Mar 17 2010

The Museum joins us on the show today!

Welcome "The Museum" on the show today! We love their song "My Hope Comes From the Lord," and can't wait to learn more about them...including the meaning behind the name of their band! Feel free to share your comments for them here!

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3/10/2010 7:39:07 AM
Erin United States
I love your music! It really shows who Christ really is! I can really relate to the music and K-Love!
3/10/2010 8:12:24 AM
kristin United States
i love opickles i always ask for extra on my burger and i snack on them all the time Smile
p.s.(you should find a pickel to throw at him
3/10/2010 8:15:18 AM
Prince Jacob United States
Prince Jacob
So...I'm like the anti-Ben. He's afraid of pickles on his burger...I dont like anything BUT pickles (when it comes to vegetables) It's funny because people would pick on me because I tell the waiter to take everything but the pickle (and burger and bun obviously) but Ben would tell to take off the pickle.
3/10/2010 8:15:49 AM
Evelyn Gonzalez United States
Evelyn Gonzalez
Your music is great. My Hope Comes From the Lord really just touched my heart.

Comment on the youth group game:

My youth pastor would blend a bunch of stuff and have us drink it for a game. Some of the stuff was just disgusting! He has put mayonnaise, moldy cheese, hot sauce, and this one time he put a half eaten burrito in it. I thought i had a strong stomach to drink it/chew ( it's usually super thick) after one sip, i ran to the bath room trying not to puke on people.

3/10/2010 8:18:40 AM
Marge Thompson United States
Marge Thompson
We want to hear about Chris Brink
3/10/2010 1:39:29 PM
Margaret Ligon United States
Margaret Ligon
It's good to hear y'all on k-love. I think it's cool to get to know how you came together. I love the new single. It reminded me that regardless how hard my day is, God still cares and is "my song in the night". Thanks for playing it at my church this past weekend. God Bless you and your ministry. Laughing
3/10/2010 2:26:06 PM
Teresa United States
I have a fiend that is terrified of pudding! Jell-O, fine! But put pudding near her and she will have a cow!
3/11/2010 3:15:05 AM
Shannon United States
OK! I've got you're back on this one.  I feel the same way about avocados.  I cannot stand the texture, taste, or feel of an avocado.  I cannot handle it touching my food and certainly not my eating utensil. My friends consider this to be rather crazy.  However, I stand by my conviction that this food was not meant for me.  God has provided a tremendous variety of food for us to enjoy!  Enjoy what you love and don't sweat the small stuff!  Your story brought a familiar giggle to my heart!  Thanks so much.
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Special Guest Artist Interview
Jun 08 2012

Special Guest Artist Interview

Big Daddy Weave  our special guest today, listen to the interview below.

Fans willing to pay 400% markup for Kanye West sneakers. USA TODAY 

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6/8/2012 2:37:55 PM
monica United States
I am listening to your interview with Mike Weaver in tears. It is EXACTLY what I needed today. I have fought the battles in my head of unworthiness that he has been speaking of. Thank you so much for sharing your story.
6/8/2012 2:39:57 PM
Penni United States
I wish I could tell Mike everything I'd like to say to thank him for his song, "Redeemed," but I don't have time right now. I want to take the time, instead, to tell him that I think he is SO wise and I can relate to his feelings of low self-worth and am trying to see myself the way God sees me...Anyway, thank you and God bless you!
6/8/2012 2:46:24 PM
Becky Jennings United States
Becky Jennings
I'm listening to your interview with Mike Weaver, and I'm amazed to hear how he has felt about himself. He is such an amazing and shining example of what we all should be, the hands and feet of Christ.
I saw him in concert in Lawton, Ok. a few months ago, and his show was awesome. I must say that I love his new song Redeemed, the first time I heard it I looked it up so I could get it on my conputer and listen to it anytime I want to while at work. I can't wait to get the CD.
I'm so thankful that he has realized that he is Redeemed. And I pray that he will continue to be open and honest with his music.
May God Bless you all,
6/8/2012 2:50:18 PM
Rod United States
Thank you for this interview I myself have struggled  with self worth and my weight for years. Thanks to s lot of good people and the Grace of God I now know who I am.
6/8/2012 2:51:59 PM
Camilla United States
I just heard Big Daddy Weaves new song and it's AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!! LOOOOOVE it! Thnx Big Daddy Weave!!!! U guys r AWESOME!
6/8/2012 3:00:31 PM
Barb United States
The song "Love Come to Life" is perfect to what God has done in me recently.  I'm realizing how much God truly loves me and how that empowers me to love Him and people.  I know longer do it in my own strength, but in the strength of Jesus!
6/8/2012 3:46:54 PM
Stacey United States
I got to work out with Mike on the KLOVE cruise in 2010, with Biggest Loser contestant Sean Algier.  Mike, you and Sean put me to shame with your ability to do the exercises Sean lead. It was a pleasure to be there with you, and if you were to walk up to me on the streets, I would know you by the peace and kindness in your eyes, and that God blessed smile.  You guys lead an awesome, energetic worship on the ship.  What you have gone through is teaching you hat you will pass on to others.  Bless you brother.
6/8/2012 4:29:20 PM
Sherry United States
I am so sad I missed Mike's story about self worth I definitely know shame, guilt and low self worth. I loved your story about helping the poor with basic needs. I have always worked since Jr. High and taken care of myself. But, I have been without a job since November and I am now sooo aware of how quick this can happen and how precious the smallest things are! Someone gave me $5 for gas today and I was in tears. I plan on using the money to go in this weekend and help feed the poor. Thank you so much for your beautiful gift of worship. I pray every time "Love Come to Life" plays that I may be that example of Jesus here. God Bless
6/8/2012 6:59:57 PM
trying to heal United States
trying to heal
I needed to hear his comments as well.  As a survivor of childhood sexual assault, I struggle every day to know God doesn't see me as worthless and dirty.  I love the song "Redeemed."
6/11/2012 12:37:34 PM
Brooke Colungo United States
Brooke Colungo
This is a great picture! Ya'll have encouged me a lot, when i'm at school I have all these songs stuck in my head, and i just start singing and everyone says stop singing but instead of being rude, I just say "i'm not singing for you, i'm singing for Jesus" K-Love is the only radio station I listen to! If i didn't listen to k-love, I have no idea where my life would be right now.(: I love you guys so much! THANKS!!!!!!
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