Feb 23 2012

Amazing Things Happen

K-LOVE Cruise Photos from Kelli.

K-LOVE NASCAR driver makes into the Daytona 500

Can you get hooked on lip balm? TODAY

Conversation with Dale Brantner, President of CURE International.

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2/23/2012 2:27:31 PM
Taylor United States
I was just listening to you guys while I was doing up my little sister's hair. While I was fixing my youngest sister's hair, I was just thinking about the time I told my best friend about you guys. It started when we were having a sleepover and were doing a "fashion show." She turned on her favorite radio show and I asked her, "Have you ever listened to K-Love?" She said no. So, I turned it on and told her it was a Christian station here in Colorado. Ever since, she's seemed happier, and now she listens to you guys all the time! I was so excited for her!
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