Jul 31 2014

Farm Dedicated To Feeding The Hungry, Batkid Begins Trailer, & Real-Life Repunzels Donate Hair


"Grace means we can put the chalk away and stop keeping score."

-Bob Goff, "Love Does"


"Worship isn't a feeling you wait for, it's a choice you make."

-Chris Tomlin


Grandpa's Entire Farm Dedicated To Feeding The Hungry


Emotional 'Batkid Begins' Trailer Shows How A 5-Year-Old Really 'Saved' An Entire City


In Other News:

More 'Real-Life Rapunzels': These Children Chopped Their Hair To Help Other Sick Kids 

Show Me The Money! 11 Ways To Make More Cash At Your Next Garage Sale 

Chris Pratt On Son Jack's Premature Arrival: 'We Were Scared For A Long Time

Your Garage Sale Cheat Sheet: How To Get The Best Deals 

Ebola-Infected Doctor's Extraordinary Sacrifice

This Ice Cream Changes Color As You Lick It 

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May 08 2012

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5/8/2012 2:23:22 PM
Rose Taylor United States
Rose Taylor
I admit, my life isnt perfect.Smile My 20th birthday is next wednesday and all i do is complain, i have had headaches almost everyday in my life, and i am paralyzed from the waist down.I have thoughts of suiside. But when i look at the kids in my church and what some of them go through, i have my own reality check. Some kids dont have two parents like i do, Some kids maybe even in foster care. Some kids are suffering in hospitals hoping to live another day. Me, i am a youth leader, Musician and have a very loving family,and im not in a hospital. When u think wo is me, think about how good you have it. God loves you, thats all that matters, show Gods love to those less fortunate!
5/8/2012 11:43:08 PM
Melissa United States
hey, Scott! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Hope you had a great day (yesterday and today) I laughed when your son spilled the beans about how old you are. I really didn't think that you were that old. I'm 14 and I wanted to let you know that you are my favorite DJ. Not only are you my fave DJ, you are also the 1st DJ that I heard the 1st time I ever heard k-love. So will always have a special place in my heart. Once again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
5/9/2012 4:07:37 AM
Diabetic Alert dog United States
Diabetic Alert dog
I have thoughts of suiside. But when i look at the kids in my church and what some of them go through, i have my own reality check.
<a href="brookslabradors.com/.../diabetic-alert-dogs">Diabetic Alert dog</a>
5/9/2012 12:21:06 PM
Mackenzie Cloninger United States
Mackenzie Cloninger
Happy late Birthday Scott! Please sing the following song to Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday to you
You work in a zoo
All your listeners love you
And God does too!
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