Aug 13 2010

Daddy's Poem

Scott shared a poem today that had us all in tears! Once again, we are reminded of how grateful we are to our servicemen and women and their families! Thank you SO much for serving our country! Here's the poem:

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Aug 13 2010

What was your favorite TV show as a kid?

Happy Anniversary to Dora the Explorer---she celebrates 10 years on TV this weekend! Got us thinking...what was your favorite TV show to watch as a kid? Why?
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Aug 13 2010

Weigh Down with Watermelon!

Weigh Down with Watermelon


WebMD calls watermelon the second best summer weight loss food and at 72 percent water common sense would agree.  But there is so much more to this lusciously sweet crispy and refreshing treat.  It not only tastes fabulous-- (I’ve never met anyone who dislikes watermelon, have you?) but it is packed with powerful antioxidants.  Watermelon is loaded with disease fighting vitamin C, vitamin A (through beta carotene) and contains more lycopene than any other fresh fruit or vegetable.  Simply speaking that’s more nutrition per calorie than most other fruits.


Watermelon’s maga dose of antioxidants (Vitamins C, A and lycopene) neutralize free radicals, substances in the body that promote premature aging and disease.  One 2003 study from the Journal of Nutrition showed that regular consumption of watermelon juice reduced the risks of high blood pressure, heart disease and certain cancers. 


The natural sweetness found in watermelon can satisfy a nagging sweet tooth and help you avoid consuming factory made sweets and desserts often filled with trans fats, refined white sugar and high fructose corn syrup.   Watermelon is also high in potassium which helps reduce water retention and bloating.


Besides eating it fresh, here is another great way for you and your family to enjoy watermelon…


Watermelon Coconut Creamsicles

71 calories and 1.5 grams of fat

Get the recipe here:



Listen to Christine talk about watermelon: Segment 1 & Segment 2

Ali Update, Peyton Manning and more
Mar 07 2012

Ali Update, Peyton Manning and more

Ali update from CURE international, absolutely amazing!

Beards Get Respect, But Not Women, Study Finds. TIME NewsFeed

Colts to release Peyton Manning. msnbc

Scott explains Peyton Manning no longer being a Colt.

Aggressive Turkey Stalks and Terrorizes Detroit Woman Every Day. TME NewsFeed

Apple unveils new 4G iPad. TODAY

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3/7/2012 2:14:38 PM
crystal United States
Tell the lady to use her shot gun and have dinner  (-:
3/8/2012 12:21:54 PM
Kathy United States
If beards are kept neat and not scraggly they should stay. An up kept beard is distinguishing to a man. But, one that is unkempt does nothing to a man but make them look like they are not neat. My husband used to wear a beard all the time. But, where he works now they are not allowed due to H2S. Do I miss his beard? You better believe it and I tell him often, how I wish he could wear one once again. Maybe when he retires..: )
3/13/2012 8:58:08 PM
rachel United States
ali is so cute
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