Jul 17 2012

Haircut, Cheap or Expensive?

Is an Expensive Haircut Worth It? Shine from YAHOO! 

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7/17/2012 4:12:50 PM
Wendy United States
Well, cheap haircuts for everyone but me! There are seven of us in the family, and I cut everyone's hair but my own, so thats six $0.00 haircuts, and when I have a rare trim (I have looong hair) its $28.00 for a shampoo, conditioner, cut and blow dry. Technically, you could call that a cheap hair cut, if you divide it by 7, everyone would have a $4.00 haircut... Oh come on... Mom deserves something once in a while, right!? *wink*
7/17/2012 6:34:36 PM
Karatsakashewai Slates United States
Karatsakashewai Slates
I would not wasted that much money on a hair cut I would have a family member just trim my hair.
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