Mar 19 2012

Make A Difference Week

Heading to Phoenix, AZ this week and taking the show on the road.  You can join us as we serve with some amazing ministries, just click here to learn more.

Who do you think will win the Scott and Kelli Bracket this year?

Iowa State senior writes cookbook for children with cancer. Iowa State Daily

"Shcool" (A.K.A. Gary) is not alone now....

Starbucks' New Evolution Juice Bar Misspells 'Vegetables.' Huffington Post

Could you have made the same sacrifice that Edward Ristaino made?

Missing Balloon Pilot Died Saving Sky Divers, Survivors Tell ABC News

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3/19/2012 1:28:41 PM
Brandon United States
I am trying to find a song, and I can't remember who does it, the title, or any portion of the lyrics large enough to find it. I know it was made a year or two back, with people in mind who have trouble with self-image issues. I know a lot teens with these types of issues and wanted to post the lyrics on my tumblr account. Any ideas?
3/19/2012 1:40:39 PM
Kelly United States
What is a Hoosier? I don't know if this will help but here is some information about what a hoosier may or may not be.
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