Sep 23 2009

Really? Beans for lunch?

If you're a parent, you've probably found that the struggle to feed our kids healthy food (that they will actually eat!) is constant! It can be tough to choose the right foods to put in their lunchboxes. So, this list of things that should be in our kids' lunches caught our eye. According to EatingWell Magazine, there are three things that should be in our kids' lunches to give them the nutrients and energy they need. The first is Oatmeal Bars. They can fill a kid up quickly (if you're running late and eating on the way to school!) and last longer than a sugary cereal. Another food that is great for our kids is yogurt. It helps to provide much-needed calcium to help them build strong bones. The third food on the list made us laugh! Never would have guessed: beans! Experts say that beans have iron and many new studies show that kids don't get enough iron. Iron is good for learning, memory and battling attention problems.

So, in addition to Oatmeal Bars and yogurt, break out the "musical fruit" (sorry, teachers!) for a healthier lunch for your kid tomorrow!

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Sep 22 2009

Oz turns 70!!!!

One of my favorite movies growing up as a kid was the Wizard of Oz.  It was like one of the only movies we got to see, because we only had one TV channel in the little Minnesota town that I grew up in.  I am curious, if you could pick one Wizard of oz Character that best describes you, who would it be???

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Sep 16 2009

Thank God for His Word!!!

I love the way God inspires you when you feel completly defalted and overwhelmed!  Thank you God for your Word and the hope that we find in reading it! I was reading Psalm 57 this morning... "I'm hiding out under your wings until the hurricane blows over. I call out to High God, the God who holds me together, He sends orders from Heaven and saves me." (the Message)  I hope that this encourages you... If you ever need someone to pray for you and what you may be acing right now, please feel free to call KLOVE and shre your prayer request... 800-525-5683... 800-525-LOVE!

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Named by God
May 03 2012

Named by God

Our guest today has faced some of the worst things you can face in life, yet found that God was always there to carry her through. We will talk with Kasey Van Norman, author of Named by God.

Interview with Kasey.

Stray parakeet tells Japanese police where he lives. (YAHOO! NEWS)

Vogue 'Health Initiative' Focuses Body Image Conversation On Magazines. Huffington Post

Tornado mom: New foot, big day. TODAY

Scott's Nike's on the left and Kelli's heels on the right, which would you choose?  Tell us here or on Facebook.

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Comments (9) -

5/3/2012 1:32:44 PM
Laura Richards United States
Laura Richards
I do not know why seeing the title "Named By God" made me cry...well, yes, it was the Holy Spirit. Wow, just the title alone was powerful! Can't wait to read the book!  
5/3/2012 2:06:02 PM
Kasey Van Norman United States
Kasey Van Norman
So humbled & grateful to be interviewed today by the amazing Scott & Kelli. Love you guys * Love KLOVE! Keep making God famous!!I would be blessed by anyone who wants to connect with me...I would love to PRAY for YOU!!!

Come Expectant! Love, Kasey Van Norman

facebook: Kasey Van Norman Ministries

5/3/2012 2:12:20 PM
Jessica Kapchinski United States
Jessica Kapchinski
Kasey is amazing! His words through her story are sure to bring healing to many bleeding hearts. Love you Kas!
5/3/2012 2:47:14 PM
Jan United States
That baby is so calm. Man if I had a CAT over me like that I would be freeked out!
Thanks for sharing.
Glad you are both feeling better. Thank you God.
5/3/2012 2:57:50 PM
Ruth Kittrell United States
Ruth Kittrell
I agree with the comment in the video, "..... that is... almost.... not cool...?"  minus one word
5/3/2012 3:15:49 PM
Laura Richards United States
Laura Richards
Kasey, I'll be checking out your book, and "liking" you on Facebook! Something about you is hitting a cord with me, and touching my heart. I hope to connect with you! Be blessed!
5/3/2012 3:55:08 PM
Danna Griffith United States
Danna Griffith
Enjoyed hearing Kasey share her story of how God has redeemed her.  Love her passion in sharing her story and allowing God to use her so others can experience His grace in their lives. Powerful!
5/4/2012 7:52:08 AM
Pearl Barman United States
Pearl Barman
Scott, Kelli
Thanks for all the encouraging words that you give out each and everyday. I was on my way home from work a couple of days and scott you started talking about how much God loves us and never leaves us. I have been through alot with celebrate recovery and then heard you say that on wednesday afternoon and just started crying. Its so hard to wrap our brains around how much he really cares and loves us. God is so faithful and Good. Thanks for all you do I wouldnt know what to do without klove being in my life and all the encouragement that you 2 give us daily. Thank you so much. Love you Pearl barman
5/4/2012 9:37:18 PM
rachel United States
that arcade is cool!!!! mannn if i was that baby i would scream my head off forever!
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