Apr 23 2012

Who is your Unsung Hero?

We want to acknowledge an unsung hero in your life! This week, you can nominate someone on the form at the right who has an impact behind the scenes. We'll be choosing a winner during the show on Friday April 27th who will win a plaque and a "Worth More Than Gold" prize pack from Britt Nicole! The prize pack includes:

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4/23/2012 2:42:22 PM
bruna United States
My unsung hero is my husband, it sounds cheesy but he's been more than a husband he's been a bestfriend. At just 15 i was abonded by my mother and started living with a adopted family, my adopted father started working for this man called ray who is 10 years older than me, at the time i was 16 but my new family was breaking apart because of money issues, my adopted father left me and my adopted mom with 3 other children to try to get a better job in a other state, thru all that time we where left with little money and everytime food ended in our house this man ray, called my mom and took us all out for dinner.(he did not know we didnt had food. He told us GOD would just told him call that family and take them out for food). I've always thought it was so nice from a young man to do such a thing, not even knowing us that well. Anyways 2 years later i was 18 and moved out on my own never spooke with him again but i felt deeply into drugs and alcohool. That same year i hit the bottom, lost my job no way to pay the bills and totally lost on the drugs, thats when i was invited to a community church near by where i lived, I went to visit and i saw him there could not believe my eyes, so a couple weeks later we started dating he helped me out all of my drugs and brought me back to Christ. Today we are happily married, thanks to Christ first of all but thanks to him for listenning to God! How could he ever know the girl he was helping was one day meant to be his wife, he didnt know but he listen to God!!! he is my forever hero! Not only saved my life but my soul too!!  
4/23/2012 3:29:54 PM
Pat :) United States
Pat :)
My hero/best friend in the whole world is Trudy Gebhart.  Trudy came into my life 28 years old.  Trudy is not only my best friend but a second mom to alot of children. Trudy has run daycare out of her of home for overy 25 years. Trudy has a daycare provider and has been a second mom to alot of children.  Trudy thought she was give this a try or do this until her children were in school.  Well, her sons have both graduated from high school. Trudy is the best.  Trudy ensures that all of her daycare children are loved and well provided for.  Trudy thank you for being my best friend in the whole life world.  You have been with me through the good and bad.  I would have not survived sometimes without your friendship and love.

God Bless the Trudys of the world.
4/23/2012 4:03:04 PM
Sarah United States
My unsung hero(s) are my parents. My mom and dad are always there for me whenever I need them. They've seen me struggle in the bad times and smile in the good times, and always try do what's best for me even if I don't think it's best. A year or two ago our family left the church I had grown up in for eight years to start our own church. It was one of the hardest times of my life and many tears were shed over the loss of all my friends and family in that church. Through it all though, my parents were understanding and helped me make it through this sad time of life. Now, a year later, we have our own church in a small town that is finally begining to grow with new people from the communtiy. We have had four new people in our youth group come to know the Lord in the last month.(Praise Jesus!) Which is a lot for the small community we are in. Thanks to the effort and convictions of my parents, despite how much I disagreed with them during the descision to leave, we have made an impact in our small community and will continue to do so. I am so thankful for my parents and their love! Love you Mom and Dad!
4/23/2012 4:37:29 PM
Shelby United States
I'm seventeen, will be 18 in July, and I really want to enter my unsung hero in this contest, but I saw on the "rules for contests" page that you have to be 18 or older to enter unless otherwise specified.  Does that age restriction apply to the unsung hero contest?  If so, is there any way that I can enter??  Because I really want to acknowledge my unsung hero.
4/23/2012 5:25:19 PM
Megan United States
My unsung hero is my Grandma, Nanny. Nanny has been the strength that my family has needed to hold everything together. About 25 years into their marriage, my grandpa (Papa) developed Guillain-Barre syndrome, which left his extremities paralyzed. For over 25 years, Nanny took care of not just my grandpa, but everyone in the family. Papa and Nanny leaned on Christ to get them through this. Their faith became their haven, a place where they could always go for comfort. While Papa was able to get some movement back, he lost most of his independence. Nanny never complained about the fact that she could not leave Papa alone at home and that they couldn't travel very much.

