Jan 11 2012

Human Trafficking Awareness Day 2012

Today is Human Trafficking Awareness Day, listen as we talk about this topic and share resources with you.  If you have any other resources share them with us here or on our Facebook Page.

“Give justice to the poor and the orphan; uphold the rights of the oppressed and the destitute." Psalm 82:3

If you are on Twitter, follow @KLOVEScott & @KLOVEKelli & @KLOVERadio, we want to get this hashtag #EndSlavery as a Global Trend to bring human trafficking into the spotlight.  Help us by ReTweeting our posts and creating your own with #EndSlavery in it.

Groups getting involved:

  • NOT FOR SALE is selling limited edition Free2Rock T-shirts designed in partnership with K-LOVE artist Tenth Avenue North with empty windows and street lanterns representing Amsterdam’s Red Light District. Proceeds will benefit Not For Sale’s new project in the Netherlands, employing survivors of slavery to help free women in forced prostitution. 
  • The Home Foundation in partnership with K-LOVE artist Natalie Grant, sings Your Great Name, our special guest today.
  • The A21 Campaign will educate you on this horrific global problem. Learn about this from individual stories.
  • Do Something Now and As Our Own raise money and awareness on FREEDOM FOR GIRLS IN INDIA.
  • 268Generation just held Passion 2012 with a goal to raise awareness and $1 million but far exceeded it by raising $3 million.

“If to be feelingly alive to the sufferings of my fellow-creatures is to be a fanatic, I am one of the most incurable fanatics ever permitted to be at large.” William Wilberforce (1759 - 1833) British Politician, Abolitionist

"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter." Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. (1929 - 1968) Doctor, Reverend, Civil Rights Leader

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1/11/2012 12:39:08 PM
Jenelle United States
Thank you for bringing attention to this horrid issue and groups fighting this modern day slavery. Another great organization working both nationally and internationally to fight human trafficking is Women At Risk, Intl (http://www.warinternational.org/).
1/11/2012 12:52:33 PM
Heidi United States
THANK YOU!!! Just returned from Passion 2012 (where I served as a volunteer - NOT a "young" person)...God has really moved my heart for this "cause"...thank you for helping to raise awareness.  God Bless You...A21 doing God's work!
1/11/2012 12:54:24 PM
Colleen Dunn United States
Colleen Dunn
Please include International Justice Mission in the fight against human trafficking!!!! Look them up! Thanks!
1/11/2012 12:54:45 PM
Debra taylor United States
Debra taylor
Not sure if my email went thru darn iPad but I am in a position that I am lost a women I know has a daughter who is missing the girl is 18 and very pretty met up with a guy and she took off problem is he is a known pimp and drug dealer here in Toledo and he is hiding this girl from her family we are scared for her and are seeking help getting her away from this monster who is in the beging of destroying this child she has been reported missing and we are searching for her we have herd he may be hiding her in Detroit or here in Toledo but we are in fear of her safety can you please help
1/11/2012 12:55:38 PM
Betsy Hale United States
Betsy Hale
In 2007-2009, our national American Baptist Women's Ministries raised over $250,000 to help with this effort.  http://www.abwmbreakthechains.org/
is a web site devoted to this.  It is still a continuing effort of our missionaries here and abroad to help these women.  
Just thought I'd let you know that we as American Baptist women have been aware of this problem for several years now.
1/11/2012 1:00:13 PM
Miss Dove United States
Miss Dove
WakePeopleUp.com is dedicated to the women and children who so desperately need a voice; voices that cry out their urgent need for our help.

Sex trafficking is an epidemic, international and domestic crime. Wake People Up exists to:

1. Raise awareness about sex trafficking
2. Provide solutions for people to help abolish sex trafficking
3. Fund and support reputable charities related to sex trafficking

For more information visit http://www.wakepeopleup.com/

1/11/2012 1:09:56 PM
Amber D. Johnson United States
Amber D. Johnson
I just went on the website and purchased one of their campaign t-shirts, and will continue to work on other ways to help.  Thank you for bringing this seriuos issue to your listeners!
1/11/2012 1:24:28 PM
Dana Armstrong United States
Dana Armstrong
I just heard you mention this topic and wanted to respond. I have a small non-profit, Anti-Slavery Project, in South Georgia (we listen to 95.3fm here). While raising awareness about modern-day slavery, we also get people together to do something tangible in order to comfort girls who are rescued from the sex trade. ASP recruits people to form "pods" (small groups) to do certain small projects that reflect the needs of other organizations working on the front lines. People always ask what they can do, so we give them small attainable projects!

