Jan 23 2012

Violinist incorporates cell phone ring

What is your most embarrassing cell phone experience? Watch how this violinist turns a cell phone interruption into part of his act:

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1/23/2012 1:14:01 PM
grace sarsfield United States
grace sarsfield
How about a cell phone going off in a funeral right after the person in charge requested all cell phones be turned off. Not only did my mom's friend answer the phone, she kept talking for a good 2 or 3 minutes to whomever called her. I was so embarrassed.
1/23/2012 2:01:10 PM
David Huff United States
David Huff
My most embarrassing cell phone experience was when I was in an MBA course being taught by the department chairperson. I had set the phone to vibrate and tucked it away in a pocket. As the prof droned on and on (he enjoyed the sound of his voice more than anything), he was giving a PowerPoint presentation in a darkened classroom.

I dozed off. The phone rang and I jumped out of my seat and in a loud voice, said, "I can't talk now." The prof glared at me as the class roared with laughter.

1/23/2012 2:10:19 PM
April Broadhurst United States
April Broadhurst
My Mom and I often share favorite quotes or passages with each other throughout our work day. One morning my Mom accidentaly text her boss a nice passage from Joyce Meyer and at the bottom in big letters wrote "I LOVE YOU BIG". After realizing what she'd done she quickly text back to him "I'm so sorry my daughter and I exchange devotions daily" and he replied with " well thank-you for my devotion today, I look forward to tomorrow's" lol
1/23/2012 2:14:54 PM
Cheryl Walker United States
Cheryl Walker
My cell phone went off during the taping of my oldest son's wedding.  Than I couldn't locate the phone in purse to shut if off. When watching video you can hear it ring!! Got a good laugh!
1/23/2012 2:16:51 PM
Jake United States
At church one wednesday night, before service, my phone rang. My ringtone was the loud chorus of a popular heavy metal song which will forever be unnamed, but as I said, it was LOUD. So loud in fact that it scared the lady in the pew beside me so much that she screamed. Thank goodness it wasn't during church.
1/23/2012 2:52:05 PM
Sarah United States
This is for Scott-

Why is a pew called a pew?  According to the ever reliable web, it is from the Old French word pieu which means raised seat or elevated place.  So there you go!
1/23/2012 3:18:22 PM
Jennifer Kroesch United States
Jennifer Kroesch
My dad was in church and placed his cell phone on vibrate.  He was visiting a church for the first time and had forgotten about his phone.  This was a more spirit-filled church.  As he was worshipping he felt a vibration down his leg...he just knew the spirit was touching him.  This happened about 2 more times before he realized it was his phone.  
1/23/2012 3:20:56 PM
Estelene Liggett United States
Estelene Liggett
My neice had signed up with one of those on-line dating services.  She was supposed to meet this one gentleman in the lounge of a restaurant.  Her sister and brother-in-law drove her to the restaurant.  When she got there, she did not recognize her date.  Obviously, he had posted a picture when he was 20 years younger.  After meeting him, she texted her sister and told her to come back and pick her up.  She said he looked like a troll, and she was not about to let him drive her home.  Her date was standing there talking to his friend when every now and then he would look at his phone and then show his friend.  Soon, her sister and brother-in-law were making faces at her through the window.  My neice told him her ride was there and she had to leave.  A couple days later, my neice asked her sister why it took her so long to come and get her after she had texted her several times.  Her sister was confused. She said that she did not receive a text from her.  My neice said, well if I did not text you, who did I text.  She looked on her phone and realized that all her text about the date was going to him.  He was showing his friend what she was texting about himself.  
1/23/2012 3:25:00 PM
Rebecca Ramirez United States
Rebecca Ramirez
I was in History class and it was two minutes to the bell. I was packing up ready to go and my phone rang. I didn't stand a chance it was silent in the room and the teacher took my phone, but it wasn't off so it went offagain in her desk. I go up to turn if off and my teacher anwsers the phone and seys "it's your mother". My classroom was already laughing but now it was complete histarics. I had to go to detention and get this, I alrready been there twice before for the same reason.
1/23/2012 3:47:34 PM
Tammy United States
One Sunday morning during the church service a woman in the balcony got a call on her cell phone she forgot to silence.  We were serenaded with Fat Bottom Girls by Queen!!
1/23/2012 3:49:13 PM
Clare Cassone United States
Clare Cassone
Sunday mornings prior to church service I make certain my
cell phone is turned off, but this particular Sunday I overlooked it. My cell phone started ringing, and the pastor (who just happens to be my husband) said, "that better be from GOD!"Needless to say, I turned 9 shades of red.

