Jul 16 2012

Engagement Photos

Military Couple Sought by Photographer Who Captured Their Engagement. Good Morning America 

Have you ever captured someone else's engagement? Tell us about it here or on our Facebook Page.

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7/16/2012 3:25:25 PM
Anne United States
I was once at the LDS temple visitors center in Salt Lake City.  If you have never been there, there is an amazing room that is painted with a galaxy mural and in the center ther is a replica of the "Cristus" statue.  I was there with my family and at the base of the statue there was a young man on one knee proposing to his sweetheart.  I thought at the time it was very romantic and spiritual.  Now I understand more that as the statue is holding his arms out to all humanity he is also holding his arms out to all marriages.  He is there to help us.  It was the perfect place to ask for his sweethearts hand.  The savior was watching over them then as he watches over all of us always.
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