May 11 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

Marine Returning home greeted by 6-year-old son who learned to walk while his dad was gone. YAHOO! NEWS

This Is Not a Joke: Government Issues Study of a Study About Studies. abc NEWS

H&M apologizes for using too-tan model in ads. TODAY


Tim Tebow Changes Dog's Name from Bronco to Bronx. Shine From YAHOO!

Tornado mom: I love New York! TODAY


Two young children die after parents forget them in hot cars. USA TODAY

Teen makes prom dress out of Starburst wrappers. CBS News

Project prom dress: Teen designers get creative with prom dresses made from newspapers. Detriot Free Press

Pier Collapses Under Teens Headed for Prom!



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5/13/2012 3:24:37 PM
Donald United States
i would like to thank God for my mother. She is still living and all but growing up i was not very close to her at all. It was very hard for me to sit in the same room with her. We never spoke to each other, in my heart i grew up hating her. I am now 51 yrs old and in july of 2001 God showed me that all the hatred i had towards her was killing her. She started getting sick in the early part of january that year and the doctors could not figure out what was wrong with her. when i looked at her i could see death all over her face. Earlier that yr i started going to the church i still go to and God started openning my eyes to how all the hatred and unforgiveness for all the thing that happened to me growing up was not my mothers faulth that it was satan working through her to try to kill me, and working. to keep thing short on the week of her birth day i went to my moms and dad and for the first time since i was about 2 or 3 i gave her a hug and we prayed together and forgave each other. i call her once in awhile as things come to mind i call her and tell her whats been on my mind and we talk ablut why things happen the way it did and we forgive each other for hurtng each other.
I just would like to say to all those who hold bitterness towards their mothers ti forgive her its not worth going your hole life hating her you only have one mother and one father as a parent i can say we are not perfect we make mistakes and sometime we cant control how we act it medicine we are on or maybe like my mother she had alot of depression and she was on alot of medicine.
thanks for listening to my story.
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