May 17 2012

Give it up to be happy!

The world says happiness comes from "getting," but one writer says we gain happiness by giving things up.

One man makes the whole town happy:

Drowning still a leading cause of death for toddlers

Yogurt Spill Douses New York Highway After Tractor-Trailer Crash

Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook ring in IPO with all-night hackathon

Teenage Boy Finds Finger in Arby’s Sandwich

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5/17/2012 3:34:00 PM
Diana R United States
Diana R
Scott, Whatever you just read, I only heard part of it, but it was beautiful.  Please tell me where I find it so I can read it again.  Can you also read it again on the radio.  It was beautiful!!!!  Thank you, Diana
5/17/2012 5:58:00 PM
Dana United States
Scott, as I listened to you talk about this today, I said to myself...this is perfect timing, so I MUST share!  I am 48 and have been single for 20 years.  In my own desire to find a Godly man to spend my life with, a friend recently told me to write out the characteristics I desired, then take it to God in prayer.  A short list quickly came to mind, but I wanted to make sure I was focusing on Godly qualities.  I turned to 1Cor 13:4-7, which we all know explains love in God's perfect form.  As I looked at it, I began replacing "it" with "he".  Here is what God revealed to me, at that moment, as my perfect man:
He is patient
He is kind
He does not envy
He does not boast
He is not proud
He is not rude
He is not self-seeking
He is not easily angered
He keeps no record of wrongs
He does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth
He always protects
He always trusts
He always hopes
He always perseveres

How amazing is that?!  And men can replace "it" with "she"!  How else should we base God's true desire for expression of love?  I hope you will share this with your audience to remind us, whether married or single, of how God defines LOVE!  Thank you for the daily blessing on my life!
5/18/2012 7:00:55 AM
Sally United States
Wow...thank you Dana for your has truly spoken to ME in my personal search for the man who is "God's best" for me. I have read those passages in Corninthians MORE times than I can count but never thought to look at it as you suggested by adding the "he." It also makes me look at myself and really question if I can be the "SHE" that a man would insert in there. Very sobering thought, and huge responsibility, but God expects that from us if we are to truly show LOVE to others as well as to that person whom He has chosen for us. Thank you again for
5/18/2012 12:53:08 PM
Merry Drew United States
Merry Drew

National Artichoke Day was Friday, March 16, 2012.

5/18/2012 6:51:06 PM
Scott P. United States
Scott P.
What Dana wrote is beautiful explaination.  I heard Scott read Bob Marley's words on my way to work yesterday evening.  It struck me hard as I am trying to be the man my girlfriend so deserves.  I am weak in being the religious leader of a home but trying every day to learn.

Her and I have failed in relationships before but this one is different.  First off, we meet at church camp as 14 year olds.  Lived our lives with others that was not based on God - enough said about those.  Her father was in the Army and mine worked for an American company overseas.  She braved attending our annual reunion that we have in Orlando every year.  We saw eachother on the resort stairs the second night and our smiles haven't stopped.  We try hard as we live more than 1200 miles apart.  My job allows me to travel to her for a week every other month. It gets old traveling yet as the plane and rental car gets me safely to her door, I know my prayers are answered.

Thank you Dana and Sally for using your words for my ears, and for you Scott for reading that just as I was tuning in for my drive to work.

God: Continue using people to teach me new things and keeping my ears and heart open to make me a better person and the man you want me to be. Amen!  

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