Jul 13 2012

Anti-Photo Retouch

Teen Vogue Snubs Anti-Photo Retouch Activists. Shine from YAHOO! 

Inspired by the successful campaign to get Seventeen to stop airbrushing its models, two New York City girls, backed by other young activists, staged a protest outside of Teen Vogue's offices in Times Square.

Tell us what you think about the photo-retouching in teen magazines here or on our Facebook Page.

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7/13/2012 12:51:47 PM
Sherry United States
OK, I get the whole not manly thing and you'd have to give up your man card!  How about if you think of it as your body is a temple, which holds the Holy Spirit, so all you would be during is maintenance on the temple, so go do it with your daughter, she will think what an awesome dod you are.  And who do you want to impress more your lovely daughter or "the guys"!!   Smile))))
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