Jun 12 2012


In light of the new song, “Forgiveness” by Matthew West, I thought you would think this was cool.

God Simply Wants Us 

English teacher behind viral video: 'Kids have to rumble.' US NEWS

Plants can think and perform computations, say scientists. io9

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The Best and Worst Takeout Choices. Shine from YAHOO!

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6/12/2012 8:11:22 PM
Jeff United States
I heard your comments on the radio about the war hero and it was awesome how he forgave. On the news tonight, I hear about the Sandusky trial and the atrocities in Syria. As shocking as it was to hear what happened to those boys and see the bloodshed in Syria, all I started to think about was forgiveness and Matthew West's song and the meaning behind it and your stories on the air about forgiveness the last few days.

My prayer is that the victims and families can forgive one day just as Jesus forgives the rest of us.
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