Apr 09 2012

Day of Praise

What are you thankful for today? Tell us here, on Facebook, by texting us at 21947 or calling (800) 525-5683.

Amy shares what she is thankful for.

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4/9/2012 2:21:49 PM
Jennifer Gill United States
Jennifer Gill
Praise God for His infinite wisdom, everlasting love and CONTROL! My finite mind is in awe of and my humble heart at rest in... WHO HE IS! He alone deserves all glory and praise!! I have joy! I have faced trials of many kinds(40 facial fractures from carwreck, severe depression,marital rejection, and bondage from believing lies of the enemy,and the world),my faith has been tested, I have developed perserverence and because of Him I am complete!
( James 1:2-4 applied to my life)Praise God I am His and He is mine! HE CAUSES ALL THINGS TO WORK TOGETHER FOR GOOD! I LOVE HIM AND AM CALLED ACCORDING TO HIS PURPOSE!! Romans 8:28
Persist and Persevere People! GOD IS GOOD! I am working on developing a ministry to encourage others to live for the cause of Christ. Please pray for me. I support and listen to K-LOVE... you truly are positive and encouraging. Praise God for K-LOVE.
4/9/2012 2:52:51 PM
Theresa Pearce United States
Theresa Pearce
I am thankful that God has giiven me a new life, for after 49 yrs. of having Epilepsey, I had brain surgery, and am now seizure-free because of his healing hand which guided the doctors.
4/9/2012 2:58:12 PM
lupe atkinson United States
lupe atkinson
I praise God each and everyday for blessing me with a husband who loves God with all his heart. And for blessing us with 3 beautiful daughters who also love God! We have had our ups and downs, but God has always been there no matter what. God is in our lives now and forever!
4/9/2012 3:50:00 PM
Dianne K. Little United States
Dianne K. Little
May 2010 my husband and I separated after 21 years of marriage. The Lord begin to deal with the two of us individually, using KLove's music to stir our hearts.  Praise the Lord, my husband moved back home March 30,2012!  God is faithful.  We are renewing our wedding vows on September 1st and we will be using many of the songs that we listen to on K-love to tell our story of brokenness and restoration.
4/10/2012 7:44:04 PM
Shane Calvert United States
Shane Calvert
I lost my brother to SIDS when he was 3 1/2 months old and I was almost 3. I am now almost 10 and when I miss my brother the most I listen to Klove to see if "He Will Carry Me" by Mark Schultz is on. Klove is the one radio station that I listen to every day.  
4/11/2012 12:24:54 PM
Lena United States
Awesome video! Sounds like you made a really big impact on the people of Mexico. Praise the Lord!
4/13/2012 12:08:41 AM
nicabec casido United States
nicabec casido
hi k love. i am a little girl who listens to you in the car (when my mom drives me to and from school),on the computer (sometimes on the weekend),on the radio(with my cousin),and when going to church.once at my church i sang a song from k love. when i am bored i think of some of the songs on k love to pass the time. i know that i am still a kid but listening to you guys helped and still helps connct to god.
4/13/2012 12:21:03 AM
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4/13/2012 12:25:27 AM
nicabec casido United States
nicabec casido
i love god. i listen to k love.when listening to k love i can just have moment where i can reach out to god and let my worries fade away in his hands.when i listen to k love i love to sing along and have fun.
4/15/2012 5:57:43 AM
Caleb Langley United States
Caleb Langley
I liked party rock anthem but since this is a christian style it's even better.
4/15/2012 7:06:36 PM
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4/16/2012 10:42:42 PM
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4/18/2012 6:31:29 PM
pearl Barman United States
pearl Barman
Scott and Kelli,
I am so thankful to be able to listen to klove and just to know the 2 of you will be there. You make me laugh and cry. God is so totally awesome and faithful to reach all of us through all of you. Thanks for always being there for all of us listeners.
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