Thanks for bringing this issue to light!
1/11/2012 1:25:19 PM
T.J. United States
  Slavery is a growing problem worldwide mainly because communism is a growing problem worldwide.  People need to be aware of the slavery in our own country and in southern California.  The passing of the NDAA bill is one step closer to legalizing, yes I said LEGALIZING slavery in our own country. Please everyone reading this educate yourself on the NDAA bill that was passed into law on Jan. 1 2012, so we the people can repeal it before it gets out of control. Get our constitution and our bill of rights back, because our president just signed them away.  Got bless all the people of the world that are suffering and cold, may god be with them and keep them strong.
1/11/2012 1:30:47 PM
Joann Weimer United States
Joann Weimer
Please include exoduscry.org in your list of organizations fighting trafficking.  It is a prayer movement based out of IHOP Kansas City.  They have produced an excellent documentary entitled Nefarious: Merchant of Souls and are working on Nefarious II.
1/11/2012 1:44:57 PM
Michelle Barreto United States
Michelle Barreto
THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!! I am so glad that you guys are bringing awareness to this horrific TRUTH today.  I have committed TODAY to posting as much as I can on my facebook page to bring about the awareness as well as updating my blog since this is day 130 for me wearing the same black dress to help remind me to pray for these victims and try to do my part to bring awareness.  We MUST do something and I am so glad that you are using your platform to HELP FREE THE SLAVES!!!! God bless, Michelle(we chatted a while back about Mr. Watkins/Same Kind of Different as Me)
1/11/2012 1:52:50 PM
Bobby Deneke United States
Bobby Deneke
Thank you so very much for bringing awareness to this demon.  The truth is that every people, boy or girl, is made in the image of our Holy God and is special and unique and does not belong to anyone for the selling and using of their body's. We are all potentially God's Temple when we, through our freedom, give ourselves to Him.  Human trafficking is an assault on the very place the Lord wants to call home, our bodies, which was paid for at a very high price.  www.denekehair.com
1/11/2012 1:54:45 PM
Tabitha Taylor United States
Tabitha Taylor
Dear Scott and Kelli,

I won't be on facebook for a while so I can't "like" your status but I will pray for an end to human trafficking and slavery. Thanks for sharing. I had no idea this was  still going on in America.
1/11/2012 2:38:39 PM
Noelle United States
Dear Scott and Kelli, could you please address the enormous problem of slavery and human trafficking here in the U.S.? And it's not just females - boys are enslaved too. Not all slavery is sex oriented-some is just plain work, without sleep or enough food. We can be on the lookout for this in our own neighborhoods...
1/11/2012 2:42:55 PM
carrie United States
Check out trafficstop.org and see what they have done with music to help stop human trafficking and their 11/11/11 efforts. ……Paper Jacket is teamed up with trafficstop.org and not for sale!
1/11/2012 2:49:25 PM
Rev, J. Brian McVey United States
Rev, J. Brian McVey
Scott & Kelli:
It's awesome that you are bringing attention to this!  There are a couple other organizations you might want to highlight:  www.polarisproject.org and www.stalbansdav.org .   We have been at this for between 4 and 5 years.  You can read some of the stories at http://sowingseedsinthewilderness.blogspot.com/ .
1/11/2012 2:57:38 PM
Nayamin United States
My friend is currently in a 11 month trip to 11 countries to stop human traffiking, One of the countries is America. Now is visiting the country of Kenia. You can visit her blog updates at danielaromo.theworldrace.org, lets stan up for those who dont have a voice.
1/11/2012 2:59:54 PM
Diane Clements United States
Diane Clements
Thank you so much for all that you are doing to help us end slavery and sex trafficking.  There are so many orgs and people who try to help, but without the history of actually being sex trafficked or sexually abused (and then an overcomer through Jesus)proper tools, training and education it seems as if there are a lot of resources being wasted that could really help people who are currently being sex trafficked get rescued and restored. PLEASE - If you do not know what you are doing-PLEASE let those who do know receive the resources to TRULY make a difference in the lives of those being trafficked right NOW.  www.hookersforjesus.net  Annie Lobert and her team are making a real tangible difference. The Girls/Women we reach out to know if you are not legit... PLEASE consider the truth - That it is not about anyone getting a name for themselves or how many graduate a program, it is about GOD and His perfect plan for each of us.  Come on somebody!!!  It is about being the hands & feet of God!  If you are not called, please let those who are called to do what God wants us to do get busy with His business...
1/11/2012 3:23:09 PM
alice United States
So excited to see As Our Own on your page and that they were also featured at Passion. They are a phenomenal organization. I'm currently writing a magazine article about them and will also be running a marathon to raise funds and awareness for them in June. I'm honored to help them in financial and prayer support and to consider those precious little girls in India my own daughters. And...if anyone checks out their page or follows them on facebook, there are still marathons to sign up for! Do something now!! Smile
1/11/2012 3:33:55 PM
World Relief HPT United States
World Relief HPT
One thing you can do RIGHT NOW is pray.  Join us https://www.facebook.com/events/294706390579862/
1/11/2012 4:09:26 PM
Liz United States
Without knowing it and God's hand in it, I scheduled my jewelry party for Women At Risk just today!  Tears started forming as I turned on the radio and found out that today was Human trafficking awareness day. I am happy to be helping out on an issue that even occurs here in the United State.
1/11/2012 4:12:59 PM
Wendy United States
http://www.ventureexpeditions.org/ gives tangible hands on ways for you to be involved in the cause or helping the issue of human trafficking. Take one of their trips, support and have your life changed.
1/11/2012 4:34:50 PM
Amy United States
Hey we're doing a project for this we learned about this and When I walked in my room I heard the end of the part where you said 27 million and i knew you were talking about slaves we just watched this really long video Tuesday and The people in Cambodia are making a better life by making dresses for Sofia's Bridal, and another person makes bags and on February 16th we're presenting a book of poetry and a poster borad it will be fun and  can not wait to find out about how we can impact the world with Global impact -the group we're working with, because I want to help change the slave trade going on everywhere I'm sick of it.
1/11/2012 6:06:12 PM
Holly United States
Very awesome! I wrote my final paper for one of my university classes last month on this topic, more specifically child sex trafficking in Florida. I had NO idea it was so common right here in our backyard. Sadly, it is one of the top 3 most lucrative industries in the U.S. along with arms and drug trafficking. Like it was said today on K-LOVE, the "good news" is that there are plenty of ways to help. Even just starting with putting the 24 hr national hotline phone number in your cell phone in case you see something suspicious (888) 3737-888. If you do some research you may find your local area may have other numbers too. Donating money is good of course, but if you want to give more, many cities hold events like walks/runs, you can distribute brochures, submit a written article to your local newspaper/magazine, or even sponsor an event yourself. The sheriff's office of a city near me even offers a training on how to recognize trafficking. Though this problem is very big, I was encouraged with all of the information out on the web and the fact there are so many good organizations helping. I encourage you to search online and start helping. God bless!
1/11/2012 7:05:30 PM
Zoe United States
you should watch the documentary "Sex+Money A national search for human worth" it is about human trafficking that is happening all over the US today. the team that created the movie are currently on tour around the US in schools universities and churches. you can find their schedule on their website: sexandmoneyfilm.com.
1/12/2012 10:18:00 AM
barbie United States
I love when the lady yesterday stated that now   "
"we know" about this I need to do something=today at lunch i'm calling, I;m in chicago, IL-is there anyone out here I can contact who may already starting a group?
1/12/2012 12:56:14 PM
Bill Breckinridge United States
Bill Breckinridge
Christian artist Luke Dowler had made human slavery awareness a personal quest.  He wrote a song "Silence is Shameful" you can get on iTunes which donates a portion of the cost to International Justice Mission.  He also has a video on his web site.

