Jul 03 2012

Happy Independence Day!

Top Ten Cities for Fireworks. abc NEWS 

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4th of July Entertaining Ideas. Shine from YAHOO!

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Wear a Spider-Man Costume on July 4th and Get a Free Burger. Delish

How to Ease Dog's Fireworks Freakout. abc NEWS

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Triple-digit strategies for staying healthy. CNN

Must-Have Road Trip Apps: Waze, iExit, Trapster, Gas Buddy. abc NEWS

Might come in handy if you are traveling this Independence Day. Tell us if you use these apps here or on our Facebook Page.

Hot Dog Styles Across America. REAL SIMPLE 

How do you take your hot dog? Tell us here or on Facebook.

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7/3/2012 1:59:58 PM
Marie Cook United States
Marie Cook
Have a safe and happy 4th Scott and Kelli!

I just wanted to say one thing about Andy Griffith. I loved Andy and respected his gifts and talents as an actor and singer. In case you didn't know, Andy had a passion for music and recorded two gospel albums. You know he was and is loved by millions and he will be deeply missed BUT he was a Christian man and he professed faith in Jesus Christ so, the good news for us who are believers in Jesus is that we will get to meet him someday in heaven! We will join with Andy in praising and worshiping our Lord and Savior! How wonderful is that? It would be my prayer that all who mourn his passing will come to know the Savior (if they haven’t accepted Jesus yet) so they can be reunited with Andy again or meet him for the first time. This is not taking anything away from our Lord; the fact is that we, as believers, will all be reunited together in heaven under one roof; worshiping and praising our God and Savior! It is wonderful to know that Andy is among the saints.

Take care you guys. Love you and praying for you! Marie
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