May 18 2012

Weekend Potpourri

How do you get your kids to clean their rooms? Share your best advice. Please?!

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Weekend solar eclipse to project a "ring of fire!"

Ladies, if you ever feel like you don't "measure up" to what others think you should be, remember who God has created you to be!

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5/18/2012 1:25:15 PM
Tammy United States
When my kids were younger, I took the toys they left out (after they said their rooms were clean) and put the toys in toy-time-out -- on a shelf in my closet in full of them--- I explained that the toys were naughty for getting out of place after the child said they were clean and put away -- it was sort of reminiscent of the story of the misfit toys that kids did not take care of..... It worked after about a week, the toys came back, but there were weeks when my closet was packed!!!

Now they are older, and it continues to be a challenge..... and they know I will still do this-- it is hard to lose your ipad and DS games for a week --- but I also use this technique - when they ask Can I go to... Can I have... etc, I turn and say: answer me this question and you will have your answer: Is your room clean?  This is VERY effective on Friday afternoons after school :- )
5/18/2012 1:28:57 PM
Michelle Clinton United States
Michelle Clinton
My three boys share a room.  I make cleaning it a contest.  I actually hum the William Tell Song.  They race around cleaning.  I have to sit in there with them, but I am judging to see who is working the hardest.  At the end I pick a winner and the winner gets a candy or icecream.  I have to choose a winner.  They hate it when I say it's a tie.  BOYS! Smile
5/18/2012 1:36:51 PM
Rendie United States
My girls were trained at a small age, that as soon as they wake up they have to make there beds before they get dressed. I also have hampers in their rooms for dirty clothes. If you didn't start them young, Its probably too late! lol They know that I'm strict, and if something is left out it either gets tossed, or given to someone who will appreciate it. But sometimes I do put it back for later if its something important to them. And also I have a system that seems to work. If I ask them to do something, and they choose not to do it, I may not say anything right then, but when they are needing something from me, I say sorry I can't do that, because you chose not to do what I asked, so I'm not going to do what you asked. They learn as teenagers really quick that if mom isn't going to run them to a friends house because they forgot to do something, they will be a little quicker to do whatever you ask.
5/18/2012 1:46:43 PM
Lori United States
Close the door....choose your battles!
5/18/2012 1:55:22 PM
Sabrina-Hope United States
You could try the give-to-get method.  Most children have things they enjoy doing (tv, video games, swimming, going out, etc.)  So you can use those as motivators.  Establish the expectation that to do the desired activity first their room needs to be clean.  Then don't bring it up or nag.  However, when they ask to do something, your reponse is something like:  "Is your room clean?"  If they say "no" you can tell them to let you know when it is and leave it at that.  The idea is that it is now in their control and if you aren't pushing there is nothing for them to push back at.  They know how to get what they want and hopefully you are less frustrated.  This can work in a variety of situations.  Use it all the time with the kids I work with.
5/18/2012 2:04:43 PM
Brenda United States
When my boys were young I would walk around the house and pick up things that were left sitting around.  I assumed they were no longer wanted since it was not put up so I would pick it up and it then became mine. As my boys would want and/or need these things I sold them back to them for .50 or 1.00 depending on what it was.  It didn't take long for the main part of the house to stay clean of clutter.  As far as bedrooms goes, that was their space as clean or as nasty as they wanted to keep it.  I didn't get dirty clothes out, they had to be taken to laundry room or they would not be washed and food was not allowed so I didn't have to worry about dishes. I would help them with their room if they ask but other than that I didn't enter their room except to kiss them good night. It worked well for us.
5/18/2012 2:43:00 PM
Shelley Minturn United States
Shelley Minturn
when my daughters put up a fight about cleaning their rooms i sometimes had to resort to threats. finally, i decided to get serious- they came home to rooms stripped bare of all but essentials-(according to me, not them) they had to earn back musical instruments, homework,books,even the right to watch TV. believe me, when a homework deadline looms, a room can get clean and STAY that way for a while...!
5/18/2012 8:38:04 PM
Helen United States
I did pretty much the same as what Rendie wrote. As they got older I told them either they clean it or I clean it.  If I clean it I get to throw out anything I want and keep what I want.  They were at an age they did not even want me in the room much less clean it. With two boys in one room it had to be done.
5/19/2012 3:32:50 PM
Titus-John Ka'apuni United States
Titus-John Ka'apuni
American kids are too Dang spoiled. Cut off your electricity and tell your kids that we are fasting. God loves when his children are able to cut off from the world and connect Him.
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