1/13/2012 8:07:47 AM
Lauren United States
Check out Exodus Cry. They are a christian organization committed to combating human trafficking. They have recently made a documentary about the horrors of sex trade called Nefarious: Merchant of Souls. It is a must see for everyone. They set up lighthouses and put rescued girls through protection and restoration programs.

Go to exoduscry.org for more information.
1/14/2012 2:39:05 PM
Beki United States
"Be Free" Necklace, therustedchain.bigcartel.com/.../be-free-charity-necklace.
**For the month of January, $10 from each of these sold will go directly to ICT S.O.S. - an organization to help stop human trafficking.http://ictsos.org/ **
1/15/2012 3:55:03 AM
Jim United States
Do not forget about the boys who are also enslaved into this industry.  I was born into sexual slavery right in this country, not from an immigrant family, but from a second generation German/Italian family. I spent the first 19 years of my life being breed, trained and sold into slavery and it was the grace of God that I had a major auto accident that saved me and got me out. But God was not done with me, he chased for years and at 50 He caught me, and now I had to face what was done to me as a child, the sexual addiction I had as a result and how much I needed Him.  So now it is almost 3 years since I have been saved and now part of Gods family. Praise God!!!

But we need to save the boys who are slaves and the boys who have been abused and are now men and are ashamed of what happened to them so many years ago.  They have nowhere to turn, no one wants to help them, and no one even wants to talk about it.  But it is these same men who are sitting in the pew right next to you on Sunday or your brother or your son or your boyfriend or your husband. These men are confused inside about who they are and their own identity, they are angry and in pain.  These are the same men that we want to lead our homes, lead our church and lead our country and we wonder why this land is in such moral decay.  Our leaders are broken, our families are broken because so many men are broken and they need help.  If we help these men we will find that their addiction to pornography and illicit sex will stop.  I had nowhere to turn for 50 years but God grabbed a hold of me finally broke me and it was my wife who walked by me to help me to heal.  I did not deserve her, and most women would of threw me out the door, but it was God’s grace, mercy and love working through her helped me to heal. So do not forget about the boys who are slaves or abused or the man who was abused sitting next to you.

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