May 10 2012

Celebrating Mothers

Happy Mother's Day! We would love to see your first picture as a Mom! Or, if you're not a Mom yet, share the first picture of your Mom with you. Share your pictures on our Facebook Page!

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5/10/2012 2:14:12 PM
Karen United States
Thank you for sharing your beautiful video and beautiful baby. You are BLESSED!!!
5/10/2012 2:25:23 PM
Nikki United States
For I am fearfully and WONDERFULLY made!! Thank you Jesus for giving Christian a loving family who knows he is beautiful inside and out.
5/10/2012 8:05:42 PM
Jon United States
As a school psychologist I get to work with some severely handicapped students and I ran into one mother who is so in love with her son who is severely handicapped as the result of Shaken Baby Syndrome. Like your son, it is a miracle that he even survived but he has brought such joy into his mother and others lives. Christian, I'm sure will do the same and God is already using him and you in a mighty way. God Bless You!
5/11/2012 2:27:54 PM
Larry United States
I just heard you while driving home from work.  People should pray for Moms left alone while their husband is in the Military but PLEASE- PLEASE-PLEASE!!!! pray for the Moms who are serving overseaS in the Military
5/11/2012 2:28:52 PM
Tara United States
God has great plans for Christian, he is beautiful and thanks to his parents who decieded not to abort. God bless you all
5/11/2012 6:35:55 PM
Carol R. Russell United States
Carol R. Russell
WoW!  God is amazing...and so are you and Christian.  What a joy to see you both.  Jeremiah 29:11 says:  For I know the plans that I have for you, not to harm but to give you a hope and a future."  There are no accidents for those who are in Christ just purposeful incidents that are made to impact this world for the glory of God!  I believe Christian is one of those purposeful designs that is going to impact this world for Jesus!
Bless you & your family!
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