On April 13, 2012, Papa passed away. This was four days after their 58th wedding anniversary. It has been a very hard couple of weeks for everyone. Nanny is my unsung hero, because she has been there for everyone. She is the one who carries the strength of Christ in her every day. Despite everything that has happened, she has stayed a major participant in the her church and still thanks God for every day. I thank God for Nanny being in my life.
4/23/2012 7:45:49 PM
Laurie United States
My nephew,Dale Settle, Jr. is without a doubt, a true hero.He and two friends were on their way to a Bible Study on September 22, 2011 in Canton, Ohio. They were at the steps to the house they were going to, and 2 gunmen approached them. One from behind and one from front. Dale tried to step in front of his friends to shield them, and the gun went off and hit him in the abdomen. Witnesses say that as he lay on the ground dying, he asked for forgiveness for his killers. In the ER, he also asked doctors and nurses to pray for his killers. He died after 5 hours of surgery. Dale was a youth leader for his church. He was baptized there about 10 days before his death. He loved people, especially kids. He loved God going out and preaching God's word. His death has inspired countless numbers of people to believe...to strengthen their own faith and to come to know God. We have heard from people across the US, and even other countries who say his story has inspired them to do a little more and to come to know God better. God had to take Dale in order to spread his message to even more people. His killers still have not yet been caught. My sister (his mother) and Dale's brother and sister are filled with grief. We ask for prayers in finding the 2 gunmen so that we can start to do what Dale asked us to do....that is to forgive. Please visit the website created for the Dale Settle Jr. foundation. www.dalesettlejr.com in order to read more about Dale and to take part in Pay it Forward. Our family is trying to give back and show Dale's kindness by asking people to Pay it Forward in his name.  There is information on the website regarding that. Dale Settle, Jr. is my true hero...he is my unsung hero. It is safe to assume that if we were to hear from the 2 people who were with him who he saved, they would also agree that he is a hero.  
4/24/2012 4:13:16 AM
Sonya James United States
Sonya James
My big sister, Roseanna is my unsung hero. She has managed to get up every morning and go to work. Twelve years ago she was diagnosed with cervical cancer and for a moment we were afraid that we’d lose her. But there’s something unique about my sister Ro, she’s one of the strongest people I know. She’s a fighter and a wonderful and loving mother of three. About a year or so after her diagnosis she was in remission. In the summer of 2008, my sister Ro was in a car accident. She was hurt, but by the grace of God she got well. After a series of MRIs, CT Scans, and Ultrasounds, the doctors were questioning her constant pain. This was the year that they diagnosed my sister with Multiple sclerosis (MS) a chronic autoimmune disorder affecting movement, sensation, and bodily functions. I was crushed at the thought of losing her to another illness. But trusting in the lord was the only thing that helped me in years prior to this diagnosis. I wanted to do something so that she wouldn’t be fighting the fight alone. Even though I live in Pennsylvania, I wanted to support Multiple sclerosis in every way. I started to help raise funds for the MS walk every year since. I have involved close friends and family and we even developed a team called “Ro’s Snazzylicious Hot Steppers”. I will fight for a cure, because every day Ro gets up is a struggle. In order to function on a daily basis, she must take these pain patches. I continue to pray for my sister daily, in hopes that she will be cured someday. Just over a year and half my sister called with news of her having breast cancer. I couldn’t believe what I heard; it was like the story of Job. I began to pray harder and found that there was a Mother’s Day walk for the cure and thought I would walk and raise funds this way for her. Luckily for her it was caught early, me and my other sister had to get mammograms (which came back negative), but this by far has been the toughest part of her life. Every day she gets up goes to work (as an LPN), comes home and takes care of her children. I will do anything for my big sister and the fact that she still has MS and is in remission for cancer, is proof that God is great. Also that he made my big sister a strong fighter and a true believe that with God all things are possible. When I was in first grade this 5th grader tried to bully me and I went home and told my sister. The next day I asked my sister to come to school with me. My sister Ro came to school and defended me against this bully. Ever since then I knew that with my big sister by my side I would always feel safe. Well the day has come just like every year since we found out that she had MS. I will be fighting the fight and walking the walk for my big sister Ro. Now it's my turn to help against her bully (MS). I love you Ro and you are my hero.
4/28/2012 7:22:18 AM
Margie Warren United States
Margie Warren
My Unsung Hero is my mom, Denise.  Growing up in a broken family, my mother took my brother, Ed and I under her wing and taught us how to be loving and compassionate to EVERYONE-even while she had been in an abusive marriage.  Growing up, she had to take on a couple of jobs and we made it to church when we could.  My mom was involved in every organization that we were in and took us to every practice and game to cheer us on. Even in her "free" time, we would go to events put on for organizations like MS, MD, and helping out older people that didn't have a caregiver.  We also moved in with my grandparents when my parents got divorced to have a better opportunity in school. Once my brother and I both joined the Air Force and left home, she worked hard as a correctional officer and dealt with tough situations there.  She showed the prisoners the same compassion and respect that she showed everyone else and when they'd see her after they got out-they'd stop her to tell her how much that meant to them.  Now, my grandmother is 90 and my mom had to quit her job to take care of her.  After a couple of strokes and memory loss, my mom stays with her every day and has devoted her whole life to others.  She is my Unsung Hero and it is really hard to be away from her all these years with where the Air Force has taken us. I'm honored to be her daughter and love her for who she is!  
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