May 22 2012

Remembering Joplin

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5/22/2012 1:21:22 PM
Priscilla United States
One year ago today, our city was devastated by a powerful and deadly tornado, like none we had ever seen before. Those affected ranged from young to old; Joplin residents to passers through and even disaster relief workers. We will never be the same. For some, the journey to healing is still a long rocky and winding road. For others, the blessing of peace has been a comfort for a number of months. Wherever we are on the road to healing, I know that the people of Joplin are stronger. We are better neighbors, better friends, better spouses and better leaders for each other. Only days after the devastation, my sister shared the lyrics of a song we both loved and its new meaning to her in connection with our crumbled city... the song "Beautiful things" with/by Gungor. The pain, loss and faith felt in the song is something that brought us hope, yet still to tears. Today, a year later, I have witnessed over and over again how God truly can and is making beautiful things out of the dust of this town and out of US. He has done amazing things with the lives of everyone who has opened their hearts to Him and "let go" of the cares and pain of this World. Thanks be to God for the beautiful things He is doing - for the hope - for the healing and for the strength he has given so many who lost so much. Only HE can rebuild the lives, the hope, and the hearts of the town. And so far, of course, He is doing AMAZING.
5/22/2012 6:32:10 PM
erika parks United States
erika parks
Have you seen me?! Tomorrow evening at approximately 5:41 p.m. marks one year since the tornado ripped me from my Mother's arms. What happened after is still a blur-I think I got into a vehicle (sorry, I was so shaken up I can't recall who exactly picked me up...). I tried to tell them I had a family and we needed to call them, but I guess they didn't understand. All I know is I MISS MY FAMILY. I have a hunch they miss me too. I bet my brother sits by the door just waiting for me to come home. Isn't a year long enough? Will I finally get to see my Mom? I sure do have a lot of work to do once I get home! I need to make sure my furry friends and their owners know what to do in a disaster. Please, TAKE ME HOME.

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