I'd like to take this opportunity to keep you all encouraged in your GODLY works @ K-LOVE. I started your 30 day challenge 2 years ago, and have not changed the station since that day. May GOD bless each and everyone of you.
1/23/2012 3:59:29 PM
Rhonda United States
I just heard Scott and Kelli talk about the cell phone in the toilet and had to laugh. That just happned to my sister on Christmas Eve (her birthday as a matter of fact). She had her cell phone in her pocket and went to go to the restroom and out it popped, right into the toilet.

As for me:  my teenage son got grounded from his cell phone and this particular time I decided I was going to take it with me to work so he couldn't find it. Next thing I know, this guy started talking saying "pick up the d*amn phone". I'm looking around and several people in my office was looking. Of course I never bothered to learn how to work his phone (other than read his texts) and couldn't figure out how to shut the thing up. That taught me several valuable lessons. 1) never take someone else's phone to work with me & 2) learn how to work the phone. That's no longer an issue anymore. Smile
1/23/2012 4:08:49 PM
Donna United States
We had just moved to a new town and I was involved with my boy's PTA group.  A mom stopped me in the hall at school to ask me a question.  I had only run into the school to drop my son off but didn't mind stopping to talk to her.  I ALWAYS have my phone with me and this particular day I was wearing shorts that did not have pockets.  Being a somewhat "busty" gal, I just used what God gave me and put my little flip phone in my bra..........all of a sudden, in the quiet hall at school, my bra starts singing 'Sweet Home Alabama'!  I was incredibly embarrassed as I had to excuse myself to "answer my BRA"!  
1/23/2012 4:10:13 PM
Ken Johnson United States
Ken Johnson
Well mine wasn't a cell phone but a fire department pager, see I was a volunteer fire fighter at the time and had carried my pager to church with me just in case we had a fire. Now I had it set on private which means the only way it goes off is if my fire department has a fire.
Anyway the pastor was in mid sermon driving home his point about sin and how Jesus is there in our behalf when my pager starts going off, now I had it turned up loud not really expecting it to go off but it did along with 11 other fire fighters who belonged to the same church.
Needless to say the service stopped till we all had left.
1/23/2012 5:23:14 PM
Kim Dawson United States
Kim Dawson
My embarassing phone call was in church on Sunday morning while the pastor was preaching.  My phone started ringing and my ringtone was Kenney Chesney's song "When the sun goes down" My phone went through the whole chorus as I was frantically trying to find it in my purse to turn it off. I was so embarrassed!
1/23/2012 10:23:22 PM
Morgan Chavez United States
Morgan Chavez
I was sitting in math class and my teacher was trying to get everyone involved. He asked a question and no one was answering the question seconds later my phone started ringing with a ring that sounded like crickets. It was really funny even my teacher thought it was hilarious!
1/24/2012 10:46:32 AM
Stacey United States
One Sunday during service, our Preacher was giving us a great message and someone's phone went off...very loud ring.  Preacher Clyde paused for a moment and said "that better be God calling" and then he fell right back in place with his great message!  We all chuckled when he took a breath!  
1/24/2012 1:14:53 PM
Tanya United States
Not necessarily embarassing, but funny!  Our pastor over the years has always been outwardly annoyed at cell phones going off during service.  Cornerstone has grown ALOT and is quite large and has become very technology savy...you can watch live service on FB.  So our pastor was challenging us to "show love" and post in on FB, tweet it, etc.  As he was challenging us, he took his own phone out of his pocket and said "matter of fact I'm going to tweet right now"...he proceeded.  In the meantime, a friend in the service purposely called his phone....it was hillarious.  
1/24/2012 2:11:22 PM
Ann United States
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1/25/2012 1:02:16 PM
rose United States
I was in a concert we were 1 page from the end of a violin concerto and all the lights Went out. We had to start completely over. It was a 25 minute piece! I felt so bad for the violin soloist!
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