Jul 06 2012

Hot, Cold Inside and Out

Five Ways to Stay Warm in a Freezing Air Conditioned Office. abc NEWS 

China Arrests 802 for Alleged Child Trafficking. abc NEWS 

Sears Offering Vacation Packages On Layaway. FOX8 

Thank you for supporting K-LOVE, because you give financially or prayerfully we were able to speak to a listener wanting to come home. Thank you!

10 Things You Should Never Buy at Garage Sales. Reader's Digest 

Things that make you feel old, like a cassette tape recording of you singing at the age of 2 (yup, it's me and my sister!)!

How The World's Most Wired People Unplug: 18 Techies Explain How They Disconnect. Huffington Post

"I have a rule about being present around other people, so I don't have my phone out ever when I am with other people." Anthony De Rosa Reuters Social Media Editor

"It's just as important to stay connected offline as it is online." Carolyn Everson Vice President Of Global Marketing Solutions At Facebook.

Survey: 30% of meat eaters won't date vegetarian. TODAY 

A theme park survival guide. CNN 

Mass. man pays off mortgage with 800 pounds of pennies. USA TODAY

Broiling? Why we get cranky when it's hot out. msnbc

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7/6/2012 12:44:08 PM
well i dont have a problem with being cold. i live in az and work at a prison and my ac in my office has been broke so its like a sticky oven for me. lol
7/6/2012 2:02:30 PM
Tina Coleman United States
Tina Coleman
I just have to tell you girl shoes are totally the same thing! I am pretty sure I had Scott's reaction when you mentioned buying used shoes. I will buy them if they still have tags on them but not if they have been worn. I am too concerned of fungus that other people may have....Ewwww! LOL

With Love,
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