Jul 03 2012

Corbin Bernsen 25 Hill

We will have special guest actor Corbin Bernsen from LA Law, Major League and Psych to talk about his new movie.  Corbin has been on a journey to deepen his faith in Jesus and has started making faith films. His new DVD, "25 Hill" releases today.  The plot of the film is a touching story of a young boy who has lost his Dad bonding with a man who lost his son and how their faith in God carries them through.

Journey to 25 Hill

25 Hill the movie

Being a Christian

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7/3/2012 2:41:00 PM
Loretta Oakes United States
Loretta Oakes
I just heard Mr. Bernsen say he was naive...but he's not naive. He knows Truth. And when we know truth, life is clear...NOT easy, but clear! Thanks for being a Christian and influencing others in the business your are in. Smile
7/3/2012 3:21:02 PM
Denise Benes United States
Denise Benes
Easter I was going to comit suiside but I turned on KLove instead. A song that was playing stopped me. I talked to two of the DJ's that night that helped me alot. Since then I have been going to church & singing every Sunday. Iwent to the alter to pray for my family who is not in church a few Sunday's ago, & before church service was over the pastor told me that God had told him to tell me that me family would be ok.  The pastor didn't know what I was praying about. I also write poatry & wrote a poem June 24th.  As I rewrote it the next day God Said to me "This is not a poem it ie a song & I want you to sing it next Sunday" Well you can't disobay God, so I did as he said & everyone loved the song & said ,"keep on writting. I write for the Lord. He gave me my life & I will use it for Him. Thank you KLove for being there for me in my time of need!!!!!
7/3/2012 3:59:24 PM
Raymond United States
I want to start by saying I applaud Mr. Bersen for such a bold declaration of faith in a world where now days such things are frowned up on, and persecuted heavily. I appreciate and stand behind and with you sir, as your brother in Christ Jesus. However, I was very puzzled to hear you say that going to Church, and reading the Bible is not what being a Christian is; I believe you went on to say, “it is about doing good works and not being judgmental.” Aforementioned is my synoptic view. Conversely, sir from my understanding of the Bible, the Holy Scriptures  delineates to us that there is no manner of good works we can due to be saved, but that we are saved by grace (Eph 2; 1 Cor. 1; Titus 3:5; 2Tim. 1:9). Moreover, all the good we would do still is not sufficient to reward us with salvation, because again the Word tells us that all of our righteousness is as filthy rags (Isa 64:6). There are a lot of people who do good deeds in this world today, but that alone does not qualify them as Christians (Matt. 12:50). Hence, it is only by the grace of GOD through our faith in His Son that we can be saved and deemed Christians, and not by good works alone. Now that is not to say we as Christians should not do good, but the good we do is determined by the articles of Christian living found in the Word of GOD.  Albeit, if we believe we need not read the word of GOD, nor attend a Church gatherings then we offset a faultless design to shape and order us to complete perfection through our obtaining of knowledge, understanding, and the proper application of the precepts of GOD, found in the Holy Bible, along with the appropriate revelation given of the Spirit of GOD to the Ministers of GOD, preaching and teaching in today’s Church. For this reason, I must ardently declare it is the will of GOD that we believers read and hear His Word, come to an understanding of it through faith (Romans 10: 14- 17, 12:2; Hosea 4:6), and attend Church services frequently (Heb. 10 25). Notwithstanding this comment, I completely support your work in Christ Jesus, and again applaud your boldness. GOD bless you…
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