Feb 01 2012

Sing for your supper

Check out this guy who decided to have a little fun in the drive-thru!

A boss makes a difference!   

Get this dog a BIG doggie treat! 

General Mills going Tech on Cereal Boxes.

You thought YOU had a rough awakening this morning?! FBI uses chainsaw on wrong door.

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2/1/2012 4:00:29 PM
Becky United States
JD had a saying before this video, it was spelling out the word think, can you post this please??
2/1/2012 4:01:02 PM
Becky United States
Sorry I mean Scott Smile
2/2/2012 12:04:20 PM
Jacquelyn United States
T = is it true?
H = is it helpful?
I = is it inspiring?
N = ????
K = is it kind?

I couldn't remember what the N was for and I can't find it on the facebook page.
2/2/2012 12:20:48 PM
Amy United States
Here's it is:

N = is it necessary?
2/8/2012 5:26:24 PM
Jessica United States
I love this!!  If I tried it though, the girl would probably throw my food at me!  You def have to have a good voice to pull this off!!!
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