in person. Thank you so much for inspiring me to start writing my own inspirational poetry books. One has already be publish the other one is in progress. Haha the name of the book is Live, love, laugh, dream poems from the heart.

Once again thank you and I pray I get to meet you!  

God bless,
Monica Gomez
12/13/2011 2:56:09 PM
Evey United States
This is just for the station managers or whom ever picks the music.  With all of the great CHRISTmas music, why play secular Winter Wonderland or other songs like it?  Why not pull all the music you have from current and past artists and play CHRISTmas music i.e. Holy Night, Silent Night, O Little Town of Bethlehem, Hark the Herald Angels Sing, etc.  I look forward to hearing CHRISTmas music more in the next two weeks.  Thank you and God bless all of you.
12/13/2011 3:00:38 PM
Shelia United States
Hello Scott, Kelli and Roma! How exciting that Roma is on KLove. You are all wonderful. I love KLove and I love and miss Touched By an Angel.  What a wonderful show and a blessing that it was on television so many years.  I couldn't wait from week to week to see the next inspirational episode.  It is amazing and only divine intervention that Touched By an Angel was on for 10 years and the network allowed you to speak about God.  Roma, you're beautiful and thank you for being a part of that show.  I was sad to hear about John Dye's passing. Wow.  Thank you again and God Bless with your books and charity work, what a wonderful idea for a childrens book.

God Bless,

Shelia Reading
Sacramento, CA
12/13/2011 3:00:59 PM
D. Martelon United States
D. Martelon
Roma,  Nice to hear you, hope you are doing well.
12/13/2011 3:03:15 PM
jane burke United States
jane burke
I miss touched so much. Roma and della are my heros. I'm a huge dog lover. God gave me a yellow lab. She was the most precious thing.  She had 14 bros and sises but the omly one with a black spot on her back. It looked like I spilled paint on her. Of course I named her romadell after my heros and told everyone she was touched by an angel....because I was with her
12/13/2011 3:08:40 PM
dorothy vowels United States
dorothy vowels
What happened to John Dye?  I really liked him on the show?  Love the shows.  Favorite show was when a little boy was dying and the song Testify was sung.  I cried and cried and cried...
12/13/2011 3:10:24 PM
amanda United States
i cant believe it i used to watch touched by an angel with my family and enjoyed it soo much. Smile
12/13/2011 3:18:12 PM
Dawn United States
I used to watch Touched By An Angel all the time with my family when I was a little girl. That show was done so well, and I always loved Roma Downey in the show. She always seemed like a real angel to me, and she would shine. I loved how they produced the show, all the good moraled lessons, and really boldy talked about God and His righteousness. I want another show like that to come out. Thank you for all of that! God bless you!
12/13/2011 3:21:12 PM
Kevin Brooks United States
Kevin Brooks
I was just wondering where Roma Downey and her husband go to church, what are their core values?
12/13/2011 3:24:06 PM
jojo United States
I LOVE Touched By An Angel..  I miss watching Tess, Andrew and especially Monica!.  My favorite episode was when Wynona Judd was guest and the song in the garden "Testify to Love" You playing the song about the Christmas Shoes is so much like a song I have that is such a touching song about Jesus.  I lost my dear mama and papa last year.  This Saturday will be one year that Papa died in the ER at the VA hospital.  If you have a moment, listen to this song.  A Christmas Song by Pinkard and Bowden.  I sent the link to KLOVE a few days ago but maybe it never made it.  Here is is in full .Wav format.  download it, it's a beautiful song
12/13/2011 3:28:32 PM
cody bender United States
cody bender
Hello I have a question for Roma I have been a huge fan of the show survivor for like ever and it is a huge dream of mine to get on that show and I was wondering how I would go about maybe making that a reality thanks and God Bless.
12/13/2011 3:30:43 PM
Laura United States
When I was little my mother and I used to sit down and watch Touched by an Angel any time we happened to catch it when we weren't at school or at work. I remember my mother crying, I remember asking her why and she would just look at me with such a sad smile. At the time I was too young to understand but now that I have watched the show again as my 22 year old self and looked back on our lives I realize why she was crying, because God was reaching forward and touching our hearts with the show healing the wounds that were left by life. "It was then that he carried you."

On a happier note I am so impressed with your life what you do to help these children who have no one to turn to. Bringing the light of God to the face of these children, I can't even begin to tell you what an insperation you are as a person not just an actress. you are beautiful inside and out and one day I hope that my children and my self can carry some of light you carry in you.

God bless you and your husband.
12/13/2011 3:59:52 PM
Bill Nelson United States
Bill Nelson
I was listening today, and surprisingly never heard the name of Jesus proclaimed by your guest.

So sorry to hear you had a person with from a secular humanist television show.

From Dela Reese:
"The angels on the show don't come to fix people in trouble. They come to teach them how to fix themselves." Oprah asked the actors "Do you believe people in human form are angels to other people" "Absolutely," all agreed.

Wow. I'm sorry, but what bible are they reading?

Still, Jesus is sovereign and can use even those who preach the gospel from false motives, for His glory.

12/13/2011 4:22:44 PM
Bruce United States
There are dozens of CSI type programs on the TV today. You can watch some of the horrific things we humans do to each other. And no one complains.

Wouldn't it be a wonderful thing if there were dozens of programs showing us, instead, examples of Gods grace in our every day lives.

I was always a big fan of TBAA, wish there was a forum to get it back!
12/13/2011 8:33:43 PM
Willie in CT United States
Willie in CT
The audio in the recording is way out of balance - Roma is in the right channel, VERY VERY QUIET, Scott & Kelli in the left, and very LOUD. Other than that, this is a very interesting interview! I am pleased that she is doing a good work like this. Smile My wife and I truly miss Touched by an Angel! That show ALWAYS brought us to tears! <:')
12/13/2011 8:48:33 PM
Tabby United States
I also agree my favorite one was the one with the song testify I dont remember how old I was when I started watching Touched By An Angel but it was something clean that my father would let us watch and it was family time. I always loved that show, still do to this day and I'm 21. I wish more shows would be like this one. I used to watch 7th Heaven, Dr. Quin, and Providence as well but my favorite was and always will be Touched By An Angel. Thank you for your dedication to the show.

P.s. You are truly beautiful inside and out.

With love
12/13/2011 9:41:49 PM
MK United States
Dear Roma,
i am twenty-two years old and i grew up watching touch by an angel...really great show. i am very glad that  now there are a series of shows focusing mainly on children.i have a three yr. old sister. Hope to reach her Faith wise by the shows. God Bless.
12/14/2011 12:01:31 PM
Jimmy United States
I agree with Bill Nelson,
12/14/2011 2:22:21 PM
Teresa Smith United States
Teresa Smith
Dear Roma, I was listening to some of your story on K-Love radio station and I thank God for your wonderful work that you and your husband are doing for our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. You are a Beautiful Lady and I love the show Touched By an Angel. You, Tess and Andrew are wonderful on the show. May God Bless all of you!! Love to you and hope you all have a Merry Christmas!

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