Feb 21 2012

Heading to Afghanistan Saturday

Kelli made this for Pinterest, you can follow her here. (http://pinterest.com/klovekelli/)

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2/21/2012 2:48:04 PM
Elaine United States
Now Kelli, you are assuming that Scott was the only man who used the female bathroom.  You said when you walked in the paper towel was not on the floor.  He admitted to using the bathroom and also admitted throwing the towel on the floor.  If you think about it, he is not the only man who works there.  Another man could have seen Scott come out of the bathroom and think how much he needed to go and followed his example and used the bathroom. he could have left the seat up and also pick up the towel.  
2/21/2012 2:50:32 PM
Elaine United States

Don't go with the stereotype that all service animals are for known reasons i.e. Blind people, etc.  There are many types of service dogs for seizure disorders, ptsd, etc.  The dogs can be of all sizes.  The one distinguishing feature will always be the Service Harness that all service dogs should wear proudly.
2/21/2012 4:12:59 PM
Ashton United States
Scott, i have to say kudos to you for not being ashamed
2/24/2012 10:41:21 AM
Dean Somsers United States
Dean Somsers
   I am amazed they are letting you go to Afghanistan with all of the Anti-American sentiment brewing over the Quran burning.  Also, in light of the recent beheadings of five individuals who were reportedly sympathizers/collaborators with the Afghan government, it would seem the State Department would have put out an advisory on travel.  I am deploying to Afghanistan and as an intelligenc officer, can tell you that depending on where you are going, you may have a pretty rocky ride.  Make sure your personal effects are in order and that your will and power of attorney are current.  Not trying to be too sober here, but in the military, we do this everytime we deploy.
2/24/2012 10:42:33 AM
Dean Somers United States
Dean Somers
   Someone posted a profanity on your facebook wall. It is an image that has the "F" word in it.  You may want to take it down.
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