Nov 23 2009

Black Friday Survival Tips

If you are a brave shopper and plan on hitting the stores on Black Friday, we found some great tips that can help you get the best deals and stretch your dollar!

Happy shopping!

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Nov 11 2009

What Sesame Street character are you?!

Fans of Sesame Street are celebrating, as the show has officially been on the air for 40 years! Amazing! The question is, what character from Sesame Street are you most like? Take this quiz and find out!


So, which character are YOU?


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Nov 04 2009

Parking Lot Failure


About a week ago, a woman tried to park her BMW X5 in a gym parking lot in Thornhill, Ontario. For some mysterious reason, she instead drove over two other cars and sat on top of them for a few seconds, like a big game cat savoring her kill. Then she drove off. One of the demolished cars was a 2004 Hyundai Elantra that the owner had just finished paying off, and on Friday Hyundai gave him a new car. Luckily the incident was caught on a security camera, so if you haven't seen it yet, here ya go:

The 62-year-old driver returned to the scene of the crime—she was a member of the gym—last week, where she was identified by a gym employee with a special interest in solving the case. The Globe and Mail writes, "She was identified when an Extreme Fitness staff member, whose own car had been crushed in the Oct. 22 incident, spotted a similar-looking SUV in the parking lot again Wednesday morning [October 28] and called police.

"The Elantra owner, Todd Jamison, was surprised last Friday by a Hyundai representative in the parking lot: ...when colleagues called him into the office on a pretense, he found a shiny 2010 Hyundai Elantra in the lot along with a smiling Hyundai representative. ""We wanted to help the guy," a Hyundai spokesman told "This was our random act of kindness." Either that, or it's the best viral advertising video for both BMW vehicles, and Hyundai customer service, that I've ever seen.

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Knit Pray Make A Difference
Jan 30 2012

Knit Pray Make A Difference

Today is Make a Difference Monday. You can do something as simple as share a story, knit a cap or blanket and pray. You can see some of the stories coming from CURE International out of Afghanistan. Learn more about what I will be doing there starting February 28th, click here.

Meet Ali Sina....

In September of 2011, Ali Sina was born with a cleft lip and palate as the youngest of six children to a poor family in Kabul, Afghanistan. Put simply, Ali needs help.

Ali's father, Mohammad, is a cab driver, and his mother stays at home to care for Ali and his five older siblings (3 boys + 3 girls). Life in Kabul is difficult for a poor family, and it became much more complicated when Ali was born.

Afghan woman killed, apparently for bearing girl. CBS NEWS

In the 10 years since the ouster of the Taliban, great strides have been made for women in Afghanistan, with many attending school, working in offices and even sometimes marching in protests. But abuse and repression of women are still common, particularly in rural areas where women are still unlikely to set foot outside of the house without a burqa robe that covers them from head to toe.

Fourth-Grader Saves Best Friend’s Life. abc NEWS

Florida interstate crashes 'horrendous,' victim says; 10 dead.

Chauffeur, doorman left $1.5M from grateful exec. CBS NEWS

Lego man sent into the stratosphere. CBS NEWS

Chris Brown from NorthCoast Church talks at Bayside Church about Acts 16.

Chris Brown: Acts 16 from Bayside Church on Vimeo.

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Comments (11) -

1/30/2012 1:42:24 PM
Desiree United States
Hi Scott & Kelli!!!

Im listening to you all at work!! I love K-love!! Can you tell me that phrase again from the speaker Chris Brown?

I need to share this with my best friend who is going through alot right now.

Thanks for your time =)
God bless!!

1/30/2012 1:57:30 PM
Patrick Sheeder United States
Patrick Sheeder
Listening to you online in MD, while working this evening. Heard you mention about the Chris Brown mix-up earlier.

One song that comes to mind is, "If We Are The Body" by Casting Crowns. Would be really uplifting right now to hear that song. It may make some of those that are too quick to judge realize. It's been a while since I've heard that.

Peace & Blessings,
1/30/2012 2:27:25 PM
Marty United States
Been listening to comments re: "Chris Brown"  I had to get on the website to see which "Chris Brown" you keep talking about.  I discovered it was "Chris Brown of Bayside Church" (don't know where that is).  Might be helpful to include that last bit of info when you discuss someone that most people don't have a clue about who the individual is that you must know.  That isn't being judgmental when not enough info is given when you talk about an individual.  Even Jesus was known as "Jesus of Nazareth" and Paul was known as "Paul of Tarsus".  After looking at the website, I discover you are talking of "Chris Brown of Bayside Church".  Love the music - sleep with it on at night. Blessings.
1/30/2012 4:18:17 PM
Sue United States
Hello Guys, I love K-Love.. I can't find the quote from Chris Brown?  I though I heard its posted on your page?

Great Quote I want to share it... Thank you !
1/30/2012 9:44:12 PM
Josh Calderon United States
Josh Calderon
Its actually Chris Brown of North Coast Community Church. In Vista calfornia.  He's one of the Pastors at my Church. I'm glad you were also inspired by his words I know I always am everytime he does a sermon.  Anyways God Bless
1/31/2012 7:00:49 PM
Terina Widner United States
Terina Widner
Can the hats and blankets be crochet?  I truly hope so... Frown
1/31/2012 8:38:42 PM
marti United States
missed the quote from the speaker yesterday i was driving and can not remember exactly how it goes would love to share it with my friends  some thing about our live and gods will?

2/1/2012 1:03:29 PM
Edie United States
can i please have the address of where to send the beanies? i could not find anywhere that it said. thanks a bunch.
2/2/2012 11:49:08 AM
Carol United States
I also need an address to send the beanies.  I would also like to know the last date that they can be received.  Will Scott keep sending the beanies once he is back in case we do not meet the deadline?
2/5/2012 9:04:44 AM
Lynn Markman United States
Lynn Markman
I'd like to get together in Rocklin, CA, with folks who would like to learn to loom knit beanies/hats, to send with Scott when he goes to Afghanistan. I plan to be in the area (I live in Susanville, CA) the week of February 7-9. I will provide knitting looms, yarn and instructions for this project. I need: a place, times & dates. In Christ, Sincerely, Lynn Markman
1Thessalonians 4:11, I am aspiring, "to live quietly, minding my business, working with my hands."
2/5/2012 11:59:56 AM
Kabiera Ahlers United States
Kabiera Ahlers
Hello Scott & Kelli,
My name is Kabiera and I'm 17, I was adopted from Africa (Liberia) I'v been here for 5 years.
I do know how to knit, I'v been doing it for a few years. Every time I here you talking on the radio about knitted hats for babies, I just
feel like I need to do something about it, but there is just one problem, I don't know how to get it to you.
so could you please let me know how to get it to you?
                THANK YOU!Smile
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