Jun 29 2012

Cooling Centers, Basketball Pranksters and Ways to keep skinny

Ever wonder how some people stay so skinny? Check out some of these tips that we've found (taken from eatthis.womenshealthmag.com):

Eat dinner earlier

Studies have shown that people who eat dinner later take in more calories on average than those that eat earlier. So get the family together a few hours earlier!

Eat spicy food

Capsaicin, an appetite suppressant, is found in many chili peppers, and as a result, causes many people to actually eat less!

Take the stairs

An easy way to integrate exercise into your day, take the stairs instead of the elevator to the next office meeting.

Read other habits skinny people live by


New York Knicks star Carmelo Anthony poses as a wax statue and pranks incoming tourists. 

New York City cooling centers

Tips For Keeping Cool During Hot Weather. 

11 Year Old Skateboarder Makes X Games History

Suspected Oklahoma car thief all tied up when police arrive

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6/29/2012 2:13:47 PM
Bethany United States
Hey! Heard you guys on the radio talking about that prank and thought I would share something me and my sister did to my Gmom. My dad had bought this horrible ugly holloween mask. It would freak me out all the time. We where at a hotel with my mom & gmom. My gmom likes to play pranks all the time. One time she put fish bait in our bed so we though we would get her back with the mask. My sister went behind the bathroom door with the mask while i got gmom. Gmom thought we were showing her a prank for mom. She walked into the bathroom, Lizzy stuck the mask outside the door, she SCREAMED so loud it was a wonder securatey didnt come!
7/1/2012 10:13:41 AM
sharon Krohn United States
sharon Krohn
hi to both of u this is sharon from oklahoma, wanted to share a miricle from yesterday. had a roll of quarters went to my library to make some coipies. finished my ordering on the conputer. went to help a man on his conputer with his face book. had 50cents in my hand for my copies. help him went & paid for my 3 copies. went back order 4 more went up to pay for my copies. could not find the roll. i started to panick., saying ow no God  but right away satan said there gone. well i went back to my conputer no quarters. back to his table told him about it diddnt see them went back to the copier & said k help me thats 9.50 cent missing. i walked back to the table were that man was there the roll was on the floor behind him in plain sight. i said wow  dont let anyone ever tell u there is not a God. i passed my story to the lady that works there & a man there said thats a miricle. i agreed. & siliently said thank u God so please pass this slogan on from God Face Your Giants (THINK GOD) & hell be there always. just keep the faith. xoxo sharon your listener sister from oklahoma
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