Jul 02 2012

Make A Difference Monday, Real Life Hot Wheels and Britt Nicole's Married

It is Make A Difference Monday. Share your ideas on how to make a difference here or on Facebook.

Making a difference through relationship.

Britt Nicole got married this weekend.

Hot Wheels Double Dare Loop in Real Life at X-Game. abc NEWS

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7/2/2012 2:42:55 PM
Samy D United States
Samy D
Okay Scott, I had one of those monkeys with the tamberines when I was a kid.  I thin I may still have it.  would you like to have him visit you there?
7/2/2012 2:58:55 PM
Esther United States
We would love to have the ability to teleport. I don't think it was like this for the X-men I grew up watching, but it is for today's X-men. (We have actually had this discussion in my home. Everyone is in agreement.)
7/3/2012 9:23:50 PM
Joline Kendall United States
Joline Kendall
I would live to see a full size version of Mousetray. That would be so cool.....unless we have to use a big mouse....that would not be cool!
7/3/2012 9:24:36 PM
Joline Kendall United States
Joline Kendall
Sorry...should have said "Mousetrap" !!
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