Jun 21 2012

Beat The Heat!

I remember what I got for my 30th birthday, a few grey hairs and a cake. What did you get?

Prince William turns the big 3-0! TODAY 

Tips For Keeping Cool During Hot Weather. abc NEWS 

Ice cream shortage on New York's hot Day 1 of summer. YAHOO! NEWS

”Abba’s Child” by Brennan Manning 

"I wish I could say life gets easier being a Christian but we all face difficult seasons," Scott.

Smartphone addictions: Is it real? WJLA 

True confession time: are you addicted to your cell phone? Facebook Poll Question 

Smartphone Addiction and Why?

The Tonight Show 

Legless man climbs Kilimanjaro - on his hands. NY Daily NEWS 

Twitter goes down, productivity skyrockets. TODAY 

Minnesota woman finds diamond ring in Goodwill store capri pants. NY Daily NEWS


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