Dec 22 2011

Final Christmas Preperations

When you Make a Difference..

Watch how an act of kindess can spread amongst people. CBS News

TSA Chorus (yes, you heard it right) sings holiday songs at LAX. LA Times


Don't beat yourself up over a cookie or two. Indulgence is fun for a reason, and a day or two of binging won't have you looking like Mrs. Claus. 


Your Holiday Cookie Survival Guide. SHINE FROM YAHOO!

7 Cost-Saving Tips for Christmas Dinner. SHINE FROM YAHOO!

Stocking stuffers have to be one of the most overlooked aspects of holiday giving, and it makes sense why.

5 Super Stocking Stuffers for Under $10. SHINE FROM YAHOO!

Ways to Give a Gift Without Spending a Dime. SHINE FROM YAHOO!

Barbie to Boba Fett: The Top 11 Toys of All Time. YAHOO! NEWS

Just in time for Christmas, build a 1967 Mustang from scratch. LA TIMES

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12/22/2011 5:27:03 PM
Violet Travilla United States
Violet Travilla
Kindness, something this world NEEDS! I LOVED the movie and how everyone helped someone in need. Seeing something that needs doing & fulfilling that want! We could ALL do a little more,(including myself),Kindness. You never know how much you can impact someone else!
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