Mar 02 2012

Happy Read Across America Day!

Happy Read Across America Day! In honor of Dr. Seuss' birthday, students are dressing as their favorite book character. For my son,'s Men in Black. Who is your favorite book character? Why? Tell me here, on Facebook or on Twitter (@KLOVEKelli)

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3/2/2012 12:31:52 PM
Ruth Hardwick United States
Ruth Hardwick
I loved to read the Amelia Badelia books to my kids.  She's a hoot.  The one piece of the book i remember is the lady she was working for told her to decorate the Christmas tree with balls and she put baseballs, basketballs, footballs and tennis balls. My kids would laugh hysterically over her antics.
One of my son's has a slight dyslexia and never liked to read on his own, but he would read Matt Christopher books - sport adventures.
3/2/2012 12:36:24 PM
Jordan United States
Oh my gosh-that's so cute.He looks only a few years younger than me. I love men in Black too!  He looks awesome. I want to dress like that.  But I'm a girl so I might look a little weird. ;) I think Will Smith did a good job in those movies. I think there might be two, I can't be sure. But my favorite books are the Borrowers series. Arietty is my favorite story book character. There making a movie about them.I'm sure you've heard of it, "The Secret World of Arietty". Tell Alec he looks just like the guys from the movies!
3/2/2012 1:23:45 PM
Hannah United States
That's cute!!  My favorite book is Heaven is for Real by Todd Burpo.  It's a very inspiring and touching book that I advise everyone, especially people with doubts about heaven and God, read.  I would also like to say that I recently started following this station and it is amazing!  Keep doing what your doing! <3
3/2/2012 1:54:28 PM
Lily United States

I also Love the Heaven is for real book so good really builds your faith. EVERYONE NEEDS TO READ THAT BOOK. P.S. Love your station
3/2/2012 2:19:54 PM
Traci United States
Tomorrows Hope Preschool in Voorhees NJ had a young adult dress up as Cat in the Hat and the classes ate green eggs and ham. It was a wonderful celebration. Happy Birthday Dr. Suess!
3/2/2012 3:54:50 PM
Cindy Waller United States
Cindy Waller
We served VERY GREEN eggs, but no ham (because of lent) and green applesauce for breakfast this morning. Food coloring worked well.
3/2/2012 4:03:06 PM
Cindy United States
Cat in the Hat, Thing 1, Thing 2, and Sally were spotted in halls at Gray's Creek Elementary. The students enjoyed the day's events.
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