Jul 19 2012

New Artist at Denver ShareFest


Hanging with Citizen Way at Denver ShareFest.

The meaning behind the name Citizen Way

"Should've Been Me"

First Time you heard your song on radio

"How Sweet The Sound"

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7/20/2012 12:03:00 PM
Wade Patterson United States
Wade Patterson
A nation left to itself, self destructs.   God's word calls us to follow Christ and regard others as more important than ourselves. Therefore, if something bad happens to us, it is not the end of the world, because we were not living for ourselves, but for a higher purpose that can't be stopped. But when a believer or non-believer is infected with secular humanism, and that egocentric view becomes the dominant focus of one's life, when something bad happens to that person's goals in life, and their world crumbles, life can appear hopeless or purposeless. Then the rest of the world doesn't matter and tragedy is at hand. Much evidence for a loving God exists, not so much for evolution (the foundation of securlar humanism). Come to Jesus all the way and you will know a life of peace, joy, and indestructable purpose.
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